About Wearable Technology

Sports Watches

Some of the smart watches operate like personal trainers. They sit on your wrist whilst you take part in your sport or activity of choice and provide a wealth of data from your route and distance covered to your heart rate and calories burned. The show included the HTC Grip and the Leap+, both of which include GPS and sports tracking functionality.

Business Watches

The LG Watch Urbane, Pebble Time and Huawei watches are some of the watches on offer that put smart technology on your wrist. With WiFi access, GPS and voice activation technology, they have the potential to transform connectivity over the coming years. These watches can connect with phones, tablets and possibly other technology in order to provide a convenient way to access apps, check emails, take pictures and navigate to a destination.

The Future of Wearable Technology

Although the first smart watches were launched, it is early days for this technology, yet we are already seeing great developments to make them increasingly practical and useful. There is already research into how wearable technology could play a crucial role in the delivery of personalised healthcare, such as reminding elderly patients when they are due to take medication, to monitoring the blood sugar levels of diabetes patients. As developments continue the possibilities will evolve in many more directions.

Whilst at present it is likely to be early adopters and gadget fans who buy the smart watches that hit the market this year, we could all be ordering one in a few years, when advances have made the technology more valuable and affordable.

Whether we are ready to embrace this technology or not, the important factor is that we accept that mobile technology is going to play an increasing role in communication. As business owners, we may not choose to buy wearable technology ourselves, but we have to be open to the idea that our customers might be adapting their habits with the availability of mobile technology.

If we want to communicate with our customers, we need to adapt our methods of communication to best suit those customers.

The rate of change is fast, but rather than thinking we need to keep pace with the latest technology, what we should be aiming for is to meet the changing needs of our customers. If your business website has yet to be converted to a mobile responsive site, how are you providing a good online service?

Mobile responsive website designs are a necessity, not an option. Take action now and be prepared that it may need revisiting in another year or two in order to deliver what your customers are looking for.

Evolving Website Design

Looking back a decade or two, a website design was a relatively static online marketing tool, but things have changed. You may have spent months planning and preparing the content on your current site, expecting it to last for many years, but now it is important to regularly add fresh content to your website pages.

The cost of a website design has dropped considerably in this time too, so it’s affordable to embrace change. You website pages need to be updated regularly and its design and functionality should be reviewed every year. A static website offers little value to your loyal customers and will struggle to attract new ones. However, an evolving website design, with fresh, relevant and valuable content being regularly added will help you to meet your customer’s needs and allow your website to gain and retain a good position in the search engine listings.

Android App Development

Easy to gain attention, and is convenient to the users

The bottom-line for any business is to reach out to maximum users. Since a big percentage of user’s access internet on smartphones, it becomes the easy channel to connect with them. They can easily connect with your app, even when they are on the move. It is convenient for users to purchase online goods, to pay their mobile phone bills, etc, by using the apps.

Proficient Marketing platform

With proper marketing strategies, you can use your business app to grow your customer-base. You can engage with your users anytime, and give them real-time updates about your business.

Your mobile marketing efforts will not only help in growing the number of people who download and install your apps, it will also help in long term branding of your business. It also works as a great channel to get customer feedback, which will eventually help you to improve your business.

Easy Comparison of Goods, Services and Prices

Business apps help your potential customers compare the product prices, quality, and other features straight away. This can strengthen your credibility and position in the market.

Effective Customer Service

The main key for sustenance and growth of any business is the quality of customer support they provide. It is very crucial for companies to provide effective customer support, in order to stay ahead of their competition.

Android app is a simple way for customers to interact with your company. It allows you to address and handle your customer issues – 24/7, which will go a long way in creating customer loyalty and trust for your organization.

Hiring professional development services

Android app development companies hire developers who have thorough technical understanding of the Android system, programming languages like JAVA, and other development tools. It makes sense to take the help of these developers companies, because you can save a lot of both, costs and resources.

Effective Web Design Principles

  • answers to most of the questions which users can get after going through the web page. If the navigation and website architecture isn’t designed properly, the user will find it difficult to comprehend how the system works. A well thought and structured design along with clear and concise quality content direct the user towards availing the services or making a purchase. Thus, well-planned structure reduces the mental load. Once this is achieved, it will be easy for the user to navigate through the website.
  • Use Minimum Fill in Forms: In every project which is designed to cater to the specific needs of the user, try to keep users requirements minimal. First-time visitors will like if they don’t have to fill in long forms to try out your service. Basically, remove all barriers, a user registration using a long fill in the form is enough to cut down on the incoming traffic.
  • Divert users attention towards your USP: A website contains both static and dynamic content, some aspects of the user interface are more attractive than others. Attractive content, images and videos should be used to attract customers towards your USP (Unique Selling Proposition).
  • Strive for Attractive Content-Rich Interface: Modern web designers focus more on the visually appealing interface, and they neglect architecture of the web page and content. A good mix of design, layout and content will drive more quality traffic to the webpage.
  • Strive for Simplicity and Effective Writing: The content on the web page should be clear, concise and properly structured. As it helps the user to find the required information easily.
  • Innovate But Not Distract: An impressive web design uses innovation and creativity. Use white spaces or negative spaces as per the requirement. A white space is the area of the page that is empty, mainly used between the images and videos.
  • Aesthetically Appealing – Target As Per The Niche: Every industry or segment caters to specifically targeted customers based on factors like age, geography and gender. The design of the web page should be explicitly designed to target selected niche.
  • Build Online Credibility and Trust: Nowadays everybody is present on social platforms, users and business enterprises both. Use your web page to build trust and credibility on social platforms. A testimonial from the existing clients is a great way to do this.
  • Optimized Web Page: Web page should be optimized to load faster without compromising on quality factor.
  • Responsive Web Design: Due to increase in handheld devices and data penetration. Mobile devices are the main source of traffic on the website. Web pages should be responsive to load in any device irrespective of the screen size.

Raster or Vector Graphics

Your digital pictures and most of the photos you see on the internet are raster images; that is, they are made up of multitudes of squares, which make up a bitmap, or series of pixels. When you try to enlarge a digital picture, you may notice that the picture takes on a blocky or blurred appearance. Raster images need to be rescaled by a factor of 8 for the printer settings to compensate, so it is tricky to do much re-scaling with raster art. You can change tonal values, color values, and adjust the saturation settings with much more ease. When you are working on a digital picture in Photoshop you will see that when you erase something or change it, the pixels in the background change with it.

Now suppose you are working on a line drawing in one of your programs, like Corel Draw or Illustrator: You are working on a vector image which is also known as outlines, paths, or curves. Lines are connected to one another by tiny little points known as “nodes”. When you attempt to make changes to your vector drawings, you do this by manipulating the nodes. If you are a skilled graphic artist you know that if you remove or add new nodes to the outlined drawing, then you change the shape either gradually or drastically, depending on how many nodes you manipulate. However, you have great flexibility when working with vector images. As long as you have a closed path, you can fill in the shape or object with color.

Using a program like Corel Draw, you can make a raster image easier to work on by means of vector tracing. This is a simple and quick procedure depending on how many nodes comprise the picture, leaving you with a picture in vector outlined format. When I do this I use a tool called “Quick Trace”. Results can vary whether I am using Outline trace, Quick Trace, or Centerline Trace. Vector images scale well and are also used in flash animations.

Also, files can vary as well depending on whether you are using vector or raster art. Vector art is lossless meaning that file compression will not result in loss of image quality. A good example of lossless formats would be.GIF. In raster image JPEGs, permanent loss of data to reduce file size can occur. This is because JPEG format is a lossy compression… meaning that there may be some loss of image quality to be expected when the picture is compressed. This could present a problem in projects in which details are important, like spreadsheets. This type of loss is more acceptable for video and sound files, in which the loss is not significant enough to be detected.

Plan Website Architecture

The users of your website must get engaged on it at least for some period of time. A sense of context and place assists users to find what exactly they are looking for. Web architecture is not about the text, graphics or anything cosmetic. It’s all about the hierarchy of the navigation and its structure.

Designing and organising the content for any large website can be a very slow process. It needs a particular skill for being able to see the big picture. Also, you must be able to ‘see’ the content from a user’s perspective.

Here is a checklist you need to take care before presenting your scheme to the client:

  • What are the goals of your website? Without being aware of the goals in detail, it’s intractable to plan your content effectively.
  • Knowing about the pages to be included
  • Are the pages related to each other in a logical way?
  • Will they add content after the site is published?
  • How will you plan the content for future?
  • What is the main aim of each kind of visitor?

Normally, the content for large websites will be planned by someone who is holding a management position in the company. That is, someone who knows well about the company’s business and its customers. But as the businesses are becoming more web savvy, prudent planning has become an integral part to get succeeded in the business.

The thing is, you must start thinking in user’s point of view. Start by expressing all the actions a user might take on your website, like booking movie tickets or getting a quote for double glazing. After defining all these, you have to build funnels which take users from the home page to any desired action. Recognize the steps user has to take and lead them at every stage with simple and explicit verbs.

Search Engine Marketing

Increase presence

Search Engine Marketing helps to place your website in the most prominent area in the search result. Advertiser got many benefits from this as web user are able to spot you and view your webpage before others.

Increase brand awareness

The ability to place your website at the top place in search engine ensure more exposure, and helps to bring more exposure and brand awareness to your business. So even if someone is not searching for your information, they are able to see your company brand and name.

Accurate market analysis

Search Engine Marketing will provide you with the analytic tool to help you find out the information you need. You will be able to monitor the traffic of your website without the involvement of any third party reports. All report are taken directly from your website based on the viewer of your website. These reports ensure that results are accurate. With this, you will be able to analyze the market trend and plan your marketing move accurately.

Flexible Targeting

With the geographical targeting and time setting, you have the flexibility to choose where and when you would like your marketing campaign to be. This allows you to maximize the effectiveness of your Search Engine Marketing.

Flexible Spending

You can plan your budget all the way to each month and even to individual day. Based on trend reports such as Google Trend, you will be able to understand which months have more user searching for your product and hence changing your budget to meet the demand. Also you are able to stop the marketing campaign at any time.

Elements Design With Photoshop

The truth is that the world now has very talented graphic designers thanks to the progressive technological nature. In design and Illustrator are some of the most popular Adobe products used by most designers. They make the standard for web page design, but Photoshop also offers versatility in achieving good results even though it is not as popular as it ought to be. It might not have the power that most other programs have when it comes to web design, but it can still be a very powerful add-on tool when used with the other programs.

The power of Photoshop comes from the ability to alter and enhance images to match with set preferences or goals. It is important to remember that web designing is mostly made up of images, thus making Photoshop a powerful tool in achieving results. You can easily create collages for web environment or even improve on the quality of low-res images. When using Photoshop, you can also alter web pages and this is essential for web designers when it comes to making regular changes to a site to improve it. There is just so much that can be achieved when using Photoshop for web elements design, especially for upcoming or inspiring web designers.

If you are looking for ways to take advantage of Photoshop in designing web elements, then you must know your way around the program. Whereas most of the features can easily be learnt without much help, you might require some sort of help to be the professional you wish to be with Photoshop design. A Photoshop web elements design course could come in handy in teaching you some of the tricks you can use to achieve amazing professional results with the designing every time.

The courses cover all important elements of Photoshop most of which many designers don’t take time to take advantage of. You will for instance get to find out more about button designing, navigational bar design, form and slider designing. There are so many other different web elements that you can design using Photoshop and the training will take you through them all so that in the end you can achieve the full potential that the program has in making professional web designs. There is just so much that you can achieve with Photoshop when you know how to utilize all its features for web elements design.

Brand Development

It doesn’t matter what kind of products you sell or how long you’ve been in business, your business plan needs to include brand development and design. So just why is your brand so important? There are many reasons your brand is so valuable to you as a company, especially if you’re just starting out. The reason for that is that your brand describes who you are and what you’re about to your potential customers. The right branding messages play a key role in many aspects of your company, including:

  • Determining how your customers recognize and distinguish you
  • How you develop your relationships with your customers
  • Determining standard operating procedures, including vision, values and company maxims
  • Your relationships as an employer with your employees.
  • Public relations and your presence online.

Of course, an important part of any brand and brand development strategy is your logo. Your logo can say many things about you. In fact, sometimes, a logo has so much power it can say just about everything about you, without saying a word at all. Your logo is a visual representation of your brand, and as such, it needs to represent your brand properly. Your logo needs to not only portray your core values to your customers, but it should also be powerful enough that they remember those values. Because your logo is so important you need to make sure that it’s designed to stand out from the crowd, as well as draw a crowd.

Another important part of brand development is utilizing brand discovery sessions. These are designed to help you create the right plan for developing your brand. In these sessions you can sit down with all the necessary players and together discuss what’s important to your company, and in turn, what branding messages you want to convey to your customers. In these discussions you can hammer out your company mission, your core values and the main purpose of our business that you want to portray.

When it comes to building a brand, it’s always a good idea to get some input from the people who matter the most in the long run: your customers. When you’re building your brand identity you need to know what your customers think of you. By doing targeted research, you can focus on your target market and get their input about your brand, including your logo, marketing messages, values and how they perceive you. The customer is always right, so listening to their opinion can play a key role in the success of your brand, as well as your bottom line.

Benefits of Responsive Web Designing

  • Supper Flexible: Sites with responsive design are very flexible as explained above. The content, images and even videos, loaded in a site can easily adjust to small screens of mobiles and tablets. The images and the grids of such sites are fluid. Just as liquid easily spreads out, the content of such sites also spread easily.
  • Reach to a Vast Range of Audiences: According to a survey, 40% of online users like to browse sites in their tablets or mobiles. It means if your site is not mobile friendly, you are losing a great deal of audiences. Capture them by considering responsive web design. It enhances the site traffic rate by increasing its visibility.
  • Enhancing Offline Browsing Experience: There is no cut in the screen size. It means all content is visible. The HTML5 offline browsing capability of responsive sites allows easy access in one go. Even in the absence of network, it is possible to move the browsed web page to get the best view of it.
  • No Need of Getting an Additional Mobile Friendly Site: It saves your money that you might plan to spend on creating an additional mobile friendly website. It is an old trend to own two types of websites, one for system browsing and another for mobile browsing. Your one site is enough to operate in both the platforms which is a great saving of money as well as time.
  • Valuable SEO Campaign: Maintaining a mobile friendly site and a desktop friendly site, means duplicate content which is hate by Google. Having one responsive site doesn’t promote duplicate content. You can make your SEO campaign successful and effective with it. Google has given a green signal to such type of site creation.
  • Saving Cost and Time in Management of Your Site: It is natural that when you have one website, you can easily manage it. Saving of money as well as time can be possible. A single site management is not lengthy. You can find top quality assistance in website maintenance at an affordable price.

Features Of Good Web Design


A good design should have a background that does not end up interrupting the text, but on the other hand the text should be sizeable enough for easy reading but not too big either. Narrow text columns make reading easier on the screen and they should be considered. In essence, the good design will keep the information hierarchy crystal clear.


They are very important in guiding your visitors to the most relevant pages within the website depending on what they are looking for. Good links can be in a different color that the text on the page to make them visible and clearer to the visitor. However, the colors should still coordinate with the rest of the colors on the page. Some very good sites also underline the links to ensure they remain attractive to move the visitor to the next step.


It is one of the most important features because it can determine the user experience on the site. A good design is easy to understand and uses navigation bars and buttons and they should offer clues to the visitors with regards to their current location on the site. Frames used should not be obtrusive in any way and site maps or an index can be considered for larger sites.


They keep the web content interesting and readable. They should be sizeable not too big and every one of them should have an alt label. They together with the backgrounds should use safe colors for the browsers. Any animated graphics should turn off automatically and graphic links should have text links matching them.