Improving Website Performance

Beauty and Design

First impressions are visual in nature. Customers may like or dislike something in seconds – just by how it looks. It applies especially to websites.. It all begins with beauty, design and clarity. A beautifully designed website can be a monetarily effective mechanism to enhance traffic to a website and increase lead generation. In contrast, a badly designed website encourages the user leave the page even before it loads completely. This can result in lost business potential.

Design Compatibility

With enhanced penetration of mobile technology, more and more users are accessing website over their smart phones and tablets. A website’s performance is no longer limited to desktop.

How responsive and compatible a design is over slew of physical devices defines a website’s design ability. If a business lacks to provide a mobile friendly website to its customers, it is falling behind its competitors. To stay current with the times, most of the well established businesses have beautifully crafted, clear and responsive mobile friendly websites designs.

Analysis of User Behavior

Paying attention to site’s performance through regular supervision and revision is advised. For enhanced user engagement it is essential to use Google Analytics on a regular basis to analyze user behavior.

This involves studying customer’s navigation pattern and actions on various site pages. Working over visitor data gives insight into what users like about the site. Heat maps of the website can be generated through various tools which provide data on clicks.

What do they do and which pages are left unattended? Do the blog and content pages have acceptable readability? Are the goals of setting a website are in line with a visitor’s goal? Such questions aid in improvement and visitor re-engagement.

Crisp Communication

Users visiting a website have various levels of attention. To cater to different level of interest it is important to communicate in a manner which is catches and holds users interest. Using appropriate font, comprehensible content and mix and match of graphics, images and text makes the communication more effective.

Instead of hovering around the subject, to the point messages should be communicated quickly and creatively. Instead of using superfluous language filled with self-praise, content should have genuine solutions to questions a visitor might have.

For example a restaurant’s website should offer, very clearly, what a visitor might seek on its website. Menu list, feasible hours, location, weekly and daily specials, promotional coupons, online ordering and catering links should be displayed as the very first view option. It should clearly display its mobile App (if available) for download to enable the users to order conveniently.

Content is the King

A website with the same old look and feel creates monotony and reduces return frequency. People don’t want to look at the same content over and over again. Freshness of content is what any visitor craves.This requires updating the home page and other landing pages with up-to date content.

For example, any website designing and software development business has little scope for regular variability in design. These companies makes it a point to update the content through fresh and current blogs, articles and industry knowledge. Their products and services landing page regularly add more information about the recent development in company’s engineering and development process. Graphics and images are updated on home page as well as the layered landing pages to add freshness to the website. Big or small, changes are added to the website for capturing user interest.

Multiple social plug-ins enable sharing of content by site visitors which not only optimizes the website across search engines but also acts marketing messengers for the company.

Lessons in Design


The first point about good design, whether it is architecture, fashion, products or websites is that the design should enhance the functionality of the item. Any item has a purpose and good design will make it easier for people to access and use the item for this intended purpose. The design should aim to grab the attention of the exact people that the item is intended for and invite them to engage, enter, try out and get involved.

In terms of web design, the finished project should be mobile responsive, quick to load and use icons and menus that help visitors to efficiently and instinctively navigate your content. To make it a valuable tool for your business, it also needs to engage the visitor and encourage them to take the steps towards becoming a customer. Good design can improve your conversion rates.


Good design has to stand out from the crowd. It needn’t be radical, but it does need to be original in order to draw attention. A building shortlisted by RIBA has to demonstrate a contribution to the evolution of architecture, possibly in the materials used, technology, process, approach or commitment to a particular value.

Whilst research into the websites of your online competitors can be an informative and useful task, the idea is to recognise the areas where your business can excel. You should never plan your web design to look like another site, because this approach means it will never stand out and inspire. Consider what makes your business unique; it may be your ethos or values rather than your products or services. By promoting this USP in your web design, you have the potential to inspire.


Design does include items that are in fashion for a short period of time. They serve a purpose, fit a passing fad and then disappear from sight. Good design however can stand the test of time. It has the power to not only deliver in current times, but also retain a presence in the future. The RIBA buildings may last a century or more and they need to still serve a purpose and be admired throughout this lifespan.
The rate of change with online marketing is rapid and the changes that may occur in the future are a complete unknown, so website design is likely to have a shorter duration. However, it still needs to be built in a way that makes it adaptable to change. Platforms such as WordPress include Content Management Systems (CMS) which make it straight forward to make updates, add content and introduce new features. This can be valuable in the long term prospect of your web pages.


Within architecture, the building needs to be personalised in some way for its users. Last year’s winner, The Everyman Theatre in Liverpool incorporated bricks and other materials from the old theatre that it was replacing. It also included images of Liverpool’s residents and other community focused features. It was personalised to help the local people to feel ownership of it, so they felt encouraged to venture inside, to engage.

A good web design is created for a specific target audience and contains features, content and formats that create a natural connection with the target group. It is personalised to their requirements, so it offers just what they have been looking for. They will then be encouraged to return to the pages time and time again.

Wire Frame Design

With wire frames, it becomes very easy to review and make any amendments to the design if need be. Making the changes needed, early in the development life cycle will ensure that the final design meets your client’s expectations. It will ensure that the key elements and objectives of the mobile app are included at the right time during the initial phases of the project rather than making changes later.

Wire frames can be drawn regularly, but in order to be technically accurate appropriate tools are used.

Among the Advantages are:

  • Early visual of a mobile application can be created for client review.
  • Enables early feedback for making changes.
  • They are easier to amend than actual designs.
  • Ensures that all the elements of the app screens are correctly placed as per business requirements.
  • Provides a clear vision of the project and scope of development.

Among the disadvantages are:

  • No account for technicalities is taken.
  • It may not be easy for the client to grasp the concept.
  • Translating it into a design may be difficult to fit in if the graphic designers and wire frame designers do not work together.

To sum it up, wire frames truly make it easy for designers, developers and clients to understand and work upon the designing of the mobile application. It’s the beginning of building a creative application that will ultimately represent your business. A perfect wire frame will provide you with a perfectly designed mobile app!

Necessary Elements Of Homepage

Header & Logo

The matter above the fold is of utmost importance. It is basically the upper portion of the web page. The logo & header should be designed in a fascinating manner so that it can impress the visitors. It basically contains the business name, logo & the business tag line.

Thorough Design Concept

The designing should be done according to the thorough planning so that user-friendly navigation can be provided in the website. The user friendliness of the website is must as visitors don’t have much time to do complex operation.


It is basically the font style & size. Its font size & style should be used so that it can easily be read by the visitors. The visitors can easily get the relevant information so that they should proceed to do business.


The info-graphics are basically the information along with the graphics & images. How good the content is written, but it will remain ineffective, if it is not represented as an info graphics. So, it is always recommended to use attractive graphics as well as beautiful pictures related to the product & services of the website.


The homepage of a website is really a most important part of the website. It is recommended to do website designing as per the set guidelines in order to design an appealing & interactive website. The designers should follow the above set guidelines. This not only creates a perfect website but will also help a lot in engaging the clients.

Benefits of Website Support

Website maintenance or the production of a site cannot simply be carried out by one single individual. The skills required in making and dealing with a web-site are extremely differed. Making a shiny new site, for instance, requires:

  • design skills
  • development skills
  • sales/marketing skills
  • SEO skills

When putting the site live there is additionally:

  • modifying hosting servers
  • domains
  • emails

This extensive assortment of skills that are needed to make a site; are the same abilities needed to run and/or manage it.

In the event that your business site is out there, without any help then it is an accident waiting to happen. The large number of skills needed to make the site, means there is a large number of areas where something can conceivably cause you problems.

At a very simple level, you will require somebody who can change content for you. For example, your business contact address or phone number.

A more common example could be your site server being hacked, which could bring the site down totally. This would require somebody to have the right technical experience to verify your site was backed-up, and to restore your site for you.

So when these issues do emerge, and you as an entrepreneur don’t have something set up to deal with these issues, then its going to cost you cash.

It’s something you presumably haven’t planned, its something that is going to come up in a crisis and one thing you have got to ask yourself is. Who would you be able to turn to? Who would you be able to trust, to sort things out?

There is continually going to be an expense included and in the event that it’s a crisis, then the expense is going to be at a premium.

So my recommendation to entrepreneurs is to get site help set up from the very beginning. Treat it like you would business insurance.

Most organizations will offer support for a little month to month expense. Either your current site planner or whoever made your site. If not, then they can unquestionably propose somebody who can give that service to you.

As an entrepreneurs this provides for you the peace of mind. In the event that something or when something happens with your site you’ve got somebody you can turn to who can alter it for you. Preferably somebody who knows your business, somebody who knows your site and can get to your site and comprehend any issues.