Backbone of Ideal Responsive Website

Responsive websites also have the ability to make the buttons on the screen easier to use. The pied pipers of any responsive website are the web designers, who use an array of tools according to the need to compose an ideal website. It is important for a web designer to consider what part of the production is important and the set of instructions required to create the perfect web design are compatible or not. The means of building sites keep becoming more and more efficient day by day, however, the basic software principles remains the same. It is entirely up to web designers that how they use the old techniques to make it more accessible and more time accomplished for building responsive websites. The web formatted imagery and design prototypes are made by graphic designers by using vectors and raster graphic packages. There is a standard markup set allotted for creation of a responsive website. Standards or software used for the formulation of a responsive website are HTML (HTML5), CSS (CSS3) and JAVA. There is a list of applications also available to make the entire experience more efficacious and user-friendly, which include grid and frameworks, sketch sheets and wire-frame, JavaScript and query plugins, testing and preview, sliders, columns, isotopes, etc. Different methods are used for designing a website, keeping in mind the factors like the pixels of most of the devices vary, the size of screen of a smartphone is different from that of a tablet and so on, and hence different tools help the web designers to create the websites according to the need of the client.

Therefore it is important to consider both landscape and a portrait mode, as it serves graphic designers an idea that how the website will appear and how much time it will take to reload or load additional scripts every time a person auto rotates its device. So responsive websites help the users to utilize and surf the website without having trouble regarding the screen and pixel size. The backbone of any website is its design. If it is designed efficiently by correct means it will work wonderfully for an individual.

Create Successful Android App

Start Small

Staring small in developing markets like Asia or Latin America may give your app the experience it needs to reach the Top 10 spot in North America. You might end up spending 30 times more resources in North America and Europe to achieve that. Starting small will allow you to manage your precious resources more efficiently.

Pay Attention To Android

An iPhone may have been the primer to smartphones and apps for most of us, but Android is the dominant platform at present with more than 50 percent market share in most markets.

Create A Great App

The best apps are good at doing one thing exceptionally well. Apart from being well designed in visuals and user experience, and solving a real world problem for the user, it is imperative that the app is original and a significant improvement on other products.

Aim For Virality

Integrate viral elements to the fundamentals of your app. Users who enjoy the app are potential marketers to attract new users for your app. Make your app fun to use with friends.

Remember Rules Of Marketing

Allocate budgets for app promotion to attract a first batch of test users. Measure metrics and ascertain value of each user before embarking on more systematic campaigns.

Get The Experts

Compared to the web, mobile marketing providers are extremely fragmented. As a result, accurate measurements of data can prove to be a challenge. Try to stick to CPI (Cost Per Install) model as much as possible.

Analyze Data

Analyze all usage data from the app. Employ tools to track and measure everything that happens inside your app – what draws the most traffic, clicks, traffic sources and the sources that bring in the best users.

Free Is The Key

Use the magic word – free. A price tag on app download makes a huge difference for potential users. Think about monetizing your app later with in-app purchases.

Popular PHP

PHP web applications work on the most common operating systems like LINUX, Windows and Mac with optimized functional efficiency. PHP is one of the best languages to develop web applications due to the cross-operating system compatibility.

PHP also has improved and efficient integration. For instance, PHP supports both HTML5 and HTML code. PHP allows programmers to optimize a website’s performance by integrating several technologies together. Programmers can easily make PHP web application more interactive by using the available technologies. PHP is also a good choice for developing web applications because it allows for automatic generation of reports. PHP allows generating reports in several file formats like PDF, XML and Flash.

PHP is widely used to build robust Ecommerce Websites. Ecommerce websites are often complex and require the use of third-party technologies. An Ecommerce website should allow users to browse through the products and services, and in case of any purchase the online portal must be fast and secure.

. Moreover, PHP allows developers to integrate third-party applications seamlessly to their website.

The main reason PHP is used by developers worldwide is the availability of API’s and tools. Most developers reuse the tools and components available to PHP. Some of these tools include debugging and testing tools that make development easier and error free. Additionally, some tools like FirePHP makes it easy to enhance and optimize user experience without the need of lengthy complex code. Similarly, there are also several database-specific extension tools available for PHP.

PHP Developers Can Build

Server-side scripting

Server-side scripting in web development is a technique which employs scripts on a web server to allow the server to produce a customized response for each user’s request to the website. The following things are required to perform this function: the PHP parser, a web server and a web browser. The web server must run with a connected PHP installation. Developers can also use a web browser to access the PHP program output which will allow the PHP page to be viewable through the server.

Command line scripting

Command line scripting allows the user of the computer to issue commands to the program via command lines. More advanced computer users prefer this form of scripting since it can serve as a powerful tool to control an operating system or program. But with command line scripting, the PHP developer wouldn’t need any server or browser when using command line scripting. What would be needed is the PHP parser which is ideal for scripts that are regularly executed using cron or Task Scheduler.

You can go beyond output HTML

PHP developers are not limited to output HTML when using PHP; it can help build the following such as outputting images, PDF files and Flash movies. Texts can be easily outputted such as XHTML and any other XML file. PHP can automatically generate these files and save them in the file system all while forming a server-side cache for your content. The strong support for a wide range of databases is what makes PHP’s most significant feature.

Text processing features

Text processing features can be used which includes the Perl compatible regular expressions (PCRE), and many extensions and tools used to parse XML documents.

The PCRE contains a set of functions that implement the matching of regular expression pattern using the same syntax and semantics as Perl 5. The PCRE library is free of cost, and also free for creating proprietary software. It has been used in well known commercial products like Apple Safari. PHP systemizes XML extensions on the solid base of libxml2, and extends the feature set adding XMLReader, SimpleXML and XMLWriter support.

Websites Optimized for Australia

It has also opened up many new and exciting vistas of running micro, small and medium enterprises with the internet at its core, leveraging which the economic growth in Australia can skyrocket. In such a scenario, it’s the website of an organization that serves as its face or ‘online avatar’. In fact, it is perceived as the most crucial element in businesses that exploits the internet as its platform. Thus, it’s high time to make yourself familiar with some simple yet highly effective tricks and nudges of website development, if you aspire to launch your own business from the grassroots level in Australia.

To begin with, there is one highly important tactic that should be embraced – keep it Australian. There is a temptation among startups to cut costs and outsource the design of their websites to other countries, where software and information technology firms promise low cost solutions to your requirements. However, new age entrepreneurs having a cash crunch must keep in mind the possible consequences of such myopic vision. For one, website designers sitting thousands of miles away from Australia will not be able to embed the Australian essence within your website, in spite of their best efforts to incorporate all necessary inputs you try to communicate to them via phone, emails and video conferencing.

As a result, there will be issues regarding the experience of surfing your website by Australian citizens, who are obviously the customer segment that really matters to your business.

Secondly, chances are more that if you zero down on an Australian firm for managing your organization’s online presence, your website will be hosted on a server located in Australia. It simply means less loading time for the pages of your website, when visited by people residing in Australia. The faster response of your website will instantly make it a hit among users, as they will not have to wait for a few extra seconds. And as they say, the first impression is the last, and perhaps, the only impression you can make on a prospect’s mind, especially when the span of attention is so short among people browsing the internet.

Last but not the least, if you choose a website designing company that is operating from Australia, their time zones will be more or less the same as yours. Consequently, any grievance that demands immediate attention, or any issue that requires technical support, will be addressed without any lapse of time. Further, both the parties being Australian, it will be much easier for you to negotiate and communicate with the firm you have hired. Also, in the worst possible circumstances, Australian laws will govern the contracts and Australian courts will look into the legal disputes, if any. Such obligations will minimize chances of fraudulent activities and breach or deviation from the contract, thus ensuring safety of your website and investment.

Use the Sitemap to Construct Business Website

This crucial layout of the structure of your website is called a sitemap. Having the potential to be an effective tool for planning out your business website in a way that translates perfectly both to designers and non-designers, having the right sitemap figured out is a great way to take that first step towards constructing your website. It is a centralized, comprehensive planning tool that can allow you to have a handle on the organization and clarification of your overall content. A sitemap can be created by anyone with a basic knowledge of websites, and should definitely be the starting point of the master plan to create that perfect business website. Here are a few reasons why:

Declaring Goals and Purposes: Every businessman should have a purpose, a goal. Without these, websites tend to become pointless, difficult to navigate and a source of sub-par user experience. When people come to your website, you do not want them to be confused. A sitemap can go a long way helping to clarify the exact goals and purposes of your business website before you get into the design and development phase. All you need to do is decide what you need for your website and map it out thoroughly. You can even use the sitemap to eliminate parts that are not crucial or integrated in the whole scheme of things.

Avoiding Duplicate Content: Without a sitemap, you might not even realize that you are duplicating your content and creating unnecessary redundancy. This might lead to duplicate, or even conflicting information on your website which serves as a deal-breaker.

Streamlining Conversion: In your conversion funnel, the ideal scenario is going from start to finish with the minimum number of steps. As the number of steps increases, so does the chance that visitors might leave before actually converting. Using your sitemap, you can easily figure out the necessary, crucial steps in your conversion funnel and get rid of steps which are redundant or counterproductive.

Tips for Having Great Web Design

  • Understand your target audience – You need to understand your target audience first to know what type of web design will be right for you. Simply put, the design of a construction company website will not be the same as the design of say, an online news magazine. Both of these websites cater to different audiences and need to be displayed in a different way so as to attract the maximum number of visitors.
  • What is your theme? If you are having a WordPress website, which many of us do nowadays, you will know that you can choose your own theme and then customize it. Most of us prefer to do it this way as it saves the huge costs we can incur in case we want developers to make a custom made theme which can go to thousands of dollars, to say the least. You need to customize your theme so as to make sure that it suits your target audience.
  • Is the theme custom made? If you are not tight on budget, you can even design your own custom theme with the help of developers. This might set you back by thousands of dollars but then you will have a theme that is custom made and original and with nobody else.
  • Having the right home page – Quite often, it is your home page that will make the difference between just having visitors to having sales conversion. The right home page will help people get attracted to your website. As they say, the first impression is long lasting. If you manage to woo visitors right in the homepage, they are sure to have a look around the website.
  • Creating brand loyalty – When you have your website up, you will need people to subscribe to or buy your products. However, that may not always be possible if you cannot relate to the customers. You can relate to the customers with the help of the right web design.

Design Website For Older Audience

Keeping it Simple

A web designer should not show off his Flash animations and CSS tricks when working on a website for older audience. He should not distract and confuse them by adding elements that look more like advertisements than content. A designer should also consider the proper placement of a textual content, and the right size of title and section headings.

Trigger the Emotions

Designers must understand that old people interact more with people than machines. The design should make a smart approach with clear fonts, muted colors and photos to induce humility and warmth. All these factors will come in handy to bring out a positive emotional response from this demographic.

Clicking is the Key

The website should not drive the old people to write too much; rather, clicking should have a greater emphasis. Instead of long fill-out forms, links and buttons should come into play more often. When old people are the target, designers must become careful when using a drop-down menu or any other “moving” navigation. Moreover, extra spacing between links or buttons is vital to prevent them from clicking the wrong ones.

Functional Search Bar

One of the golden rules of web design is, “If navigation fails, the search bar must save the visitors.” Web designers, along with the development team, must make sure that the search bar is fully functional. Chances of old users making typographical errors are high, and therefore, the search bar must ignore common misspellings, incorrect phrases and tense.

Magento Customization

For Front-End Developers and Designers:

  • It is better to create a custom theme rather than going for modification of core Magento theme files.
  • Understanding the package or theme relationship can give you a clear idea on how to effectively utilize it for the website you are building. Smart use of the packages or themes can give rise to innovative ways to manage the small differences required among different templates or pages.
  • Always use the correct starting theme, especially in a community. While dealing with a community project, blank theme saves a great deal of time as it eliminates a lot of unrequited CSS styling. This helps front-end developers to expedite the overall development process.
  • It is important for developers to bear in mind that Magento makes use of tables in some places. It is always advantageous to go through the sample or demo site to view source and cloning said source as the HTML you utilize while creating your own CSS.

For Magento Programmers:

  • While extending the functionality of a core class, it is important that you don’t end up overwriting the core class by entering the same file path on the local code pool, app/code/local/Path to core class/… Instead, it is better to use class rewriting than to overwrite. The new class must inherit from the class you wish to prolong. This makes room for greater compatibility and brings down the chances of breaking things when upgrading to a newer version of Magento. It is beneficial to tackle the module conflicts.
  • Never ignore nested collections. Every collection is a query which implies that if you have a collection within a look, then there surely exists a query within a look. This will bring down the overall speed of your website.
  • Writing a module is good, but to test it with full page caching it’s better. A number of times module works impeccably over the local server but fails to give the best performance on a live site. Hence, it is imperative to test it with full page caching to avoid problems.
  • Not being attentive to the namespaces utilized for custom modules, which may clash with the namespaces of core Magento modules.

It is important for you to keep these tips and tricks in mind when you are taking up any design and development project using Magento. This will ensure the success of your Magento web development project.