Website Tricks for Artisans and Crafters

Crafting and creating art are both very personal activities and that is why the About or About Me page is so important on a website. Most artisans write up their own description of themselves on their sites. It often starts out in the third person. For example, Artist Jane Doe is a walking cadaver and has perfected her skills on various zombie shows by going underground and digging deep to improve her talent. Then later in the description it continues: I have been doing cadaver impressions for years as you can see by my deadpan look and frequent visits to cemeteries. Did you notice the change in voice from talking about oneself as if someone else was writing about you to being present and using the word I? Try to be consistent and choose one voice or the other. Either way is fine, but not both at the same time. It is awkward, and the reader has to change his thinking. It puts a hiccup in the engaging flow of the topic-you.

There is one golden rule in design of any kind and it also holds true for web design. Keep it simple. Use contrasting colors like black on white, black on any pastel, a dark color on a light color. No light colors on a light background or dark colors on a dark background, unless you want to frustrate folks over forty. No tiny print that requires squinting and results in a high bounce rate (i.e., people who leave your website to find a site that is easier to see.)

if doing arts and crafts is a hobby, than just relax and enjoy it. But if you are trying to make money, you have to take it more seriously and treat it like a business. If you get serious about selling your product, your customers may get serious about buying it. And if they see you as a professional, they just might pay more for your work and then the whole art and craft community will benefit.

Developing Performance Website Content

The idea is that by writing top-quality content that will appeal to other people in some profound manner, you will successfully attract a greater amount of traffic and you will be able to engage your readers and promote valuable discussions over time. When you build a relationship with the other person, you are proving yourself as a business owner to that person, you are demonstrating your credibility, and you are positioning yourself as a subject matter expert. However, as much as you have a great deal of pride in your content and your brand, other people who profess to do the same thing that you do are trying (on a continual basis) to beat you to the punch. Unfortunately, because of the great influx of content from people who are all trying to increase their revenue and to become more and more successful (and who could blame them?), there is a lot of sub-par material out there. In fact, if you are trying to increase your online traffic and engage your target audience, you may have no choice but to get creative.

  • A large percentage of content that is published on a particular business’s website drives very little organic traffic to that business. That is a sad fact when you consider that a great deal of effort is usually made on the part of the business owners (and other major decision makers) to create top-quality, interesting content that will excite and entice other people and that will compel them to continue reading. Those efforts include writer, editing, reviewing, and publishing the content.
  • How your content is received is in many cases predetermined. Before you write and post a single word, you need to be aware of the fact that you don’t have a great deal of control over who reads what you are sharing. There are a finite number of people who are interested in your content (for a variety of reasons). It is your responsibility to come up with topics that are enticing and appealing on a broad scale.
  • If you have a solid understanding of what appeals to your target audience and what doesn’t really do it for them, you will be tremendously successful through your content. However, in addition to applying that concept, it is also very important to understand that as you write content, you must bear in mind that you need to please the search engines at the same time. If you don’t do that, nobody will find you online.

Most likely, your next question is, “how do you come up with the most effective formula to come up with the right content every time?” There are several different ways in which you can accomplish that.

  • You can go on the hamster wheel: That may sound crass but what it means is that you keep trying as hard as you possibly can so that you are ahead of the game. Unfortunately, that means that you are trying to stay ahead. However, it does not necessarily mean that you are getting ahead, only that you are ahead. In fact, it will probably affect the quality of your content in a negative way. If you use this approach, you will put forth a great deal of time and effort (0n a regular basis) just to make sure that you are meeting the demands of your target audience. However, the results that you achieve may fall short of the quality that you are hoping to achieve. On the other hand, if you don’t maintain that pace that you have set, you may really be in trouble.
  • All hope is not lost: There is another approach that you can employ. With this approach, you will focus less on the amount of content and more on the quality of the content. That is usually a very effective approach and one that many people swear by. Ironically, if may take you at least as much if not more time to come up with better-quality content even though it is not as voluminous and the content that focuses on greater quantities.

There are several things that you can do in order to successfully come up with top-quality content that hits its mark every time.

  • Come up with solid objectives: Although this one may seem simple, it is one that many business owners seem to overlook. On the other hand, it is an approach that is essential to your success and you must firmly establish solid objectives before you proceed with anything else. Once you have identified your goals, you will want to build your website content around those objectives.
  • Do your homework first: It is critical that you do the research before you start to create your content. Your content and your online reputation is too important to mess around with this one. As you are doing the research, one of the things that you will want to determine is which keywords and key phrases to use. Interestingly, slight variations in keywords and key phrases may make all of the difference when it comes to people reading what you are sharing.
  • Don’t take anything for granted: Sometimes, small adjustments make a huge difference in the overall scheme of things. Remember, one of your goals is to stand out above the competition. Your small adjustments will hopefully allow that to happen.
  • Embed your content in your overall online marketing strategy: Your content strategy and how your content fits into your business plan are extremely important and will have everything to do with your ultimate success. It is important to remember that the idea that your content must be top quality is not a one-shot deal. It must be consistently the case. Your bar is high and you have a responsibility to keep it at that level.
  • Pay close attention to analytics: It is critical to your success that you pay attention to analytics. Otherwise, how will you truly understand how you are doing? There are many different aspects of your progress that you can and should track. There are many programs that can help you and a large percentage of them don’t cost anything.

Write Great Website Content

Have a Plan

The first step in content creation is to have a plan. If you think about the creation of a movie/film, it all starts with the plot, and then the details are filled in. So start by crafting out an outline for your content, think about the topic you’re going to write about, the different sections that will be included, what type of vocabulary you might use (this should depend upon your audience/demographic), and other similar features.

By having a plan you are not only going to make the whole task much easier, but you’re also going to be able to get it done in less time and when it comes to writing website content this is actually a very important aspect.

Be an Expert

Secondly, you need to understand what you’re writing about, you need to be an expert. If this isn’t the case, why would anyone want to read your content? The world has never had a resource with so much information as the internet, in just a few simple searches a person could easily find advice from an expert, so why would they waste their time on you if you’re not one?

If you’re not an expert, then you might just be able to get away with pretending, but only if you read the next section and follow the advice to the letter!

Don’t Overlook Research

If you’re writing about a topic that you don’t know much about then chances are that research would have been the first thing that popped into your head. However, if you know your stuff then this might have flew past your head!

Performance Oriented Responsive Website

Uniqueness can be said to be key target of the website. For this purpose, various media such as the CSS, HTML and others are used by the website designing company.

It is also essential that the look of the website is attractive which can grab the attention of the viewers more effectively.

Technical advances and proficiency are required in order to design a very attractive and effective website for any business. Websites have to be creative, functional, and informative of the business as well.

It is the role of the website designing company to ensure that the websites are so designed that can attract more customers for the business in concern.

Each and every client would have their specific needs, which need to be fulfilled through the design, professionally and innovatively. This involves considering all essential factors including graphics and programming.

When a website is attractive and creates attention for a large audience, it is also ranked at the top in a SEO. Thus designing based on high quality of software is crucial for this purpose.

Popular platforms for designing include Microsoft Technologies, Java, PHP, JQuery and JavaScript. Also, upgradation of the website is equally important for a business to keep it performing effectively.

Developing a website

Development of a website is mainly needed when a business wants to expand itself. A website development company considers this need of a business and makes use of applications of the web to make a website more functional.

It is crucial that the pages of a website are error free and that they provide information towards enhancing the marketing and development of the business.

Creating Effective Squeeze Pages

Draw the user’s attention to your opt-in email form. The opt-in form is where you want the user to take action. A good way to highlight your form is by adding a background color behind the form. You can also use attention grabbing graphics such as arrows pointing to the form or submit button. Sometimes, even making the submit button standout by using large font and a bright color can help.

Other graphics that work well are eBook cover graphics or product graphics placed right above the opt-in form. These graphics are featured to highlight the incentive for submitting an email address.

Offer something of value for free. You literally have seconds to capture your user’s attention when they land on your page. By offering a free eBook or email course, you then entice the user to submit their email in exchange for the free offer. It’s best to make your offer related to your primary topic. For example, if you are running a health and fitness website, then offering a free healthy eating guide would be ideal.

Include testimonials and/or success stories. Having testimonials or success stories posted someplace on your squeeze page helps to create a sense of trust and credibility. Essentially they work to provide justification that what you’re offering actually works.

Besides the three ideas mentioned above, the overall design also plays a huge part in how well your page will convert. Your design shouldn’t be overly busy with too many images or colors. I am a fan of simple and clean designs.

Typically, when I design a squeeze page, I will include one stock photo that relates to my primary topic. I use 2 to 3 colors for the main color scheme. I also use plenty of white space and add additional stock photos as needed.

Keys for a Fully Functional Website

Product Goal

The design of your website should ultimately serve its goal. Is it to sell, to promote, to gain a steadily increasing following or all? If you want your website to be an online shop, then you have got to design it in such a way that all your products would be easily accessible to your clients. All of the features that your website should have should be directed to achieving that one goal.

Target Audience

This is one of the most important aspects, yet one of the most neglected. What may work for one user could be completely dysfunctional for another user. Think about your target audience when deciding for the design. You have to consider those that are tech-savvy and those that do not use the computer. Remember that in website functionality, accessibility is still beauty

Audience Intention

There are a lot of reasons why audiences visit a site. Some of them check it out for information while others look into the products and services that the company website offers. There are also others that check out the site for both plus the discounts that they could get if they directly made orders to you through your site. Adequate knowledge of your audience’ intention should help you design a fully functional site.

Responsive Design

Your website needs to be easy to navigate and use, and the content must be clear and readable. If you have other elements such as flash or script, they should load quickly and not cause hang-ups or other problems with your website. Don’t use too many graphics if it makes your website look cluttered. Your content should have a nice font that’s clean and sleek to attract people to read your blog and articles.

Tuning Up Website

  • Make sure that your website pages are all fully functional: You will want to look carefully at each of your website pages and you will want to determine if the pages have everything that they should have on them. One of the first elements that you will need to determine is if you have a call-to-action on every page. Another element that is essential is the presence of internal links on each page. Without providing your visitor with any possible way to begin interacting with you, you will not be able to form a relationship with that person. The internal links will allow you to do that. The call-to-action will ask your visitor to give you something that you need. You will be surprised at how many people are willing to give you what you ask for. Some other valuable elements that you might wish to consider adding to the bottom of your pages are thought-provoking questions and enticing comments. They are all designed to launch a discussion.
  • Be mindful of how you end your blog posts: It goes without saying that your blog content must be top-shelf. However, if you don’t include some action request from your readers, they won’t come back to you. If you ask, they will most likely give you what you want. There is no doubt that there is a great deal of value in your blog post; however, you can consider it a dead end if it ends there are doesn’t go anywhere else with your website visitors. It is not a bad idea to check your analytics to try to identify exactly which blog posts generated the most traffic and why. If you are able to identify that information, you will be able to mimic that information. When it comes to your links, it is important that you connect your website visitors with your online marketing strategy pages.
  • Make sure that valuable information shows up when someone searches on your website: When a visitor visits your website, it is very important that the search results never say “No Results.” If that happens, you can definitely consider that a dead end. Of course, you have control over not allowing that to happen. You just need to make sure that your pages have rich, valuable content so that you eliminate the possibility of that ever happening.
  • Thank You page for lead generation: One measure of your success on a website (yours included) is when your visitors click on the “Thank You” page. So, what happens after that? If you have an effective “Thank You” page, that means that your visitors will understand that something comes next and your visitors will understand what that is. That means that you are turning what could have been a dead end into something much more effective.


Factors Favourable For Website Designing

To understand your Markings/Labels

The information is sure to be forwarded to your new website design if your organization has the current branding norms along with the established logo, specific colors, fonts, taglines and insignia to create your organizations visual identity.

But, if you are setting up a new organization, or if you are planning for re branding it, naturally some period is required before plunging into your site. The branding should be constantly used on the website as well as printed, coordinating both publicly and internally.

Most importantly, your logo is the ‘soul’ of your branding as it is the first and foremost stuff that will attract visitors on your site and thus it ought to be appealing, excellent, eye-catching, qualitative and perfect.

Judge Your Likings

No man is perfect; hence you may or may not have sufficient knowledge about quality website design, but your experience can help you in deciding the same, and at the same time there are exceptions as there are some peculiar type of choice over which you may not have your hold, for example the ‘branding standards’, leaving the rest for you to decide. The client may have to answer some questions asked by the website design partner about their choice of open or closed concept of design, that is, should the overall site be viewed wide open with white space connecting the entire browser, or should there be a background color covering the entire space? Surprisingly, there is no answer to it as it depends upon an individual’s choice of preference depending upon the quality of work devoted for your content or brand.

Just visit other sites for updating your knowledge about your likes or dislikes about the sites and question yourself whether or not you appreciate particular items? About the outside web, about cutting some really good advertisements or your likes about the coffeehouse menu. These questions may appear to be irrelevant but they do convey your views.

While analyzing other sites, identify your choice of preference keeping in mind your brand and your requirements. Apple definitely is adored universally. But, in reality only some of the organizations can achieve the minimum essentials, far-reaching and boundless, white styling that Apple uses. Your written content and images have least chance of being provided in this style. Try distinguishing few illustrations that are not known specifically, apart from the Apple.

Have Confidence in your Website Design Team

Your likes and preferences does matter a lot as it is of utmost importance to the design process which finally reaches you to a website design of your liking. There are a few occasions where your designer team work adequately all day long, termed as ‘best practices’. If a particular font is odd, the color palette is amazing, or if there are lots of choices on the homepage, they will instruct to perform these best practices.

Use Framework in PHP

  • Better Code and File Organization – Organizing code doesn’t simply imply including functions.php and placing it in /inc folder. All frameworks have a defined folder structure and if followed to the ‘T’, can result in expected results. Unlike the vi which has a larger number of small files that the developer has to grapple with, IDE and similar code organizers do the trick in ensuring that the code is well organize.
  • Libraries and Built-in Utilities – Sometimes, the biggest mistake and a cause of major time wastage arises due to not utilizing the inbuilt libraries and utilities of the PHP framework. Instead of trying to proactively developing a code or searching for third-party versions, developers should skim through the resources available in the framework such as session/cookie handling, data validation, calendar, pagination, input & output filtering, form validation, and so on.
  • MVC Structure – Introduced back in 1979, Model View Controller (MVC) is a design pattern predominant in popular PHP web development platforms like Codeigniter, Zend, Symphony, Yii, and the likes, and helps in segregating business logic from the user interface. This helps in providing a cleaner code. The pattern uses models, views and controllers to represent data structures that interfaces with the database, represent page layouts and bind all components together including handling page requests respectively.
  • Enhanced Security – The built-in utility of input/output filtering helps keep the code safe from possible hacks or SQL injection. It also provides better Central Site Request Forgery (CSRF) and Cross Site Scripting (XSS) protection. Session management, security and encryption of cookies are some of the other benefits of using a PHP framework.
  • Lesser Code Resulting in Quicker Development – PHP Framework’s inbuilt utilities and libraries also ensure that one is able to code bigger projects in PHP in a remarkably shorter amount of time. Add to that, the accuracy factor that is higher as compared to developing own’s library or code.
  • Online Help – Every developer knows what debugging a code means. PHP framework being a robust platform helps eliminate many such worries. Owing to its popularity, there is a growing community of PHP framework users and technical experts and developers can leverage an online community for any issues.

Umbraco Development

  • Great control of the site appearance: Since it is based on the ASP.NET platform, HTML, CSS, Umbraco developers can do a lot of things with this platform. The themes and skins can be controlled to give the desired appearance to the site.
  • Fully featured environment: Soon after installing Umbraco, the site owners get a fully featured environment for editing and storing the data. For this you don’t have to study the principles or work with databases or learn HTML programming. The type of document is specifically created with the aid of visual means and the places for the data on the site are determined and the content is added accordingly.
  • Preview of site before publishing: With Umbraco development, business owners can create and edit the content without even publishing it to the site, as it offers a full view capability. Once the content edition is done, a single click can update and publish the latest version.
  • Versioning and full control over markup: Umbraco CMS allows full versioning of the content and this makes it easy for users to safely revert to any earlier version or even save the multiple author edits for any kind of review. It also allows full control over the markup without altering the templates. It uses the ASP.NET Master pages template engine, and this makes it easy for you to use your favorite markup editor to work with the templates.
  • Totally separate from back office and front ends: The platform makes a clear distinction between creating content and serving content to the audience. By this, it means that you can create a secured environment and the site is also protected from the performance implications of sharing the server resources between your website visitors and your content publishers.
  • The search option: Umbraco’s has a built in search option, which means that the users can easily find the content that they need and the visitors can find what they are searching without any waste of time. Since the platform is highly flexible and customizable, the site can accommodate any search requirement.