High Cost of Free Websites

That is because free sites often come with a steep price. While a free website may be fine for personal use, it is simply not a suitable venue for your business. Keep in mind that your website serves as the face of your business for potential customers, then choose your website and web hosting provider accordingly. See web design prices packages.

When you rely on a free site, you are at the mercy of the company providing that site and the service that goes with it. That means that your content, and your online business, could be taken away in the flash of an eye. If the servers used by your free web host crash, your business simply disappears. If the company is sold, your website and your content go with it, and you have no control over where it all ends up.

Users of free websites also have no real control over their content, and no ownership rights to that content. If you doubt this, just take a look at the agreement you signed when you set up that free site – you may be surprised at what you find.

If that were not enough, those type of websites have a number of other disadvantages – drawbacks that can be quite dangerous to your business. One of the biggest disadvantages is limited web space. Those space limitations can make it difficult – or impossible – to scale your online presence as the business grows.

It is also difficult, and sometimes impossible, to add the kind of interactive features that get the attention of visitors. Chances are you will not be able to include popular features like chat, forums and exclusive members-only content.

In addition to these drawbacks, a free website can make your business difficult to find. That is because popular search engines often ignore free sites. If your site has been online for awhile and you still cannot find it when you do a search, chances are it is being penalized by Google, Bing and other popular search engines.

Search engines tend to ignore free sites because they are often used by spammers and other shady businesses. Many web users understand that as well, and they may view free websites in a negative light. Many people feel that free sites are unprofessional, and they may be less likely to trust those sites or make a purchase.

Users of free sites often find out the hard way that help and support are hard to come by. When you are getting something for free, the company providing it may be less than eager to help when something goes wrong. From minor problems to major outages, you may simply have to wait until the owners of the site get around to fixing the problem and getting your business back online.

As you can see, that free website could turn out to be anything but a bargain. You may think you are saving money by choosing a free website, but your business could be suffering as a result. If just one would-be customer looks at your free website and turns away, you have just lost a sale. It is far better to invest in a quality website – one you own – than to rely on a free web service that could be here today and gone tomorrow.