Conversion Centric Squeeze Page Design

First and the most important thing you need to know is what kind of people do you want on your mailing list? Without clearly understanding of what you want, it can will be difficult for you to create an attractive and strong message and entice them to visit your website and sign up. To know your target market is very important to build up your own confidence and gaining trust of your readers. It is important to figure out your ultimate goal and then it becomes much easier to figure out stuff.

There are a lot of important parts of a squeeze page, there are a few things that must be there. These things include – headline, call to action, benefits and the opt-in form. With the help of a squeeze page design tool, you can clearly identify these elements to make the best use of your squeeze page.

Do it yourself landing pages tools are self- explanatory and therefore you don’t need to spend a lot of time understand it or putting all the information. However, you need to realize that the information you display on your page is important and as a part of marketing strategy, it is often a good idea to put a smart tactic on you page and offer up-front incentive or ethical bribe because it attracts a lot of people and it incites them to sign up. These can be anything – discounts, freebies, anything!

One should also consider the amount of information you ask people on your landing page. The less information you ask, the more people will sign up. No one wants to spend time filling up all their information in an opt-in form. That’s not the reason why they visit your website!