Well-Designed About Page

The About Page can consist of different content, depending on what your business is. However, it should provide an easy way to find all the pertinent information your site is providing. Not only should it be well thought out, but the research done on the contents should be very thorough. Your readers will start to look at your site as their “go-to” site, if they have confidence that your site is accurate and easy to use.

In today’s world, you may have more people that use your website than actually see your physical location. Think about your website as if people were seeing it physically. If you were driving down the road and spotted a new business that pulled you in, what was it that grabbed you? Was it the attractive sign out front? Was it the look of what you saw inside from the parking lot? Now compare that to your website. When you click on a website, what made you stay to peruse that site, versus just going to a different site? If your page is well laid out, your readers will stay. They are also more likely to return! Sometimes less is absolutely more! Shiny things shine for a while, but after the shine wears off, people tend to lose interest. Think about that when you look at the design of your About Page.

The font and graphics used should be very easy to read. Sometimes different font styles are difficult to understand. This is especially true when viewing on a mobile phone or a smaller screen.

Let’s continue on the subject of mobile phones and smaller screens, such as tablets. These devices are so highly used in our world today that PC’s and Mac books have become a second choice in most cases. The mobility of a tablet or cell phone makes convenience incomparable. Remember your website needs to be designed differently to be easy to read on these smaller devices.

If you aren’t sure about how to design your About Page, hiring a professional can definitely be the best route to choose. The best web designers know how to appeal to your customers or audience. While there are many ways to reach your audience, if you are able to offer something that other similar sites don’t, you will have an edge. No matter what, make it clear and concise, and you’ll be on your way in no time!