Necessary Elements Of Homepage

Header & Logo

The matter above the fold is of utmost importance. It is basically the upper portion of the web page. The logo & header should be designed in a fascinating manner so that it can impress the visitors. It basically contains the business name, logo & the business tag line.

Thorough Design Concept

The designing should be done according to the thorough planning so that user-friendly navigation can be provided in the website. The user friendliness of the website is must as visitors don’t have much time to do complex operation.


It is basically the font style & size. Its font size & style should be used so that it can easily be read by the visitors. The visitors can easily get the relevant information so that they should proceed to do business.


The info-graphics are basically the information along with the graphics & images. How good the content is written, but it will remain ineffective, if it is not represented as an info graphics. So, it is always recommended to use attractive graphics as well as beautiful pictures related to the product & services of the website.


The homepage of a website is really a most important part of the website. It is recommended to do website designing as per the set guidelines in order to design an appealing & interactive website. The designers should follow the above set guidelines. This not only creates a perfect website but will also help a lot in engaging the clients.

Tune Website For Mobile Users

Make Simple Booking And Quotation Forms

For mobile users, always consider a form submission as your main conversion goal. So whether your form has a single email entry field or complex checkout process, you need to keep it simple and as less sophisticated as possible.

Disable first letter capitalization from your forms for email or password input and end all unnecessary entries. If you have fewer fields, you can also put a feedback scale to judge how your customers respond to your forms. These features will enhance user experience especially when your customers are providing touch input.

Search & Remove Mobile SEO Problems

If you have more desktop conversions than mobile, try to look for mobile SEO hiccups which is the biggest turn-off for any fast paced mobile user. Login to your webmaster tools, check if you have faulty redirects or smartphone only errors.

Although an easy fix, but if these problems persist, they serve mobile users wrong pages during redirects and also decrease your ranking when your web page isn’t properly crawled by Google Bot Mobile.

Display Only Relevant Content

As mentioned above, you don’t need to display the entire content of your desktop website for mobile. Find out what appeals more to a mobile user and try to separate your inventory for them.

You can also feature selected products for mobile users, select lesser images, offer only relevant tabs in the navigation and give crisp content which is engaging as has straight forward CTAs.

Make Your Website Load Fast

Mobile users are always on the go and if your website is slow they are unlikely to stay, hence, speed is the key. Whether you have a mobile specific design, responsive design or an app, things can become slower down the road.

To make your website fast for mobile users, always use resized and compressed images for smaller screens. Also, cut the fluff from scripts such as unnecessary codes and classes. You can also use a decent CDN service to let your website serve pages faster.

Info Hire Dedicated Graphic Designers

In order to eliminate any chance of an error, companies outsource their work to other organisations that deal specifically in creating a website. With the help of such agencies or companies, business entities are able to focus on their operations without harming their speed of work or any sort of loss in the organisation’s time. The best companies in business try to map requirements of their client, which is a time taking process as every detail needs to be analysed correctly and accordingly, a strategy has to be designed.

After the mapping is done, a rough structure of the website is created for the client to approve and give the go ahead. In case there are any changes proposed, the designers do the same, keeping in mind the viability and the cost. The actual designing of the website is the hardest part as it requires time and there is no scope for error. Companies work cohesively with their client to ensure that everything is on track. Best in the business have a dedicated team that is divided into a structure wherein one person guides and the rest go about creating the website.

All these factors simply underline the importance of hiring a team of dedicated designers for an online business. In the first place, a team of dedicated individuals knows things better and are quite focused towards their target. Secondly, their efficiency levels help the client in achieving his/her to desired goal in terms of revenue.

Lastly, a team of dedicated designers facilitates saving in terms of both cost and time, something that is the goal of any business. The competition in the online business is really tough and differentiation becomes the key for all companies. A team of professionals has the technical know-how to help an entity achieve its desire target in terms of popularity.

Drupal For Web Development

Drupal is now a domain-leading CMS that is helping businesses get a solid online presence and realize their targets. It comes fitted with over 29,000 modules and 2,000 themes to help expand the horizon of businesses. This CMS has extensive usages in developing custom websites for clients across industry verticals. What’s more, even designers and developers like working with this content management system as it has add-on modules and designs in almost thousands. It’s a powerful CMS that suits all types of websites to help businesses with their different web development projects. It’s quite easy to customizing and developing Drupal extensions of different types to help businesses.

Being open source software, Drupal helps businesses cut down their web development cost by a great deal. Not only the core software, but modules and themes are also free. It’s highly customizable by nature which means, developers can chop and change its layout, design, features and operations to fit it into different requirements of clients from across industry verticals. More so, this CMS is known for facilitating rapid deployment where it does not take time in deploying core features and functionality. So, it’s easy to do customizations after the site has gone live. More so, it’s scalable and flexible at the same time.

In addition, Drupal is developed to be enterprise-class software and as a result, it delivers reliability and security benefits. The best part, it poses no problem when integrated with business applications. Since it has a well-documented API, developers face no problem in creating custom modules and helping the cause of businesses. What’s more, the CMS is SEO-friendly where it has in-built features that help content to get published in a unique manner and suit search engines alike. Likewise, it has mobile-ready which means developers needn’t do any drastic changes in it to make its easily viewable by those using smartphones.

Simply put, Drupal is a kind of content management system that brings a range of features and associated benefits to business across industries. It has all what it takes to develop a feature-rich website. Using it, developers can make high-quality websites to let businesses realize their goals in a timely and effective manner. This CMS has made it easy to develop dynamic and innovative websites and let businesses boost their online performance notches up. So, you should look to enrich the business with Drupal development and help it generate more prospects and opportunities.

Create Landing Page For Website

What makes the perfect landing page? It needs to be simple, effective and contain all the essential elements that are the hallmark of successful landing pages. The efficacy of these elements has been time-tested and these have proved to provide great results for many companies in the past, and can bring the same results to you.

Here are the most important things that contribute to creating the perfect landing page:

  • Your USP – The first thing that you want to accomplish with your¬†perfect landing page¬†is to enthrall your visitors with your USP from start to finish, giving them a concrete idea of the kind of value they can expect from your product offering. While it is important to start off on the right foot with your USP and make a strong first impression, it is also important to keep reinforcing this message in order for your visitors to not lose focus. Therefore, your USP needs to work its way into your main headlines and sub-headlines, as well as into a reinforcement statement and a final closing argument.
  • Product Image – There is no stimulus greater or more effective than a visual one, and you need to place high-resolution, high-quality product images in full view to show off your product right off the bat. The better the picture, the more the impact will be.
  • Benefits – Once you have driven your point home initially, it is time to lay out the benefits of your product in detail. Take care to provide as much detail as possible to really facilitate comprehension.
  • Social Proof – One of the best ways to convince visitors is to show them other convinced visitors. You can achieve this by integrating social media into your pages so your visitors get some unbiased feedback.
  • CTA – Remember to end your landing page with your core offer and a call-to-action that is attractive and inspiring enough to facilitate sales.


Benefits of Website Support

Website maintenance or the production of a site cannot simply be carried out by one single individual. The skills required in making and dealing with a web-site are extremely differed. Making a shiny new site, for instance, requires:

  • design skills
  • development skills
  • sales/marketing skills
  • SEO skills

When putting the site live there is additionally:

  • modifying hosting servers
  • domains
  • emails

This extensive assortment of skills that are needed to make a site; are the same abilities needed to run and/or manage it.

In the event that your business site is out there, without any help then it is an accident waiting to happen. The large number of skills needed to make the site, means there is a large number of areas where something can conceivably cause you problems.

At a very simple level, you will require somebody who can change content for you. For example, your business contact address or phone number.

A more common example could be your site server being hacked, which could bring the site down totally. This would require somebody to have the right technical experience to verify your site was backed-up, and to restore your site for you.

So when these issues do emerge, and you as an entrepreneur don’t have something set up to deal with these issues, then its going to cost you cash.

It’s something you presumably haven’t planned, its something that is going to come up in a crisis and one thing you have got to ask yourself is. Who would you be able to turn to? Who would you be able to trust, to sort things out?

There is continually going to be an expense included and in the event that it’s a crisis, then the expense is going to be at a premium.

So my recommendation to entrepreneurs is to get site help set up from the very beginning. Treat it like you would business insurance.

Most organizations will offer support for a little month to month expense. Either your current site planner or whoever made your site. If not, then they can unquestionably propose somebody who can give that service to you.

As an entrepreneurs this provides for you the peace of mind. In the event that something or when something happens with your site you’ve got somebody you can turn to who can alter it for you. Preferably somebody who knows your business, somebody who knows your site and can get to your site and comprehend any issues.

Remarkable Web Design

Follow the recent design trends

Staying in old trend might make your site boring, so update with the recent trends and make your site comfortable for your audiences. These days, including a web page, everything has become so much cluttered. Thus, clutter free and updated online business with informative and applicable content surely makes your web design remarkable.

Focus on High level frameworks

Once you develop a first interface design, focus on high-level frameworks which definitely work on the designs meeting your company’s objectives. This specifies you should concentrate more on the UI (User interface) before you think about customer experience. For a good UI design, explore more on Use case diagram and the main objective of consumers as well as the general problems occurring within your design.

Make use of Visual Hierarchy

Visual hierarchy generally illustrates about the design useful for optimizing significant contents of a website. Additionally, it also explains eye movement from top to bottom and left to right representing that you are able to monitor on the bottom within the top left corner of the website. Take into account some important contents should be placed in the preferred space.

Offer informative and quality content

Quality really matters. Contents are the most important part of every web page as it plays a great role making a website informative and handy. Informative and quality content will gather crowds of visitors towards your site making the web design, remarkable and also helps to boost the traffic towards your site. So, try to offer fresh and quality content to your visitors.

Identify the color theme

Everyone focuses on the typeface that we use now it’s time to concentrate on the color theme as well. I assume you can go for two main colors that are comprehensible as well as bold with two other colors that go with those main colors. This will benefit your online presence with the eye-pleasing background.

Website Designing Suggestions

  • It encourages impulse buying – This kind of buying can be triggered by sweet, attention-grabbing words and advertisements. When a customer is done reading your product page they can decide to purchase even if they had not planned for it. If they however find that the payment can only be made with a check or a third party money transfer system that they do not already have, their motivation will decline. But if an impulse buyer finds out that they can shop with their credit card you will secure that sale.
  • Global web visitors – As an internet entrepreneur who is targeting world-wide shoppers you should appreciate the fact that some online payment methods do not work in every country. Besides it may take too long to receive a check in order to dispatch the customer product. In such a case having your web designer create a credit card payment acceptance system will be very helpful.
  • Currency differences – A credit card can be used to make a payment in every currency. Neither your customer nor you will worry about this problem.
  • Can be used with other payment gateways – It is very difficult to create a convincing privacy policy. Some customers will still fear for their credit card number. If you include a third-party payment gateway that many people are familiar with you will still secure an international sale or an impulse sale. They will simply attach their cards to their third-party merchant account. In this manner you will be at an advantage because you will not have to invest in a very expensive server encryption system. The third party payment gateway will take care of your customer’s credit card number.

Don’t Use Website Builder

The pitch for using a site builder like Wix or Weebly sounds so appealing. After all, they’ll host the site so you don’t need to worry about buying a domain or hosting yourself. They have a neat little building block system where you can create your pages easily and add your content. You don’t need to mess around with any nasty code and they provide a bunch of pretty templates to choose from. You only pay one company a monthly or annual fee for your domain, hosting, and the builder.

As a web designer, you may think my objection is self-serving – after all, if everyone builds their own site, I won’t have any work! Or professional conceit – no untrained solopreneur could possibly build a site as nice as a professional web designer.

While there is some truth to these points, they aren’t why I believe you should make a different decision. Here are my issues with site builders:

  • You can only use one of their supplied templates. While they allow a certain amount of customization, you generally can’t create a fully customized look and feel. The sites I’ve seen built using builders look either blandly cookie-cutter or amateurish.
  • They lack functional flexibility. You can add the elements they allow to your site and nothing else. And you can only add them where and how the builder allows. I’ve had several clients ask me to move their sites from a site builder environment into WordPress because they found their current sites were not flexible enough for their needs.
  • They own where your site lives. That is, your site is on their property. It’s like building a house on land owned by someone else. If they want to raise the cost you pay to have your house on their land, you have few choices – pay or leave your house behind. And if the land is sold to someone else, all bets are off. It’s like building your business entirely on Facebook or Twitter. They can change the rules or boot you off entirely whenever they wish and you have little recourse. And with a site builder company hosting your site, you can’t move it anywhere else since the builder software is proprietary and only works on their servers.

I’m a huge fan or WordPress. Not – that’s pretty similar to the site builder companies we’ve been talking about. I mean the WordPress software you get from and install on your own web hosting. Let’s look at it with regard to the builder issues I listed.

  • There are many, many WordPress themes available, both free and paid. And they can all be fully customized. Whether you want a clean and professional look, a whimsical and creative look, or an upscale and classy look, they’re all readily possible with WordPress.
  • WordPress itself includes a lot of functionality and adds more all the time. Additionally, there are literally thousands of plugins that provide pretty much any functionality you could imagine. Every type of business is represented in the WordPress universe.
  • When WordPress is installed on your own hosting, you have control over it. Yes, you are paying someone else for the hosting, but it’s like leasing the land your house is built on. It’s a legal agreement and the hosting company can’t change the cost or rules on you until renewal time. And even then, you can easily move your site to another host if you don’t like your current company.

I thought you’d get around to asking that! Well, we already talked about why you really want to have your own hosting for your site. You also want to buy and control your own domain names.

Now to the biggest benefit of a site builder: you can create your website yourself. Chances are if you want a site for your business that looks professional and has an opt-in form, allows customers to buy from you, has an events calendar, or a membership, you will want to hire a professional web designer to create it. S/he can create the look and feel you’re looking for. S/he can also sift through the many plugins available to find the functionality you need in plugins that work, are updated appropriately, and are supported by their creators.

Not only do I think your site will be better looking and functioning if you outsource its creation, I also believe it’s better for your business. Taking the time to learn what you need to in order to have a good looking and functioning site is just not a good use of your time. Even if you’re on a limited budget, your time is better spent attracting and serving clients or customers.

The good news is that WordPress is designed to make is very easy to add and update content. So while I recommend hiring out for your site creation, I have no problem with you learning how to make changes to the content. Then you’ll only need your web designer when you want to update the design or functionality on your site, not when you want to update a page or publish a blog post.

Refresh or Rebuild Website

When business is going well it is always so easy to remain complacent with a current website but with many businesses having an outdated design, when it is time for a marketing push to bring in new customers the current website will almost certainly let them down.

With increases in technology and the up-surge in users of mobile devices the importance of having a current site using the latest designs will certainly serve a business well. Any site that was designed over a few years ago in addition to outdated technology will almost certainly not be a truly responsive website.

With surfing on tablets and phones rapidly replacing the use of desktops and notebooks it is crucial that your business has a fully responsive website that looks great on any device. In addition to a responsive site being compatible with all devices it has now been publicly stated that Google will start penalising the rankings of sites that are not mobile friendly due to the sheer levels of traffic now being generated by mobiles.

Now that we know the benefits of an updated site the question is should you update your current site or opt for a complete redesign?

There is a lot to be said for ‘out with the old and in with the new’ but obviously your businesses budget needs to be taken into consideration. With the huge volume of affordable, up to date and customisable responsive templates that are compatible with the likes of ‘WordPress’ and ‘Squarespace’ the cost of a high-end designed site has dramatically reduced. One area of consideration that could drive a business to refresh rather than rebuild would be the hindrance of potentially moving CMS platforms and the worry that a move to a new site will negatively hinder the years of Search Engine Optimisation already performed on the site.

Popular opinion is that the positives of a new site build far outweighs adding some new images or updating the current look of an old website to ensure it is mobile friendly and responsive. A new site really gives any business a chance to get really granular and update tired copy, ditch that old series of stock photos and refresh your overall image that you are trying to portray to your customers. SEO can easily be carried from one site to another with fresh content actually boosting your chances of a great ranking.