Design Impressive E-Commerce Website

Fascinating Design

The design is very crucial, when it comes to attract the visitors. If the visitor finds your website attractive, then he/ she will certainly spend some time on your website. The spending time will increase the probability of conversion. So, it is recommended to use attractive design. The website should contain impressive images along with the informative text in order to make a great impact on the mind of the visitor.

User Friendly Interface

Another important feature of a successful website is that it contains user-friendly interface and navigation. The link building among different pages will be provided in a friendly manner so that users don’t find any difficulty while moving from one web page to another. Apart from this, font size and other attributes should be used in a proper manner in order to offer an improved browsing experience.


The term info-graphics is used to define information in the form of images. So, while designing an e-commerce website, it is necessary to use banners and images that can perfectly reflect the purpose of the website. The visitors can easily get information about the organization as well as its services so that they can make up their mind to place their orders.

Clear Call To Action

The website should perfectly manifest clear call to action. It is certainly the most important part of e-commerce website designing. This is very important as it gives instruction to the buyers what they have to do while coming to the website. So, the website should contain the easy to fill enquiry form or cart so that buyers don’t find any difficulty in placing the order.

Responsive Template

These are those website templates that have the capability to adapt to any size screen. So, these can easily be accessed using mobiles, smart phones and tablets. This feature helps in providing a better browsing experience to the users.

Web Designer With Coding Skills

Mobile – Bringing Design and Coding Skills together

Today’s smartphones and tablets come in a variety of different screen sizes. We have the 3.7 inchers (smartphones) to the gargantuan 10 inchers (tablets). And thanks to Samsung’s Note series we also have to factor in a whole new slew of 5+ inchers (phablets) now.

But the trouble doesn’t stop at screen sizes. There are screen resolutions to account for too.

If there’s one thing designers know too well, it’s to design for screen resolutions. Ensuring that their pixel-powered creations display exactly as they intended, the varying screen sizes and resolutions of today’s mobile devices have presented them with a new conundrum.

Enter Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is a technique which is used to dynamically resize website layouts for any sort of display. The technology detects the device type that’s being used to browse a website, changing its layout and animation possibilities on demand. Think the portrait and landscape modes on today’s mobile devices and you’ll get the point.

It is no longer practical for web designers to provide one website mockup and get some developers to work. Designers should now also have a basic understanding of coding technologies so that they can get mobile website development exactly right. Getting your website look to align horizontally as well as vertically is the need of the hour.

After all, mobile is becoming the preferred way for visitors to check out websites.

How to Get Started with Coding for Responsive Design

You need curiosity and a hunger to learn the fundamentals of coding, specifically the role of grid layouts.

Or maybe you just really need something as dead simple and intuitive as GridPak, a responsive grid generator tool. It can create your own custom grid layouts and download it for use in your designs. Experiment with columns, paddings and gutter width to your heart’s content until you get exactly the grid layout you need.

But wait. You need to design for smartphones AND tablets AND desktops. That’s where Responsify. It comes to your aid. This live-saving web tool lets you view how your layout grid will render under multiple devices.

Web designers have already got the creative aspect locked down. So they will face minimal trouble in this department. What they need to focus on is to challenge their preconceived notions about designing for fixed-width layouts. Fixed layouts are no longer in vogue. They need to start experimenting with grid layouts and screen sizes that go accordingly with these grids. Once they get this aspect down, the world’s their oyster for taking!

Advantages of Magento Web Development

  • Client connection: It’s very important to settle on a Magento Web Development Service if you want to give a customer-friendly solution to your clients. Its major benefit is that it permits you to execute attributes like user account creation, currency conversion, personalized forms without dealing with any kind of hassle.
  • Low cost solution: Another key benefit of using this web development service is that it takes a minimal running cost. For establishing a web based business on this platform you only need to pay out hosting subscription cost, customized template development, and extension charge etc.
  • Convenient option: Magento allows you to build a user-friendly e-commerce foundation, so, that you could quickly customize it even with little technical expertise. It helps you to add more graphics, new items and solutions inside your collection and can additionally modify numerous payment gateway services in an efficient and effective style.
  • Search engine friendly: The key advantage of Magento that draws the interest of various web designers is that it is an SEO-friendly program for the e-commerce enterprise. It permits you to quickly view your SEO analysis statement and modify as required.
  • Styles and Add-ons: Magento delivers a lot of theme that really help you to create a website, which surpasses your targets and helps you to bring prospect to your website.

Mobile App Template Design

Consistency with your corporate design

Every business already has a “corporate design”. This means that you already have business cards, official documents and letter heads that have some design – some look and feel to it. While designing your mobile app, make sure that it falls in line with this design. This means that select the nearest font, select the right colour scheme and you probably already have a logo to begin with.

Well, if you are selecting a mobile app template, make sure that you select the fonts that are nearest to your existing font and colour combinations. For an app template, also decide which parts of the app you are going to customize. Well, finding a template that will suit your business’ style could save you a lot of time for development.

The right kind of navigation

When selecting an app template, make sure that the navigation suits your business. You do not want to be stuck with complicated navigation that your customers or employees cannot use. This creates a negative impact on your business. The front page should contain all the apt sections for users to select and browse. Secondly select whether you want to use a tap style or a swipe style of navigation. For example, of you are a news stand or blog type app, make sure that swipes are easy. If you have lots of user generated content, more taps are easy for navigation.

Header designs

If your company already has a logo, it’s a great idea to include it in the header. Other options for creating headers would be to create something innovative – but remember that the available space is just 300×74 px. Including your brand name in the header is also a great idea.

Select the right pattern for the various sections

Selecting the right pattern for the various sections of your app is also a good idea. The way you display the content and images on the app will make a difference. For every type of content, you will find that there are several ways of displaying it. Select the layout that will allow you to stress on the most important aspects of your business.

Keep Website Updated and Useful

Website support services

Have you identified anything over the internet that might seem beneficial to your visitors? The best of service providers will be able to upgrade your site with quality user forms, banners, social-networking plug-ins and picture galleries. You’re bound to come across great website maintenance services once you search online.

Website updates

The latest updates on your services and upcoming product launches are the primary attractions of your targeted visitors. You must keep content updated to retain your current users and drawn prospective users. Your website needs to reflect even the minor changes and moves of your business. Your business website is often the first point of contact for your visitors; it enables them to determine their future course of action. The best of website support services will help keep your website updated from time to time. You must continue observing changes on your competitors’ sites and update accordingly.

Website support pricing

It is truly important for you to keep your website maintenance costs under control. Your website maintenance needs can be managed in an effective manner only when you take an economical approach. You must learn more about the after-hour service, service level agreement and web maintenance pricing of your chosen service provider in advance.

High Cost of Free Websites

That is because free sites often come with a steep price. While a free website may be fine for personal use, it is simply not a suitable venue for your business. Keep in mind that your website serves as the face of your business for potential customers, then choose your website and web hosting provider accordingly. See web design prices packages.

When you rely on a free site, you are at the mercy of the company providing that site and the service that goes with it. That means that your content, and your online business, could be taken away in the flash of an eye. If the servers used by your free web host crash, your business simply disappears. If the company is sold, your website and your content go with it, and you have no control over where it all ends up.

Users of free websites also have no real control over their content, and no ownership rights to that content. If you doubt this, just take a look at the agreement you signed when you set up that free site – you may be surprised at what you find.

If that were not enough, those type of websites have a number of other disadvantages – drawbacks that can be quite dangerous to your business. One of the biggest disadvantages is limited web space. Those space limitations can make it difficult – or impossible – to scale your online presence as the business grows.

It is also difficult, and sometimes impossible, to add the kind of interactive features that get the attention of visitors. Chances are you will not be able to include popular features like chat, forums and exclusive members-only content.

In addition to these drawbacks, a free website can make your business difficult to find. That is because popular search engines often ignore free sites. If your site has been online for awhile and you still cannot find it when you do a search, chances are it is being penalized by Google, Bing and other popular search engines.

Search engines tend to ignore free sites because they are often used by spammers and other shady businesses. Many web users understand that as well, and they may view free websites in a negative light. Many people feel that free sites are unprofessional, and they may be less likely to trust those sites or make a purchase.

Users of free sites often find out the hard way that help and support are hard to come by. When you are getting something for free, the company providing it may be less than eager to help when something goes wrong. From minor problems to major outages, you may simply have to wait until the owners of the site get around to fixing the problem and getting your business back online.

As you can see, that free website could turn out to be anything but a bargain. You may think you are saving money by choosing a free website, but your business could be suffering as a result. If just one would-be customer looks at your free website and turns away, you have just lost a sale. It is far better to invest in a quality website – one you own – than to rely on a free web service that could be here today and gone tomorrow.

Select Web Design Firm

The firm’s track record

Check the portfolio of the web design firm. How do you find their work? Do you like their designs? Do they represent the brand well? Do they have sufficient experience in your industry? Do the websites match their objectives? After you do a thorough research, take a call. See if they have any customer testimonials. You can also call up the clients to verify if the testimonials are genuine.

Tenure of the firm

See how long the firm has been there in the market. The age of the firm does not matter always. If the firm has been there for more than five years, it means they are quite solid in their business. Firms that stay for longer are usually considered to being run well.

Terms and conditions

Understand the terms and conditions of the firm thoroughly. Ask them questions. Are there any hidden charges? Do they permit payments in breaks? Do the fees include updates and maintenance? Are the costs itemized? Do they share the source files to your website?


Find out about the expertise the firm has. Check if they have the required expertise that you are looking for. A good firm will provide you technical and aesthetic expertise.


Smart web designing firms support time saving technology. This means they will use WordPress or Zope, for handling weblogs and building customized content management. These smart tools help businesses to achieve high standards and saves money and time.


Good web designing firms will have a team of effective web designers who can communicate well. They will use phone, Skype, email and other tools to communicate with you.

Conversion Centric Squeeze Page Design

First and the most important thing you need to know is what kind of people do you want on your mailing list? Without clearly understanding of what you want, it can will be difficult for you to create an attractive and strong message and entice them to visit your website and sign up. To know your target market is very important to build up your own confidence and gaining trust of your readers. It is important to figure out your ultimate goal and then it becomes much easier to figure out stuff.

There are a lot of important parts of a squeeze page, there are a few things that must be there. These things include – headline, call to action, benefits and the opt-in form. With the help of a squeeze page design tool, you can clearly identify these elements to make the best use of your squeeze page.

Do it yourself landing pages tools are self- explanatory and therefore you don’t need to spend a lot of time understand it or putting all the information. However, you need to realize that the information you display on your page is important and as a part of marketing strategy, it is often a good idea to put a smart tactic on you page and offer up-front incentive or ethical bribe because it attracts a lot of people and it incites them to sign up. These can be anything – discounts, freebies, anything!

One should also consider the amount of information you ask people on your landing page. The less information you ask, the more people will sign up. No one wants to spend time filling up all their information in an opt-in form. That’s not the reason why they visit your website!

Set Up Website

Get Your Domain Name

First all you need to register a domain name before anything else. Getting a domain name, is nothing much, it’s just a website name what you want to give a website. You need to pay an annual fee for the domain name registration, registering a domain name means to purchase the right to use the name. This is the address of the site on the internet where this resource is located.

Choosing a Web Host

Getting a domain name brings you to a web host. Hosting involves housing, serving, and maintaining files. A web host generally gives somewhere to reside your website. A web host is a company that has many computers connected to the internet. When you place your web pages on their computers, everyone can see these web pages. These computers are the servers; anyone can connect with it and can view these pages and download the information as well. It is a costs money for providing such services, so it is an on- going cost. There is a lot of choice available. But it’s not that whatever the cost price is told by the company, you will accept it and proceed, you should take a glance of the feedback by the customers, which can help you.

Building your website

When it comes to the design and development of your website, you have two options to do it by yourself and hire some company or developer. There so many tools and templates are available on the internet like WYSIWYG, this kind of editor let you design without having knowledge of coding. You can design by yourself, but it has a lack of customization. Better option is to hire a company or a developer(s) they can help you the way you want your website.

Platforms Build Website

Website Development Using HTML5

The advent of HTML5 has pushed the art of web designing to explore newer horizons. Its rising popularity and demand by consumers is keeping web developers occupied with creating websites for all sorts of businesses no matter how big or small.

Easy integration of multimedia content, rich graphic and interactive applications support are some of its prime features. An HTML5 Development Company can help incorporate these very features to your website so that it can easily become the next big thing in the world of online marketing.

Website Development Using Joomla

Joomla is Content Management System (CMS) software which basically means that it will manage each and every aspect of your website content be it documents, graphics, audio/video files or any other content.

Whether you’re looking to build a corporate website, an online magazine or a page to interact with local community, Joomla Web Development is becoming the choice of both the consumer and developer.

You don’t need to be a tech savvy to use Joomla; it is easy to install, use and upgrade. The software is equipped with the following features:

  • effortlessly customizable tools
  • powerful templates
  • user friendly interface
  • search engine friendly traits
  • easy contact management
  • content organization
  • allows you to create polls.

Many more in addition to these make Joomla a great choice to build your online reputation.