Rules for Improved Traffic Retention

Utilize the correct images

A comparative study carried on the incorporation of stock photographs versus real images on websites revealed that the results of websites containing real life photos outperformed those of stock photographs by 95 percent. So, as far as possible, avoid using photos of business people with fake smiles.

Care needs to be taken to include meaningful photos in your website. Each image transmits an intuitive message to people visiting your site, and at times, the results are contrary to your expectations.

Produce a first class navigation system

One of the most significant factors that keep the visitors to your site occupied is a top class navigation arrangement offering support to all search options. It is not difficult to understand that, from the point of view of visitors, the most significant feature of the design of a website is the convenience and speed at which they can find the needed information. This fact has been corroborated by a scientific study. If a visitor is unable to locate the required information within a reasonable amount of time, they would leave your website and look for another.

Significant factors for navigating a site

  • The arrangement for primary navigation of your site should be simple, close to the top of the page.
  • The footer of the site should contain navigation as well.
  • Barring the homepage, utilize breadcrumbs on all other pages so that the visitors can keep a track of their navigation.
  • Position a search box close to the top of your website so that visitors may use keywords for their search.
  • Refrain from offering a lot of options for navigating one page.
  • Incorporate links in your page and clarify where they lead to. It is of immense help for the purpose of SEO.
  • Do not encourage deep navigation. Usually, best results are obtained by restricting navigation to three levels.
  • Avoid using complex Java Script, particularly Flash for the purpose of navigation. At present, certain mobile phones are unable to see flash, meaning the users of such phones will be unable to navigate your site. The same holds true in case of desktop web browsers lacking the latest edition of Flash.

The simplest way to judge your website is to view it from the perspective of a visitor. You should take all the necessary steps that enhance the experience of the people visiting your site.