Parts Of Website Development

Getting Started

To get started with your website development you must first build a site. Do not rush in and start throwing things into a layout design in hopes of getting the site up and running as quickly as possible. If you rush through this process then you are going to be disappointed in the long run. You need to take your time when you are choosing your layout.

You want a website that is attractive to the user, and easy to navigate, that is informational, and that is going to encourage repeat visitors. To begin with you need to gather content for your pages. You need informative content that people will find compelling, and while you are gathering you need to get more than you need to start with.

During the gathering of content phase try to amass enough content so that you have extra. Each week you will want to add new content to keep your website fresh. When you are gathering content get enough amassed so that you have three to four weeks of new material to add each week.

Get the Word Out

Promoting the site is a critical part of website development. You have to get the word out about the pages, and doing this can sometimes seem to be a daunting task. Promoting your web pages is not something that you will do once, but is an ongoing process that you must stay on top of.

One of the best promotional strategies that every site owner can use is the linking of your pages to the pages of others. You want to encourage other site owners to allow your page to be linked to their pages so that visitors on their pages can easily follow the link over to your pages.

To have this type of linking be successful you must be linking your site to sites that have similar content. The information on both the sites must somehow be akin to each other, or the search engines will penalize you for having the link. Remember that it is all relative, and the page you link to must be relevant to yours.

Keep it fresh

Updating the material on the site, and the links on the site, are all part of website development. You have to keep adding new material that will attract repeat visitors, and you have to have the latest versions of the different applications that are used on the pages.