Logo Design Defined

When we look at the logos of different companies the image and name of the company pops up in our mind that is the main goal of the logo to be able to define a company.

To achieve this goal of giving a lasting impression of the company the idea is to keep it smart and simple in line with unique and innovative. The common mistake of making it complicated should be avoided at all costs.in most of the cases the simpler your logo is the easier it will be to remember and retain so the key is to make it simple, innovative and easy to remember while giving a lasting image of the company.

One should also keep in mind the different mediums the logo is to be used in and its different variants look. You may need to look at it in black and white in case it is likely to be printed in that medium. This is a reason which is relatively important and should be conveyed to your logo designers about the possible mediums the logo is going to be used in.

A logo can convey the company’s character and its nature of the business and to do this successfully the client should give a brief overview of the company and the nature of logo you are looking for. If you are not sure about the nature of your logo then let the logo design company decide it for you. Every good logo design firm will conduct surveys about the market trend on logos regarding your industry and their impact on the people then it will come upon suggestions from which you can choose.

If you have any corporate colors like McDonalds then you should let the firm know it beforehand so that they design your logo accordingly.

Advantages of Responsive Websites

Improved Browsing Experience Offline

A majority of tablets and smartphones are HTML 5 enabled. This means they have capabilities of browsing offline. This allows the users to read email newsletters in HTML 5, which is great when the user does not have WiFi.

Stay Ahead of Competition

Since responsive web site design is relatively new, most of the websites are not yet responsive. Switch to responsive web design to stay ahead of your competitors. A lot of business and website owners are not comfortable investing in new technology such as this, simply because it is new. It would help to know that Google has planned on giving special treatment to websites with a responsive design. By the end, you may have noticed that companies have been rushing to hire the services of web designers for responsive web design to meet the demands of mobile gadget users.

Stay in Business

Since you are now aware of the benefits and where the responsive website craze is leading, you know that you need a responsive design. You can lose a lot of customers and money if you do not use it. More and more often, consumers choose to buy online instead of using physical stores. Before purchasing a product, they read product reviews. So cater to the needs of your prospective customers and let your business grow. When you don’t have a responsive website, there is a tendency to lose business and money. You may lose potential customers that shop with their mobile device.

Being Cool

When your website is hi-tech, people look to your company as being cool, and who does not want to be? An up-to-date website with all the latest technologies will provide a great user experience and will make your business look cool. This is unlike outdated websites that look stale with all their blue links and frames, among others. A clean, modern website that is easy to read builds trust and leads to more revenue.

Your Website Will Retain Its Relevance Longer

Have you recently been to a website that looks outdated with all the animation? It looks as if it was built. This kind of outdated web design can make the owner look unprofessional. Before entering their personal information, consumers will give it a lot of thought. Since a responsive web design allows your website to look great in all kinds of devices, we highly recommend that our clients switch to this design. This is because searching on mobile devices will remain and be around for a very long time.

Rules for Improved Traffic Retention

Utilize the correct images

A comparative study carried on the incorporation of stock photographs versus real images on websites revealed that the results of websites containing real life photos outperformed those of stock photographs by 95 percent. So, as far as possible, avoid using photos of business people with fake smiles.

Care needs to be taken to include meaningful photos in your website. Each image transmits an intuitive message to people visiting your site, and at times, the results are contrary to your expectations.

Produce a first class navigation system

One of the most significant factors that keep the visitors to your site occupied is a top class navigation arrangement offering support to all search options. It is not difficult to understand that, from the point of view of visitors, the most significant feature of the design of a website is the convenience and speed at which they can find the needed information. This fact has been corroborated by a scientific study. If a visitor is unable to locate the required information within a reasonable amount of time, they would leave your website and look for another.

Significant factors for navigating a site

  • The arrangement for primary navigation of your site should be simple, close to the top of the page.
  • The footer of the site should contain navigation as well.
  • Barring the homepage, utilize breadcrumbs on all other pages so that the visitors can keep a track of their navigation.
  • Position a search box close to the top of your website so that visitors may use keywords for their search.
  • Refrain from offering a lot of options for navigating one page.
  • Incorporate links in your page and clarify where they lead to. It is of immense help for the purpose of SEO.
  • Do not encourage deep navigation. Usually, best results are obtained by restricting navigation to three levels.
  • Avoid using complex Java Script, particularly Flash for the purpose of navigation. At present, certain mobile phones are unable to see flash, meaning the users of such phones will be unable to navigate your site. The same holds true in case of desktop web browsers lacking the latest edition of Flash.

The simplest way to judge your website is to view it from the perspective of a visitor. You should take all the necessary steps that enhance the experience of the people visiting your site.

Enhance PHP Website Performance

  • Keep an eye on APIs: Most of the applications leverage APIs, but in many cases you don’t have control over the APIs that are remote, so you can’t do anything about their performance. But you can mitigate the effect of their performance in your code by using various techniques like caching API output or by making API calls in the background. Your main target should be to protect the users from a failing API and make sure that you are always prepared to display your application’s output even without the APIs response.
  • Cache in on OPCache: PHPs main strength is that it is interpreted into executable codes that are called opcodes. This helps in fast development without waiting to compile the code with every change that is made. Recompiling the identical code each time makes the process inefficient and slow. To solve this, opcode cache is used, which are PHP extensions that save the output of complied code. So when in future, it runs, PHP checks if any changes are made, and then it runs the cached copy of the code.
  • Delays in the database: Database accounts for about 90% of the measured execution time for any PHP application. Hiring PHP developers make sense who can review the codebase for all instances of database access. Check all the slow SQL logs and fix the slow SQL queries. Try to find out the same queries that are executed multiple times. Fixing them can noticeably reduce the database access time and increase the performance of the site.
  • Filesystem Snafus: There are various in and out processes of your file system, so PHP development company should study your file system to detect any kind of inefficiencies that you looked for even in the database files. Some time-consuming processes include reading local files, processing XML, using filesystem for session storage and image processing. Check for any codes that causes file stat to happen and work on it.

ROR Development

Similarly, this framework saves the inconvenience of writing lines of codes which is a norm with other frameworks around. Developers worldwide say that using this framework has made web app development a lot more fun than it ever was. In recent times, more businesses have started using this Ruby language-powered framework to boost their overall productivity. More websites and web applications are being developed today using the framework which shows it ever-rising popularity in the industry. There are a range of benefits that Ruby on Rails brings in development and this makes it one of most preferred technologies for web development.

More so, developers find this framework ideal for development purpose as they know that a working prototype is extremely easy to get and running in almost no time. They find it simple to assess the project feasibility and they can easily fix cracks in the development cycle. Since this framework is 100% free, it brings cost benefits and helps businesses get projects completed without spending much. It runs on the open source Linux and developers face absolutely no problem working with this framework. Compared to other technologies, developers find it easy to handle Ruby on Rails, which is a major reason of its popularity.

Furthermore, this framework not only helps save cost but also time in development project. Using it, developers can switch from planning to actual development stage very quickly and this saves a considerable amount of time. What’s more, it is backed by an active and helpful community, much like all those open-source and popular content management systems. Developers in the community improve the code, troubleshoot issues and help all those working on Ruby on Rails and related projects. Since this framework follows coding conventions, businesses will never see their projects run into any sort of issue in case of changing of the development team at any stage.

In addition, Ruby on Rails is clear and easy to use, and this is the major reason of its ever-growing worldwide usages. It brings the benefits of building own plug and play apps without needing support of third-party. Likewise, your future projects can use the same elements present in the existing projects which means, you needn’t build things from the start. Using the framework, your apps can be multi-purpose and expandable at the same time. So, you can avail all these features and more just by hiring an experienced ROR development company.

Develop Web Design That Rocks

Make things available online: You are no longer safe even in your niche market. A company sitting in the remote area, for instance, can compete with you in Washington DC. As such, take preemptive actions before somebody else throws you off guard. Make your products and services available over the virtual world so that you can attract more customers for you. Your website plays a pivotal role here.

Create opportunities for customer experience: Your products and services must be displayed in such a manner so that customers sitting at the farthest end of the world can visualize and can have a feeling of them before purchasing. This will enhance your business opportunities manifold. You can create opportunities for customer experience by uploading HD (High Definition) photographs and DVDs. Create a section on your site for customer feedback and rating which will work towards building opinion for you over the net.

You can always have an opportunity for moderation on the real feedback received from the customers. You web design partner must provide a window for this.

Live chat: Live chat on your site enhances your credibility as a customer friendly business entity and this goes many miles to your favor without saying. It also ushers to effective handling of queries on instant basis. This in turn increases your business opportunities since you will have a fair amount of opportunities for persuading the prospect through chatting and answering to their concerns.

Pages Every Website Needs

Home Page

Your home page sets the tone for your website. It’s on this page that you will let people know what your site/business is about.

Your business has to convey what it is that you do. When someone comes to your home page they should be able to immediately see whether your site will help them solve their problem.

Services Page

You can go into as much detail as you like on this page.

For example if you are a carpet cleaning company you can state whether you offer services to commercial and or residential customers.

You can list in detail what services you offer.

Your services page could also have your pricing should you decide to share that on your site.


On this “page” you will share your online voice. The purpose of your blog is to communicate with your prospects.

Utilize your blog as a way convey the heart and soul of your business.

Share with your customers some of the behind the scenes views of your business.

Companies who blog receive 97% more links to their website.

Many consumers will visit a company website to see if they can find answers to their questions.

A blog is better than having an FAQ page because each blog post can address a specific question in detail.

Having a blog is a great way to update your website with new and relevant content.

Testimonials page

When people come to your site they are looking for social proof.

That’s why it’s important that you share customer testimonials.

You will need to be proactive in getting these reviews.

How do you go about getting testimonials?

You ask and then you follow-up.

Let’s go back to the example of carpet cleaning. The service provider cleans a carpet. The home owner is thrilled.

At this point if you are prepared you can take out a form and ask the home owner to fill it out while you pack up your equipment. You leave with the testimonial in hand.

It’s all about being prepared.

This same technique could be used for other businesses.

What many are looking for is social proof. Your testimonials will provide that proof.

These are the basic must have pages.