Web Design for Small Businesses

If you want your presence and brand to be known on the web, you have to invest in a well-constructed website. Many online businesses make use of generic templates, disregarding the importance of a unique brand. Sorry to say, the only means to get a great brand design is to pay a considerable amount of money to allow your brand to stand out among the millions of websites.

The Process of Building Websites That Every Business Should Know

Generally, the usual low-budget website has to go through the following process:

Business Requirements – When people or businesses plan on creating a new website, they should know exactly what they want, giving a detailed description. This first phase of developing a website consists of a number of meetings plus brainstorming sessions.

Design – It is always stressed that a website should have a good design. This means that you should exert more effort and be more creative. Planning your own website is one thing, but turning this plan into reality is entirely different. While people or businesses can repetitively explain their requirements, the majority of people do not decipher what others are thinking. After everything has been said and done, there should be an agreement on the design prior to the final approval. Usually, it takes a number of proofs before the desired look is met.

Website development – After designing the website, it has to be divided into pieces of content and images to make it clear to a web browser before rendering it to an online user. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) should be considered as early as this stage. The brand has to be organized and include a mission statement, as well as product/service documents. Around all of this is the actual software development. When it comes to the web, this is known as the web application development. This brings the website structure and design to a user’s interaction level by means of widgets, workflow processes, conversation tools, contact forms and shopping carts, among others.

Quality Assurance (Q & A) – Once everything is set, a website must undergo vigorous tests to make sure it works.

Go Live – A website should have a web host to make it live on the Internet so users can interact with the platform.

Website Design Should Distinguish Your Brand on the Internet