Crucial Website Design Tips

Get rid of all the clutter

The site visitors’ experience holds great importance for the success of a site. Make sure your site is not full of clutter, such as ads, badges, icons, buttons, pop-ups and so on. The site you have designed should have a flat design with lots of white space. The most important content on the pages should be spotlighted. Remember, beauty lies in simplicity.

Go for a web design recon

Look at your website and decide what you like about it and what you do not. Do you think a long never-ending scrolling page is ideal for your site giving great user experience? Maybe, you need to use someone else’s approach to redesign the contact page. For instance, you can point an arrow to an important message you want to get delivered through your contact page.

Make use of visual hierarchy

What does visual hierarchy mean? It means that the eyes of a reader are attracted to the World Wide Web in a special pattern, which helps designers like you to optimize the content on websites. Let us take an example. We know well that our eyes tend to move from top to bottom and left to right. What does this mean? It simply means that bottom of the upper most left corner of a site gets maximum attention. So, if you focus on that area, your site is likely going to get more clicks. Keep in mind that too much content on that special area shouldn’t be put or the visitors will get overwhelmed.

Your text should be easy to read

To provide information through a site, you need written content, i.e. text. If your readers have to squint to read your site’s content, you are driving them away. Below are some salient tips for you to keep in mind in this regard.

  • Match the right colors: Don’t put cream-colored written content on a page with a white background and vice versa since it will make it harder for your visitors to read.
  • Use the right size text: If your readers need a magnifying glass while trying to read your pages, you are just annoying them. Make sure the font size is at least 12.
  • Number of font styles: Make sure you don’t use too many different styles of fonts. As a general rule, three fonts will be enough. All the chosen fonts have to be reader-friendly.