Tuning Up Website

  • Make sure that your website pages are all fully functional: You will want to look carefully at each of your website pages and you will want to determine if the pages have everything that they should have on them. One of the first elements that you will need to determine is if you have a call-to-action on every page. Another element that is essential is the presence of internal links on each page. Without providing your visitor with any possible way to begin interacting with you, you will not be able to form a relationship with that person. The internal links will allow you to do that. The call-to-action will ask your visitor to give you something that you need. You will be surprised at how many people are willing to give you what you ask for. Some other valuable elements that you might wish to consider adding to the bottom of your pages are thought-provoking questions and enticing comments. They are all designed to launch a discussion.
  • Be mindful of how you end your blog posts: It goes without saying that your blog content must be top-shelf. However, if you don’t include some action request from your readers, they won’t come back to you. If you ask, they will most likely give you what you want. There is no doubt that there is a great deal of value in your blog post; however, you can consider it a dead end if it ends there are doesn’t go anywhere else with your website visitors. It is not a bad idea to check your analytics to try to identify exactly which blog posts generated the most traffic and why. If you are able to identify that information, you will be able to mimic that information. When it comes to your links, it is important that you connect your website visitors with your online marketing strategy pages.
  • Make sure that valuable information shows up when someone searches on your website: When a visitor visits your website, it is very important that the search results never say “No Results.” If that happens, you can definitely consider that a dead end. Of course, you have control over not allowing that to happen. You just need to make sure that your pages have rich, valuable content so that you eliminate the possibility of that ever happening.
  • Thank You page for lead generation: One measure of your success on a website (yours included) is when your visitors click on the “Thank You” page. So, what happens after that? If you have an effective “Thank You” page, that means that your visitors will understand that something comes next and your visitors will understand what that is. That means that you are turning what could have been a dead end into something much more effective.