Type of Color in Web Designing

Draw Attention on Your Requirements

Most of the websites have grayscale – a white background and text is in black shade. At primary stage of making the website, the designers do not use colors. Some of the sites have black and white shades on background and images as well. But the logo, menu button and call to action option have brighter shades. This attracts viewers. On the other hand, when you are landing on the homepage of the site, you will see that the background color is blue and the text is in white shade.

Make Personality

Applying color is very important because it sets a mood for the website or your brand. Some of the sites use various shades of same color in different pages. It mainly makes you feel attracted to the site. The earthy tones really create a sense of professionalism and create an impression on behalf of the brand. Some of the unique sites use different shade combinations in a weird way. Even the shades also change with time so that the viewers do not feel bad seeing the same thing every day. The right selection of shades also depicts owners’ personality and taste of the designer.

Color in Image

The image also plays an important role in designing the website. You can see in some of the home pages that the images are in front and text is in the behind. Some of the sites have the minimum style, yet they look attractive for the color shade and images.

Offer Cohesion and Flow

The color is also useful to guide the viewer. It helps the viewer eyes to navigate to the particular position. The various shade schemes help users to remain cohesive with each other. Perfect shades and images create an impact on the viewer.