Tips for Having Great Web Design

  • Understand your target audience – You need to understand your target audience first to know what type of web design will be right for you. Simply put, the design of a construction company website will not be the same as the design of say, an online news magazine. Both of these websites cater to different audiences and need to be displayed in a different way so as to attract the maximum number of visitors.
  • What is your theme? If you are having a WordPress website, which many of us do nowadays, you will know that you can choose your own theme and then customize it. Most of us prefer to do it this way as it saves the huge costs we can incur in case we want developers to make a custom made theme which can go to thousands of dollars, to say the least. You need to customize your theme so as to make sure that it suits your target audience.
  • Is the theme custom made? If you are not tight on budget, you can even design your own custom theme with the help of developers. This might set you back by thousands of dollars but then you

Design Website For Older Audience

Keeping it Simple

A web designer should not show off his Flash animations and CSS tricks when working on a website for older audience. He should not distract and confuse them by adding elements that look more like advertisements than content. A designer should also consider the proper placement of a textual content, and the right size of title and section headings.

Trigger the Emotions

Designers must understand that old people interact more with people than machines. The design should make a smart approach with clear fonts, muted colors and photos to induce humility and warmth. All these factors will come in handy to bring out a positive emotional response from this demographic.

Clicking is the Key

The website should not drive the old people to write too much; rather, clicking should have a greater emphasis. Instead of long fill-out forms, links and buttons should come into play more often. When old people are the target, designers must become careful when using a drop-down menu or any other “moving” navigation. Moreover, extra spacing between links or buttons is vital to prevent them from clicking the wrong ones.

Functional Search Bar


Type of Color in Web Designing

Draw Attention on Your Requirements

Most of the websites have grayscale – a white background and text is in black shade. At primary stage of making the website, the designers do not use colors. Some of the sites have black and white shades on background and images as well. But the logo, menu button and call to action option have brighter shades. This attracts viewers. On the other hand, when you are landing on the homepage of the site, you will see that the background color is blue and the text is in white shade.

Make Personality

Applying color is very important because it sets a mood for the website or your brand. Some of the sites use various shades of same color in different pages. It mainly makes you feel attracted to the site. The earthy tones really create a sense of professionalism and create an impression on behalf of the brand. Some of the unique sites use different shade combinations in a weird way. Even the shades also change with time so that the viewers do not feel bad seeing the same thing every day. The right selection of shades also depicts owners’

Ensuring Homepage Satisfies Visitors

It is important that you keep in mind (at all times) that it doesn’t matter how wonderful you or your business are. All that matters is that you are capable of solving the other person’s problems. If you can do that, you will be well on your way to building a meaningful relationship with that person and they will (most likely) become your client in the future. Just as you were searching on someone else’s website to solve whatever problem you were experiencing, it is the exact same thing for the other person who is searching on your website for some kind of help. That is exactly why your website has to be everything that it should be (and then some). It is an extremely powerful tool and it is probably the only tool that is exclusively unique to you.

You may be wondering at this point what information you need to have on your website. It will be effective information that is important and relevant to the other person who is searching and ends up coming to your website. The elements that your website should contain are:

  • Your introduction
  • Address potential objections from your visitors
  • Showcase your

Benefits of Parallax Scrolling Web Design

Parallax websites create instant appeal: they stand out from other websites and engage several senses all at once. The slick interlocking elements in parallax style sites flow naturally up and down the page. They provide a user-experience improvement not seen since the beginnings of the Web 2.0 revolution. Not only can a viewer scroll up and down on parallax websites but with mouse gestures or intuitive hand gestures on touch-screen devices, a full range of directions can be explored in the second and even third dimensions.

These sites have the potential to be stunning and make a great addition to any website. Parallax sites can also be used as a front page for your business if you want to showcase your vision right from the beginning; this is a good way to introduce immediately visitors to your concepts. Parallax websites can also be linked to from a standard website as a promotional page for one of your products or services.

These sites also give the user much more freedom to explore. Parallax scrolling sites on the Internet allow mouse gestures with a combination of mouse clicks to navigate to the main area of the site. This

Website Problems

You are not describing what you have to offer well enough

You might get noticed, but do you have what the client needs? A higher rate of conversion comes, for the most part, from answering the prospect’s questions. You must describe what you have to offer the best you can. There is no room for confusion in this area.

You do not seem trustworthy

If you are new out in the market, the level of trust is something you might not have generated yet, or well enough. Along with a shady description of what you have to offer, conversion rates might suffer, and you know it. So, take a look again at the second fact and up it with this one.

You are not engaging enough

If you want an improvement in the conversion area, then there is no room for one way conversations. Make your traffic feel involved in what you do. People like to feel involved and they love the feeling of belonging to something or someone. If you implicate your readers in your actions by, let us say, asking questions, then you might just win a little more conversion attention.

About A Sitemap

The process of creating a sitemap is easy and straightforward. If your site has just a few pages (less than 100) you can manually create the map in a HTML document; however, if your site is large and has many pages it’s easy to create the map using software programs such as XML sitemap, XML sitemap generator, simple WP sitemap, and HTML page sitemap.

You should note that the various programs are ideal for different types of sites. For example, you should use a HTML page sitemap when your site is built using a content management system such as WordPress. A simple WP sitemap is ideal for sites that have blog content. For ideal results you should do your research and use the software that is ideal for your site.

To create a great sitemap you need to consider a few dos and don’ts:

Links: you should ensure that your map is linked to your home page. Linking like this ensures that search engines are able to easily find your content and follow it. If you have a small site, you can include all the pages in the map; however, if your site is large,

About Website Design Suggestions

Keep it simple

This is quite a crucial thing to remember when it comes to designing a website, it’s the idea that it always works best when it’s straightforward. You don’t want your website to be over complicated, it needs to be easy to use, and preferably needs to be responsive.

Have a plan

Ensure you know what information needs to be included, the tone, brand identity, what message you want to convey and which area you want return on investment (increase calls, revenue etc)

User journey

This goes hand in hand with the ‘keep it simple’ principle, users of your website what to find what they are looking for quickly and easily, so consider the user journey and how you can give them what they need abruptly. Try keeping the steps between different sections to a maximum of three, understandably this can be problematic but if you manage to do it, it will work heavily in your favour.


Don’t get too caught up in the aesthetics of your website and neglect the content. Your website copy needs to be just as good, it needs to be fresh, consistent and

WordPress Design Ripoff

This racket has been going on for quite some time and in fact I have worked for companies that did this. They are charging HTML coding prices for template labor. That is not to say that well built WordPress sites are not worth money. They are indeed worth money and they look great if done right. But let’s face it they are not worth thousands. If you are looking for a website and you are talking to companies you should be asking them if they are using WordPress or if they are writing HTML code. If it is the latter then a high price is to be expected But if it is the former you should not be getting charged more than a few hundred dollars. Some honest companies like mine offer well designed, professional, fully responsive WordPress websites for FREE. These companies make their money in content management by charging a small monthly fee to manage your content every day on demand. This approach is the most honest way to sell WordPress websites and I really hope people read this article before they get duped by a so called “professional internet marketing firms”.

The sad part