Use Framework in PHP

  • Better Code and File Organization – Organizing code doesn’t simply imply including functions.php and placing it in /inc folder. All frameworks have a defined folder structure and if followed to the ‘T’, can result in expected results. Unlike the vi which has a larger number of small files that the developer has to grapple with, IDE and similar code organizers do the trick in ensuring that the code is well organize.
  • Libraries and Built-in Utilities – Sometimes, the biggest mistake and a cause of major time wastage arises due to not utilizing the inbuilt libraries and utilities of the PHP framework. Instead of trying to proactively developing a code or searching for third-party versions, developers should skim through the resources available in the framework such as session/cookie handling, data validation, calendar, pagination, input & output filtering, form validation, and so on.
  • MVC Structure – Introduced back in 1979, Model View Controller (MVC) is a design pattern predominant in popular PHP web development platforms like Codeigniter, Zend, Symphony, Yii, and the likes, and helps in segregating business logic from the user interface. This helps in providing a cleaner code. The pattern uses models, views and controllers to represent data structures that interfaces with the database, represent page layouts and bind all components together including handling page requests respectively.
  • Enhanced Security – The built-in utility of input/output filtering helps keep the code safe from possible hacks or SQL injection. It also provides better Central Site Request Forgery (CSRF) and Cross Site Scripting (XSS) protection. Session management, security and encryption of cookies are some of the other benefits of using a PHP framework.
  • Lesser Code Resulting in Quicker Development – PHP Framework’s inbuilt utilities and libraries also ensure that one is able to code bigger projects in PHP in a remarkably shorter amount of time. Add to that, the accuracy factor that is higher as compared to developing own’s library or code.
  • Online Help – Every developer knows what debugging a code means. PHP framework being a robust platform helps eliminate many such worries. Owing to its popularity, there is a growing community of PHP framework users and technical experts and developers can leverage an online community for any issues.