Make A Mobile Friendly Blog

You need to make sure that your site is readable even on mobile phones that have tiny screens. Otherwise, you will risk users to loathe reading your site and cause them to prefer your rivals. Whether you have hosted your site using an inexpensive platform or your own server, there are a few ways that you can use to make your site mobile friendly. Programs such as WordPress, Live Journal, Blogger and Movable Type will be very important when it comes to making your site mobile friendly.

There are two things that you can do if you want to make your blog mobile friendly. One, you can resort to an optimized theme, and two, you can decide to just build a separate version of your blog. A mobile optimized theme implies that you will just have a single website but a different version of it will be displayed when users access it on a mobile device. The themes that are available are very suitable for a mobile device without any complicated functionality. It is also light on graphics.

The only downside with an optimized theme website is that its mobile version maybe a bit limited on graphics and as a result your website may lose a bit of branding. There are a number of WordPress plugins that you can use to create a mobile version of your blog. One popular one is known WPtouch. This one allows you to create a simple mobile-optimized version of your content to be displayed on mobile devices. It is installed the same way you install any other WordPress plugin.

The other option will be to build a separate version of your blog. This means that you will have two websites. The mobile version of the blog will have the following version of address: When a visitor opens your blog using a mobile device, they will be immediately redirected to your mobile blog. The advantage of creating a separate version of blog to be accessed on your mobile device is that you can have different content on it, different layout of images and many other things on your blog without replicating the desktop version of your website. On the downside, having a separate version of blog for mobile devices can be hectic and expensive since you have to update it independently. The ranking of your site on Google can also be affected if you are using third parties to develop the desktop version.