Improving Contact Page

  • Headline: This is the part of the page that your reader will see before anything else. You have those same 3 seconds to capture the person’s attention. Your headline can be a statement or it can be a question. All that matters is that you get the person’s attention quickly.
  • The body text: It has already been established that your headline grabs your reader and makes them want to continue reading whatever is on your Contact page. The body copy, on the other hand, is the meat and potatoes of your Contact page. It tells your story by explaining how exceptional your business offerings are and why the person should make the effort to reach out to you. This is where you can really shine if you put your mind to it. It is important to keep in mind that you should invoke an emotional reaction from your reader through your story. With your body text, you will want to get the person to want to interact with you on a deeper level and start to build a relationship with you.
  • Various options to connect with the other person: Your Contact obviously must offer a way for the person to reach you. However, it is a really good idea to give the other person several options to reach you. Some people prefer Email and some people prefer using the telephone. You may find that the largest number of people will prefer to reach out to you through Email but you will probably receive some phone calls as well. Once you have been contacted, you can categorize your new contacts based on how they like to reach out to you. Another communication method is a physical mailing address, which also works. However, it may not be used as often because it will take longer to reach you if they use that approach.
  • Using a photo is a great idea: Photos are a wonderful tool because they turn you into a human being in eyes of the other person. If you have a photo on your Contact page, the other person will feel much more comfortable about interacting with you, especially before he or she actually knows you. It personalizes everything.
  • Consider offering incentives: You shouldn’t really consider it as anything like a bribe; however, offering the other person an incentive in the form of a free white paper, Ebook, or newsletter is a great idea because it will encourage you and the other person to start to form a relationship with a strong foundation. Considering that people generally hate to fill out forms (the longer the form, the more they hate it), offering them something may make it a little less painful. You really don’t have anything to lose by doing that.