Building a Sustainable Brand

The Brand Value

Transforming a product into a brand does not happen overnight. It takes a lot of effort to build a brand that customers will find credible and can associate with their values. It is truly remarkable when a brand makes a stand for what it believes in. Moreover, it is very important for employees of an organization to understand what the entire activity stands for because employees are first line of word-of-mouth advertising.

Building a good image of one’s business or product in the minds of customers, investors and employees is what constitutes brand identity. Organizations need to build and maintain an identity which facilitates the achievement of specific business objectives.

Branding Strategies

The corporate and brand identity of any organization encompasses the company’s logo, tagline, advertising, public relations along with the core values that are deep-rooted into their business strategy. A successful brand is one which is valued by both the internal as well as external customers and one which maximizes shareholder value. A salient factor responsible for making a brand successful is the promise of consistent quality. In this world of endless choices, customers want to make sure they choose

Mobile Friendly Websites

As the web technology is evolving at a rapid pace, same is the case with the mobile technology. Nowadays, more than 70 percent of the population is using mobile gadgets to access internet. In order to avail the fruits of the internet, it is mandatory for the business organizations to have responsive websites.

Let me discuss first what exactly the meaning of responsive website is. This is a special website that has the ability to adapt to any size screen. In other words, we can say that these are websites have the flexibility to get open on any size screen. Owing to this flexibility and ability, the responsive websites can easily be accessed from the mobile gadgets, mobile phones, smart phones and tablets.

In a nutshell, these websites offer wide flexibility to the users. They can visit these websites by using smart phones, mobile phones, mobile gadgets, smart phones, laptops and desktops. The high functionality of these websites is certainly the most amazing feature.

There are several attributes that are associated with these websites. The first and foremost is

Importance of Usability Testing

Retain visitors

One in three Internet users will leave a website after visiting the home page having gone no further. Usability testing and accurate monitoring can provide an answer to why you are losing so many new visitors. Some of the most common reasons for this include:

  • The visitor did not understand what the website was about, or decided that it doesn’t have what they were looking for.
  • The website’s home page took too long to load and so the user gave up waiting.
  • The link to your website did not load the content that the visitor was promised.
  • The website required that a required plug-in such as flash or shockwave be installed in order to vie the website or play any videos.

Some common methods to engage and keep a steady flow of visitors include providing access to a freebee from the home page, news updates on the home page, emailing registered members of the website when important news and promotions happen and or engaging via social media. Other methods include not using pop up adverts or a limited use of them with clear exit boxes.

Find out which parts

Info of Mobile Responsive Website

It is apparent that the internet is more accessed by mobile and other unconventional platforms that what was the case 6 years ago. With the arrival of smart phones, tablet PCs and PDAs, the situation has drastically changed and today we have people browsing internet through their innovative yet powerful mobile devices.

For more reasons, people find internet surfing form their fingertips much easier than sitting in front of a desktop or laptop all day. This has made a tremendous impact on the internet market. To such an extent that Google and other search engines such as Bing and Yahoo are now emphasizing all developers to make their websites mobile friendly.

As a developer, you start with customizing your older website by removing the zoom surface area. To initiate this, you should know that webpages are scaled down to be able to display full sized pages on any platform.

Similarly, many pages don’t have difficulty displaying words and integers, but displaying images is another story. Often, webpages that are not customized for mobile devices are crashed during browsing. This is why it is necessary to design a webpage that can be viewed on multiple types

Make Website Load Faster

Following are some simple tips which help to make your site load faster.

  • Optimize images: To load your site faster you need to optimize all the images which are the post on your website. This is because if you reduce the size of the image, then it takes less space which helps to boost your site speed. Make sure that your image size matches your usage and try to implement them in a way so it can easily adjust according to the height and width of each page within limited space.
  • Cache is your friend: Always keep in mind that the cache is your friend and this will help to avoid unnecessary HTTP requests on your site which help to accelerate the speed of your overall website.
  • Evaluate your plugins: Yes, it’s a fact that plugins will help to add new functionality to your site, but more plug-ins mean more work which takes lots of space and affects your site speeds. So to increase the speed of your website removes all the plug-ins which is out-dated or which has

Crucial Website Design Tips

Get rid of all the clutter

The site visitors’ experience holds great importance for the success of a site. Make sure your site is not full of clutter, such as ads, badges, icons, buttons, pop-ups and so on. The site you have designed should have a flat design with lots of white space. The most important content on the pages should be spotlighted. Remember, beauty lies in simplicity.

Go for a web design recon

Look at your website and decide what you like about it and what you do not. Do you think a long never-ending scrolling page is ideal for your site giving great user experience? Maybe, you need to use someone else’s approach to redesign the contact page. For instance, you can point an arrow to an important message you want to get delivered through your contact page.

Make use of visual hierarchy

What does visual hierarchy mean? It means that the eyes of a reader are attracted to the World Wide Web in a special pattern, which helps designers like you to optimize the content on websites. Let us take an example. We know well that our eyes tend to

Reasons to Be on Virtual World

There was a time not long ago when people, especially in the developing and underdeveloped countries, did not have access to the internet. They had no choice on the goods and services either. Sellers used to enjoy monopolistic condition. For instance, buyers had to wait for five years approx. for a car in India. After the launch of Maruti Suzuki in the 1980s, the Indian car market went through a revolution that was further aggravated by the launch of the foreign cars like Hyundai and Honda. That’s the catch.

All these put together construes that the companies that used to reap the rich dividends of the niche markets are now vulnerable to the worldwide competition. On top of it, the increasing number of smartphone users and the recent boom in the e-commerce domain significantly have changed the way of doing business here in India. To cope with these phenomenal changes, your business must partner with a professional website design company preferably in your niche market. The reason is that being local the company will understand the local flavours better compared to those from any other part of the world.

Here is a list of reasons why

Design Elements for Effective Law Firm Website

  • Descriptive homepage content. The average web user will abandon a page in as little as 7 seconds if his or her needs aren’t immediately met. When users land on your homepage, they should immediately know your legal area of practice and how you can assist in their case. From headlines to subtitles, bullet points to descriptive paragraphs, it’s critical that the homepage of your legal website clearly explains your expertise, services, and track record of success.
  • Bio and photo. Virtually every “successful” legal website has a clear picture and bio of the practicing attorney (or legal team). In fact, analytics reveal that the bio page is the second-most visited page on any legal site, behind only the home page. Prospective clients want to know about the attorney’s education, authority, track record, jurisdiction, and areas of expertise. If anything, the Bio Page is where the attorney should showcase his or her professional accomplishments, earning user trust immediately.
  • A regularly curated blog. When potential clients search for a lawyer online, they also want to understand the legalities of their case. Whether it’s worker’s compensation or medical malpractice, consumers desire specific information about their case and the lawyer’s expertise. In

Lessons in Design


The first point about good design, whether it is architecture, fashion, products or websites is that the design should enhance the functionality of the item. Any item has a purpose and good design will make it easier for people to access and use the item for this intended purpose. The design should aim to grab the attention of the exact people that the item is intended for and invite them to engage, enter, try out and get involved.

In terms of web design, the finished project should be mobile responsive, quick to load and use icons and menus that help visitors to efficiently and instinctively navigate your content. To make it a valuable tool for your business, it also needs to engage the visitor and encourage them to take the steps towards becoming a customer. Good design can improve your conversion rates.


Good design has to stand out from the crowd. It needn’t be radical, but it does need to be original in order to draw attention. A building shortlisted by RIBA has to demonstrate a contribution to the evolution of architecture, possibly in the materials used, technology, process, approach or commitment

Good Quality Website Design

Search engines such as Google evaluate your design, and even factors in your brand for inclusion into the index. The factors that go into quality website design are something that your website development team should be fully aware, but there a few basic elements that should always be followed.

Quality web design involves the effective use of elements on the web pages; these elements will include fonts, graphics, colors, and branding such as your logo. When the decisions have been made, the next step in the website development process, is to assemble the elements together as cohesively as possible, to make the best use of what can be considered as the most important areas on your web page.

If you are working with a web designer, you will need to know whether your designer is using Cascading Style Sheets, because it affects how your website appears on different browsers and different monitors. Many designers do not have the expertise to use CSS properly, and in many cases, your may need someone with CSS code skills to polish your site building.

Another important factor that is often neglected in website development is the color. Color affects