What is The Use of SEO Tools, and Why Should You use Them?

What is the use of SEO without its tools? SEO tools offer assistance to website owners while in the quest to optimize their websites. As a website owner who wishes to tap into the numerous benefits of SEO and its strategies, the SEO tools help investigate how well the web pages become prepared for high placement on search engine ranking pages. Asides that SEO tools also help provide useful content on keywords, backlinks, and other necessary information to help your business thrive in the competitive world of internet and business.

Some of these SEO tools are free, while others are not. Some of the tools require payments with basic models such as monthly or annual, one-time payment, and payment per volume or number of pages and searches made by guests or customers. Here are some examples of SEO tools and what they do for you: –


SEMrush is a marketing tool that allows you to access rankings easily. The tool also offers opportunities for possible ranking opportunities. The tool enables you to compare your website to that of your competitors using keywords and domains. To acquire more knowledge about the general usage and effectiveness of SEO and its tools, you should read reviews about SEMrush.

Google Search Console

The good thing about this SEO tool is that it is a free tool that offers numerous benefits to website and business owners. This tool allows you to monitor your website’s presence in Google SERP. Through the use of Google Analytics, you get to verify your website, allowing you to optimize the site for better performance on the search engine results.

Moz: SEO Software

Moz does not only offer you the benefit of checking how well and high your website ranks on the search engine; it tells you how to improve the rankings. The tool gives you an insight into your business’ metrics while you are on any page. The exciting part of this is that this SEO tool is free for business owners to use.

Apart from knowing the necessary SEO tools, you should also understand why you need these tools for your website optimization:

Backlink Profile

One of the ways to enjoy the numerous benefits of SEO is the provision of a backlink profile. A backlink profile allows you to technically spy on your competitors by getting a peep into the backlink profile they use.

Generate lists of keywords

Another reason for the use of SEO tools is the need for more keyword opportunities that the tools help to generate. With SEO tools, there is no room for the shortage of new ideas as the tools create a list of new keyword opportunities regularly.

Preservation of Time and Money

If you seek to preserve your time and money, SEO tools are your best options. Since you are not engaging in paid advertisements and manual SEO audits, you get to save both time and money while allowing your SEO tools to do the job for you.