Website Problems

You are not describing what you have to offer well enough

You might get noticed, but do you have what the client needs? A higher rate of conversion comes, for the most part, from answering the prospect’s questions. You must describe what you have to offer the best you can. There is no room for confusion in this area.

You do not seem trustworthy

If you are new out in the market, the level of trust is something you might not have generated yet, or well enough. Along with a shady description of what you have to offer, conversion rates might suffer, and you know it. So, take a look again at the second fact and up it with this one.

You are not engaging enough

If you want an improvement in the conversion area, then there is no room for one way conversations. Make your traffic feel involved in what you do. People like to feel involved and they love the feeling of belonging to something or someone. If you implicate your readers in your actions by, let us say, asking questions, then you might just win a little more conversion attention.

The website is just ugly

It sure does sound harsh, but the ugly truth has to come out from time to time. People do not like to see the ugly in life and a website is not exception. If you did not modify your website’s design in the last couple of years, you should consider hiring someone or doing it yourself. Get a hold of what is used these days and adapt accordingly.