#1 Secure Web Hosting Platform – Go Live with MilesWeb

Is it still surprising for users to read huge discounts for availing varied web hosting services?

Well, in my opinion, discounted services and plans die after the very first purchase. But what if I introduced you to a platform that doesn’t put an end to the offer, would that be enough convincing?

MilesWeb, being the secure web hosting platform, has existed since 2012. It focuses on its 7 core values, including a motive to provide affordable and reliable best web hosting solutions that meet the needs of each and every website.

The company started with an aim to provide low price hosting, with reliability, transparency and 24/7 assistance.

When I say MilesWeb doesn’t put an end to the offer, I mean every word. You can buy and renew at the same cost, if availed during the discount period.

It offers a number of hosting and add-on services including plesk windows hosting. Focusing on only hosting services as of now, MilesWeb has been observed to be the 4th best hosting provider in India. No wonder why it has a tagline that says, ‘Your Hosting, Our Responsibility.’

Additionally, it has shown an incredible growth over the past 9 years. Growing from a small venture to something that is more productive and consistent at its services.

Web Hosting Plans & Pricing

MilesWeb offers the basic services that include – Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS, and Dedicated & Cloud Servers.

Humans are funny. They don’t know where to bargain and where to not. And would be the happiest if they get all the features and products and services for absolute less or no cost.

To keep the customers happy and smiling, MilesWeb is well known for its low-cost hosting. Their plans start from 40/ inr per Month and let you renew at the same price as well.

The plans are probably divided into three main services differently named for each service. The features are almost similar so that the clients do not have to compromise on anything except for the storage, email accounts and Mysql limitations.

Additionally, as an add on service you get a 30-days money back guarantee if you wish to go live with MilesWeb. Wonderful right? Who wouldn’t want to give it a try if the company is confident in itself.

WordPress Hosting

If you own a wordpress website, wordpress hosting is the right plan for you. It is personalized for wordpress users for better user experience, response time and increased sales.

  • WordPress hosting has three plans – Solo, Prime & Multi.
  • Starts from Rs. 40/m
  • Free SSL certificate and a domain in all three plans
  • Storage and few certain features differ
  • Includes a website builder

Infact all hosting plans include free domain and SSL certificates.

However, a domain might need a renewal at additional cost after the first year.

Incredible Uptime

MilesWeb has an uptime of 99.95%, which is undoubtedly best. If you do not wish to compromise on great sales, users, clients and customers, MilesWeb is a good recommendation for you.

As any website with considerably high downtime can cost huge loss in terms of visitors and sales both.

We wouldn’t want continuous downtime, except for small uncertainties which are obvious.

SSL Certificate At 0/- Cost

SSL certificates give a security layer to your domain. A secured domain is what we all would want to have as it also transmits the safe emotions to our customers and clients, letting them have faith in us.

If clients do not trust us, we will lose our brand. It is a crucial factor in all terms, and MilesWeb includes a free SSL certificate in all its plans, at no additional cost.

So, if you wish to be a trustworthy brand, an organization or business that matters in the market, I suggest you start your plans with them right away.

Get A Free Website Builder

The company offers a free inbuilt tool that lets you create websites on your own. If you are not a technology person, this can help you build a site you would like with drag and drop features. Plus, you can save a bit on the same by not paying an amount to developers.

Web Hosting Price Comparison

Comparatively, MilesWeb provides low-cost hosting as I mentioned initially. So, if you compare the company with other hosting providers you will realize that MilesWeb is better both economically and quality wise.

Hassle Free Setup

You will not require much time to set up your hosting account. After your billing, the account will instantly go live. Your credentials will be mailed to you on your registered mail Id that you can use to Login in your hosting account.

To conclude –

MilesWeb is an overall great experience. Most reviewers say that they are into user experience more than financial strategies. That means they will suggest a suitable plan, not focusing on the expensive ones.

Plus, it offers free domain, SSL and other features at affordable prices.

What is The Use of SEO Tools, and Why Should You use Them?

What is the use of SEO without its tools? SEO tools offer assistance to website owners while in the quest to optimize their websites. As a website owner who wishes to tap into the numerous benefits of SEO and its strategies, the SEO tools help investigate how well the web pages become prepared for high placement on search engine ranking pages. Asides that SEO tools also help provide useful content on keywords, backlinks, and other necessary information to help your business thrive in the competitive world of internet and business.

Some of these SEO tools are free, while others are not. Some of the tools require payments with basic models such as monthly or annual, one-time payment, and payment per volume or number of pages and searches made by guests or customers. Here are some examples of SEO tools and what they do for you: –


SEMrush is a marketing tool that allows you to access rankings easily. The tool also offers opportunities for possible ranking opportunities. The tool enables you to compare your website to that of your competitors using keywords and domains. To acquire more knowledge about the general usage and effectiveness of SEO and its tools, you should read reviews about SEMrush.

Google Search Console

The good thing about this SEO tool is that it is a free tool that offers numerous benefits to website and business owners. This tool allows you to monitor your website’s presence in Google SERP. Through the use of Google Analytics, you get to verify your website, allowing you to optimize the site for better performance on the search engine results.

Moz: SEO Software

Moz does not only offer you the benefit of checking how well and high your website ranks on the search engine; it tells you how to improve the rankings. The tool gives you an insight into your business’ metrics while you are on any page. The exciting part of this is that this SEO tool is free for business owners to use.

Apart from knowing the necessary SEO tools, you should also understand why you need these tools for your website optimization:

Backlink Profile

One of the ways to enjoy the numerous benefits of SEO is the provision of a backlink profile. A backlink profile allows you to technically spy on your competitors by getting a peep into the backlink profile they use.

Generate lists of keywords

Another reason for the use of SEO tools is the need for more keyword opportunities that the tools help to generate. With SEO tools, there is no room for the shortage of new ideas as the tools create a list of new keyword opportunities regularly.

Preservation of Time and Money

If you seek to preserve your time and money, SEO tools are your best options. Since you are not engaging in paid advertisements and manual SEO audits, you get to save both time and money while allowing your SEO tools to do the job for you.

The Hidden Truth on Modern Technology Essay Exposed

In current scenario, HTC has settled down on prime of all leading manufacturers. There is a bunch of touch screen phones in the market right this moment. But, by way of look and functionality, HTC is the best one. This time, it has given you another surprise. Folks have waited for this gadget for lengthy enough. So, with the launch of HTC HD2, the market has flourished with best smartphone.


Permits completely free and confidential searches.

To meet the photography requirements redmi note 8 price come outfitted with a strong 5 megapixels digicam characteristic that responds brilliantly. This highly effective camera that comes with Carl Zeiss optics improve the image high quality. Because of the presence of the opposite sensible instruments like Geo-tagging, Dual LED Flash, 14 x Digital Zoom and autofocus it enable the particular person to capture distortion free photographs. To boost the utility issue of the digital camera, this smart cellphone come outfitted with quite a few amenities like Devoted Camera Key, CoverFlow Photograph Viewer, Video Recording (MPEG4 & VGA, up to 30 fps), Video Scene, Video Streaming and Video Calling. Memory house sounds equally impressive as this highly effective machine with a Photocall facility allow the user to retailer upto 8 GB of data that is additional expandable upto 16GB.

Fundraisers can simply catch up with the focused individuals at home or on job by sending donation appeals straight on their cellphones. NPOs can send out emails on to Smartphone users plus can all the time send informative messages stating why they should attend their upcoming fundraising events. It is just really easy and timesaving to examine emails on a cellphone somewhat than switching on a pc or a laptop computer to do the same which does take a while as well.

Here is where the LG GT540 Optimus shines.

Additionally, the better directories provide each user the choice of removing their very own personal information from the directory’s database. This feature makes positive no person is able to carry out a reverse mobile phone lookup on you to search out your title, handle, mobile phone service title, age, occupation, and rather more personal data.

Lately one can simply get their favorite and newest handset and get a network of their selection. Varied network suppliers like Orange, Vodafone, O2, 3 T- Cellular and many others. get involved with these mobile producers and make the cell telephones obtainable to folks.


The Nokia 3710 is a glossy-looking flip phone accessible in plum, pink and black colors. It has a talk time of four hours and has a high-effectivity charger. As, HSDPA information connection permits knowledge switch with the speed of 7.2 Mbps. It’s easy to find the fitting mannequin for you.


It offer a vast array of templates along with demonstration to furnish any site’s need, at the same time eliminating the need to test and research on various outlines. The diverse press page layouts are ready and can function in a matter of minutes. Any number of configuration components can be easily altered or you can create yours without any groundwork. These include social networks access, email registration frameworks, or your WordPress sites, with just a few clicks.

Today, more people browse websites on mobile devices, hence it is necessary for a site to be compatible with all mobile device formats. LeadPages provides you the option to customize your pages and check the best landing pages for your website.

Leadpages software helps to create pages, which can be easily customized and integrated with an email auto-responder.

Leadpages software makes embedding your videos hassle-free. It gives a step-by-step guidance so you can style things, add in your analytics codes or change normal page settings to add or remove a title description and keywords.

Leadpages software’s one click process provides you with a URL that enables you to add into your opt-in conformation email. The other option provided is to download it to your own server and publish it yourself via HTML or you can add it into WordPress account.

First time visitors are directed to the WelcomeGate page which contains a free training video. The procedure to integrate it is easy and you can send different people to different pages.

LeadPages adds new templates and pages every week. You can access to all of this if you sign up.

It just takes one click to embed your LeadPages with your Facebook Page Tab
LeadPages’ new feature allows one click integration of your LeadPages landing page with your Facebook Pages.

LeadPages is designed to effectively generate leads in specific spectrums according to the needs of the internet researcher and marketer. When all of these are implied, they make a powerful marketing tool kit.

WordPress Developer for Customization

Though help is easily available in terms of online tutorials, developing a customized website is not a walk-over for non-programmers. Though money is involved, it is worth. How much money is needed will depend on the complexity of your project. Though it needs to be understood here that a company or WordPress customization service that charges more money is not a guarantee that you get quality, and those that quote something that is way too low than market standards are a big no. Hence, it is always better to first research about market rates and then make your choice accordingly based on different parameters that suit you.

Well, it is quite understandable that why will someone spend hours and money for learning how to develop a website with WordPress, if they don’t intend to make a career in it. Professional developers have already wrecked their brains learning about the tricks of this trade. Hence, it is better you focus on other important aspects of your business, and let professionals handle your website development needs. You will only be left with your idea, and implementation of these ideas into a feature rich and engaging website will be handled by professional coders.

A WordPress developer is a general programming expert who has experience in coding with use of the WordPress ecosystem. It is like, if a person knows architecture, he is bound to know about brick-layers. You just need to consider this as some outsourcing activity and let these professionals handle the complex work. They know what needs to be done with the coding to make your ideas real. Keep just one thing in mind; are you getting your money’s worth in terms of the programmer delivering quality? In the end, everything boils down to the developed product.

If you have the bucks, they why not opt for the best WordPress customization service. However, who decides which service is best? It is obviously you. So make an informed decision by researching well. Take references and talk with past clients of the concerned company or developer. The difference between good and best needs to be kept in mind. Best developers will design websites of highest quality, while good developers will only posses knowledge of cutting templates to build a good website in WordPress. So the choice is all yours.

The below mentioned aspects will act as a guide when you make a choice of developers.

  • The developer needs to be able to correctly enqueue scripts and styles. What this does is it helps scrips and styles to load correctly and integrate with plugins in the right way. When re-designs are considered, the developer needs to put custom functionality into plugins, rather than the theme
  • The developer needs to deliver light and clean validating codes. This is beneficial from the loading speed perspective of your pages.
  • The developer needs to recommend plugins suitable for you. There are many examples of plugins not functioning properly due to they being not suitable for you. Best developers are smart and know what will work for you.

Application Development

Instagram, for example, offers a wide range of filters and options, but is simple to grasp, and doesn’t overdo it. Most people stick to tweaking their photos with filters, and leave it at that. What Instagram didn’t do was cram options like those found in the built-in iOS photo editor, which is significantly more robust. Most people won’t use all of the features it has to offer. The average user doesn’t want to mess with horizon lines or black points; they just want to take a photo, choose a filter that makes them look their best, and then upload it to share it with their friends. In this case, less is more. It’s hard to argue with Instagram’s success.

When you add features to your application with wild abandon, you’re not necessarily doing your users any favors. Even if every single one of those features work as intended, the additional weight that’s added with each extra feature can really bog the application down. It can make things difficult to navigate-partly because nobody likes nested menus-and slow to load. Worse, those features may just sit, unused or unnoticed, because your users don’t actually bother with them. That means that you wasted time and resources building part of a product for nothing-something no company can afford to do.

Go back to application basics

If you want your application to be successful, you need to be able to identify the core function. Again, to use Instagram as an example, that core function is photo sharing; people use it to share pictures with their friends and followers, and users can comment back and forth on them.

By contrast, the iOS Photos app is designed to manage your photo library directly from your phone or iPad, which invites a deeper level of editing. The complexity of its feature offering is justified because that is part of its intent. Both of these apps have been wildly successful because all of the apps’ features support the core function rather than distract from it.

What’s your app’s core function? If you can’t identify it plainly-not necessarily in a single word, but close to it-then you shouldn’t be adding features.

Add features that will enhance that part of the application experience

Your app may never be “complete.” Facebook has redesigned their whole interface and introduced a range of new features pretty much annually, and that’s not going to slow down any time soon. The same is true, in varying degrees, for many apps.

When you’re designing your application, your features need to be tightly focused on your core user experience. What are your users going to spend their time doing with their app? How can you make that aspect of it better?

When you think about adding a feature, you should consider what kind of effect it will have on this core purpose. Will it even have an effect? If not, then it’s probably best not to include it.

What you can do during application development to prevent user frustration

Sometimes you just have to include a particular feature, for competitive reasons, or because users will expect it to be there. Maybe it’s not perfectly in line with your custom application’s core concept, but it’s hopefully at least related. Assuming that it’s a good idea to even include it, there’s a new problem to consider: How do you tell your users how to use it?

Some software development companies like to include a big, weighty options menu that lets you disable all of their extra features-which are automatically enabled at the point of download. This can be frustrating for users, because their expectations may be different than you assume.

Do they want twelve separate notifications when they drive past the dozen coffee shops on their way to work? Probably not, but your CaffeiNation app-which, in this fictional example, is an application that finds the nearest coffee shop-has that option enabled by default, and the only way to turn it off is by finding the “disable push notifications” button somewhere in the settings menu.

Instead of bothering to do that, an average user would likely just uninstall it. I’ve done the same to countless applications that had similar things-Peel Smart Remote is an offender I just removed, because it kept sending push notifications to my phone, reminders to watch things that I have zero interest in (I don’t need to see Olympic Dressage, though I respect the training and dedication that it requires). I couldn’t find the option to disable those notifications, so I just uninstalled it.

What would have worked much better-and would have likely kept me as a user-would have been a context-sensitive option that was introduced to me at the right time. If I’m using the remote to set up a recording for, say, Game of Thrones, then it would have been useful-and kind of cool-if a little window popped up and gave me the option to enable notifications for that show.

In-context suggestions will feel as though they are tailored specifically to the end user’s experience. These work far better in terms of feature integration than the top-down method many applications employ. Users want to use your application the way they want to use it. As long as they remain a user, you don’t need to complicate their experience with bulky add-ons that just get in the way-and drive them nuts.

Just remember this: your app is not going to be the only one in your users’ lives. They have a lot of things to deal with, and using yours shouldn’t be a burden, or a hassle to configure to their liking. Your application should aim to provide that core function while making your average user’s life just a little bit easier-and never worse.

About Possible Future of WordPress Discussed

It was not very long ago when Ryan McCue, the lead developer of the Rest API of this platform discussed in his blog the possible merger of REST API with WordPress core. He didn’t really say that they are going to be blended for sure but he imagined what might happen in case the merger does really take place. With the merger, he feels that more real-time features will be introduced. Here’s more:

  • Presence of WordPress.org sites on major platforms like YouTube
  • Easier theme development
  • Addition of app directory for WordPress

Experts opine that the introduction of dependency management mechanism is inevitable – not as a fancy update but definitely because the Content Management System needs it. We are no strangers to the fact that other CMS platforms like PHP have already adopted this kind of mechanism. PHP has a Composer which can manage and resolve several libraries as a single library may require. Each PHP library which backs a Composer has a distinctive set of dependencies. The single library or Composer brings all these libraries together as a means to ensure that all these composers are well-matched with each other.

WordPress needs a Composer-like mechanism because designers and developers do not really have to work on the rediscovery of the wheel every time they want to make a new theme or plugin. The experts opine that every time they are writing a code for this purpose they are actually wasting time. Instead, they could have easily made use of the library packages out there and get over with their task in a jiffy.

The introduction of the dependency manager will actually open floodgates for the development of more and more WordPress-specific plugins. Try out some of the most popular plugins like Woocommerce, Meta slider, page builder, etc.

Accelerate WordPress Website

Minify HTML, CSS and JavaScript

In other words, take away all white space from code where possible.

White spaces and tabs make code more readable for servers, humans and browsers could not care less as long as it’s convincing and executes without error.

Instead of manually sifting through your code, plugins such as WP Minify and W3 Total Cache can manage this at runtime.

Use a Great Caching Plugin

If you have static images, CSS and JavaScript on your website that seldom change, browser side caching can make your site more concise as it depends upon the web application techniques you followed.

Caching engages storing parts of your site so they just require to be loaded once rather than every time a user visits your website. Caching is mainly useful for your return visitors, plus others who visit some pages of your website.

W3 Total Cache is an accepted caching plugin for WordPress employed by sites like Mashable, Web Desinger Depot and WPBeginner. The plugin guarantees a 10 times betterment in overall site performance when configured properly.

WP Super Cache is a easy-to-use option and you don’t require being a server expert install it.

Optimise Database Tables

Optimising your database tables is like defragging your computer or changing the oil in your car – it will assist in emptying space and keep your database running effortlessly.

You can optimise your database tables yourself using phpMyAdmin or with a plugin.

WP-DBManager lets you optimise, mend, backup and repair your database.

There is also WP-Optimize, one more database cleanup and optimization tool. This plugin also allows you take away post revisions, un-approved comments and items in trash and comments in the spam queue.

Reduce HTTP Requests

Each time someone visits a page on your site, the equivalent files should be sent to that person’s browser, taking in images, CSS files and JavaScript library references. So if you have a HTML file, five JavaScript files and eight images, two CSS files, that’s a total of 16 files that require to be loaded.

By decreasing the number of objects in your site’s pages, you can reduce the number of HTTP requests that are needed to deliver a page, accelerating up load times.

One way to do this is by making the design of your site simpler, and combining files such as CSS and scripts. The minify section in W3 Total Cache lets you include your CSS and JavaScript files so you can combine them into one file effortlessly.

Create Successful Android App

Start Small

Staring small in developing markets like Asia or Latin America may give your app the experience it needs to reach the Top 10 spot in North America. You might end up spending 30 times more resources in North America and Europe to achieve that. Starting small will allow you to manage your precious resources more efficiently.

Pay Attention To Android

An iPhone may have been the primer to smartphones and apps for most of us, but Android is the dominant platform at present with more than 50 percent market share in most markets.

Create A Great App

The best apps are good at doing one thing exceptionally well. Apart from being well designed in visuals and user experience, and solving a real world problem for the user, it is imperative that the app is original and a significant improvement on other products.

Aim For Virality

Integrate viral elements to the fundamentals of your app. Users who enjoy the app are potential marketers to attract new users for your app. Make your app fun to use with friends.

Remember Rules Of Marketing

Allocate budgets for app promotion to attract a first batch of test users. Measure metrics and ascertain value of each user before embarking on more systematic campaigns.

Get The Experts

Compared to the web, mobile marketing providers are extremely fragmented. As a result, accurate measurements of data can prove to be a challenge. Try to stick to CPI (Cost Per Install) model as much as possible.

Analyze Data

Analyze all usage data from the app. Employ tools to track and measure everything that happens inside your app – what draws the most traffic, clicks, traffic sources and the sources that bring in the best users.

Free Is The Key

Use the magic word – free. A price tag on app download makes a huge difference for potential users. Think about monetizing your app later with in-app purchases.

Popular PHP

PHP web applications work on the most common operating systems like LINUX, Windows and Mac with optimized functional efficiency. PHP is one of the best languages to develop web applications due to the cross-operating system compatibility.

PHP also has improved and efficient integration. For instance, PHP supports both HTML5 and HTML code. PHP allows programmers to optimize a website’s performance by integrating several technologies together. Programmers can easily make PHP web application more interactive by using the available technologies. PHP is also a good choice for developing web applications because it allows for automatic generation of reports. PHP allows generating reports in several file formats like PDF, XML and Flash.

PHP is widely used to build robust Ecommerce Websites. Ecommerce websites are often complex and require the use of third-party technologies. An Ecommerce website should allow users to browse through the products and services, and in case of any purchase the online portal must be fast and secure.

. Moreover, PHP allows developers to integrate third-party applications seamlessly to their website.

The main reason PHP is used by developers worldwide is the availability of API’s and tools. Most developers reuse the tools and components available to PHP. Some of these tools include debugging and testing tools that make development easier and error free. Additionally, some tools like FirePHP makes it easy to enhance and optimize user experience without the need of lengthy complex code. Similarly, there are also several database-specific extension tools available for PHP.