Create Eye Catching Website Using Joomla

Similar to WordPress, Joomla allows you to add articles and media to your website pages as well as control the look of your website easily. Both sites offer thousands of extensions and plugins that provide additional features not included in the base controls. Joomla, however, offers extensions that can revolutionize the function of your website. WordPress plugins do not offer this utility and are more suited toward blog websites.

To figure out if Joomla is right for you, you can create an account on the site and activate a ninety-day demonstration of your potential website. During this period, your organization will be able to add content to a free website provided by Joomla and SiteGround. Since free web hosting is available during the 90 days, you can send the URL link to members of your target audience. You can then ask for their reviews of the website and comments on what features they believe are lacking. This allows you to create an appealing website before you have even paid for a permanent domain. If you are satisfied with your website, you can continue having SiteGround host your site for a fee or move the website to a different web host.

If you already have a website, you may be able to install Joomla directly from your web host. After installing, you will have access to all of the Joomla features and extensions for the existing website. This allows you to keep the content you have already published while also making future content submissions easier. To receive the full value of Joomla, you should check the community and support section of the website frequently. Here, you can find advice on how to maximize your search engine optimization, create a feature on your website, troubleshoot problems, and find templates to use on your site.