Improve And Create Sales Leads

Designing an attractive website

The website designed and developed for a company must have information about the company and the products or services provided by the company. The website should also be easier to navigate for the website visitors. It is good to get customer information by placing a form which should consist of queries regarding their needs.

Email auto-responder

Customers will be provided with an optional option which will ask for your email address if you are interested in receiving auto-responder emails from the company in the future regarding the latest launch of their products or any discounts for their products. Companies can attract customers for auto-responder emails by providing them with a free product or product discounts.

Include tell-a-friend script

By including a code that would allow the site visitors to even add their friends for the auto-responder emails, those friends will also receive email about your website which can help improve the sales leads of the products offered by your company.

Using social networking websites for promoting business

Website owners can create their own pages in the social networking websites such as Facebook and LinkedIn as a means to promote business. When a customer became a friend or fan on your company page in the particular social networking website, all of the users within their network will learn about your business page and the products or services it provides.

Using news sites for promoting business

Publish a press release on some well know news sites. Express the unique points that make your company different from others and the content for Press Release must be simpler too. Choose the news sites that allow you to place a link that directs the site visitors towards your website page.

Offline Generation

  • Participate in trade shows that are relevant to your industry. It is also an opportunity to provide visitors in the show with a hands-on experience regarding the products or services offered by your business.
  • Placing advertisements of your company within local newspapers or radio stations is another common way of generating sales leads. The ads can help readers to give a call to one of your sales representatives or can help them visit your website.
  • Direct mails are still one of the most preferred methods of enhancing the sales leads. Take in to consideration the demographics and the income level of the people before sending mails to them. The emails must be sent for the right kind of audiences and thereby increasing the chances of generating sales leads.