Commandments of Church Website Development

Thou Shalt Make Use Of Social Media For Fellowship

If your church website has no social media links, then it’s missing out on one of the most significant ways to connect with the community and to get them involved in spiritual and charitable activities.

Thou Shalt Have Email Features

How do followers get in touch with you? With up-to-date contact information, they know where your church is situated, but why not make it easier for them? Providing a valid email address does just that.

Thou Shalt Develop Compelling Content

Content is undoubtedly king. This is your chance to directly address and inspire individuals into becoming your followers. Focus on a genuine tone that connects with the audience.

Thou Shalt Take Into Account Mobility

In the era of smartphones and tablets, is your website’s layout compatible with different platforms? Chances are, people are visiting your site via a mobile device. Take this into account when speaking with your church website developer.

Thy Website Shalt Be Current

In order to ensure it is engaging and relevant, you must constantly update the content to ensure your church followers never miss out on anything.