Things Every Great Checkout Page Must Have

Trust elements

It’s a known fact that trust elements such as TRUSTe and VeriSign Secured seals play a huge role of increasing the conversion rate. The unfortunate thing is that you may not see a lift in your sales if you place the badges on your checkout page only.

To be on the safe side you should place the seals throughout your whole funnel. This means that you should place the seals from the front end pages of your product pages to the checkout page.

While placing the seals will help you increase your sales, you should note that it’s rare that the security seals will help you boost the conversion rates by more than 10%.

You should also note that if you can’t afford a TRUSTe or VeriSign seal you can use a free generic version which is as effective as the original seal.

Finally, you should note that the seal tactic works best in spammy industries such as health and finance.

Frequently asked questions

Regardless of how convincing your page looks like, it’s rare to convert 100% of your visitors. This is because some of them might have doubts about your product. To solve this problem, it’s recommended that you have a frequently asked questions section.

Once you have created the section, you should test the conversion rates. For example, you should place the section at the top or below the checkout page and see where the conversion is high.

These are some of the greatest tactics that you can use to increase your conversion. Since no two businesses are the same, you should regularly test the tactics and see which ones work best for you.