Website Designing Suggestions

  • It encourages impulse buying – This kind of buying can be triggered by sweet, attention-grabbing words and advertisements. When a customer is done reading your product page they can decide to purchase even if they had not planned for it. If they however find that the payment can only be made with a check or a third party money transfer system that they do not already have, their motivation will decline. But if an impulse buyer finds out that they can shop with their credit card you will secure that sale.
  • Global web visitors – As an internet entrepreneur who is targeting world-wide shoppers you should appreciate the fact that some online payment methods do not work in every country. Besides it may take too long to receive a check in order to dispatch the customer product. In such a case having your web designer create a credit card payment acceptance system will be very helpful.
  • Currency differences – A credit card can be used to make a payment in every currency. Neither your customer nor you will worry about this problem.
  • Can be used with other payment gateways – It is very difficult to create a convincing privacy policy. Some customers will still fear for their credit card number. If you include a third-party payment gateway that many people are familiar with you will still secure an international sale or an impulse sale. They will simply attach their cards to their third-party merchant account. In this manner you will be at an advantage because you will not have to invest in a very expensive server encryption system. The third party payment gateway will take care of your customer’s credit card number.