Reasons to Choose Umbraco

For the site owners:

  • Easy and powerful to use: With simple editing and content creation tools, it is easy to maintain the web content of your site exactly in the way you want. It does not dictate how the work should be done; instead it is up to you to do it.
  • Ready to use packages: There are numerous handy packages for various tasks and with a range of free as well as commercial packages, you can easily enhance your site and increase productivity while saving time.
  • MS word support: It is by using familiar tools like MS word or Windows LiveWriter that you can easily write or edit news pages or blogs without having to open the browser.
  • Multilingual websites: Editors and content managers can easily publish great multilingual sites using the out of the box features. You can choose any language with the multilingual back office tools.

For the designers:

  • CSS control: Editors often find it easy to focus on the content without worrying about the layout. By adding the design guidelines for the editors, designers can now specify which CSS rules they can use in the WYSIWG editor.
  • Unlimited Javascript: Javascript is an integral part of the web today and with Umbraco, designers can have full control on it. You can easily make asynchronous apps and use the back office or favorite editor without any limitations.
  • Skins and starter kits: The starter kits allow the designers to install the site and apply skins with great designs. You can also go creative if you want to make some changes to the default designs.

For the developers:

  • .NET controls: Umbraco developers who love to work with.NET can use the.NET Custom Controls and User Controls easily without jumping through hoops.