Reasons Responsive Web Design Fails

Unappealing images

The development backend will automatically resize images to fit devices, but it’s still important to evaluate images on high value pages such as the homepage and service pages. Perhaps your product images need updating because the details are too small-it’s OK to scrap images for the optimized site in favor for others that will complement the mobile experience. Additionally, scaling down the total number of images of a webpage will help load times.

Annoying ads and popups

Be sure to remove all ads and popups from your mobile and tablet sites as these are not easily modified for mobile devices. They also slow load times and are difficult to close out of when using a smaller screen.

Long videos

Your current developer should know to implement an HTML5 video player so video streams smoothly over mobile. Additionally, watch your video on a mobile device to experience it as your visitor and modify the time and quality if needed.

Unfriendly navigation

Navigation is critical to a successful website-regardless of platform. There should be a responsive equivalent page to every page on the native site. At times, a responsive site may even feature more pages when copy needs to be broken up to attract visitors. Additionally, the navigation menu on the responsive website should be “finger friendly,” meaning the navigation bar is large enough for user to tap on their smartphone or tablet.

WordPress Plugin Development

Custom WordPress plugins allow extension of the site’s overall functionality

Each business experiences changes in its working. As a business visionary, you too may need to adjust the usefulness of your WordPress site. It is under such circumstances that custom extensions come helpful. These plugins help you in including new usefulness and enhancing the current usefulness of your website, beyond the static functionality of the site. Custom plugins work precisely the way you need them to perform. Not at all like the downloaded plugins, handcrafted plugins don’t acquaint undesired changes with your website’s usefulness. You can essentially make the plugin do what’s best for your site’s execution.

They take out security stresses

In case you’re working with a downloaded plugin and somebody identifies a security glitch in it, you could wind up in a bad position. Rather than this, by getting your WordPress plugin created by a professional developer, you won’t need to stress over individuals investigating breaking your plugin’s security.

Custom plugins speed up your website

These days, a wide populace of WordPress clients basically inclines toward custom plugin development for WordPress for accelerating their site. The web is stacked with sites that convey you complete knowledge in the matter of how plugins improve the general performance and speed of your website. You can basically experience such sites and assemble an inside and out understanding of the part of tailor-made extensions. W3 Total Cache is the ideal case of a WP Plugin that reserves your site, making it load at a speedier rate.

Updates and support-related worries go away with custom WordPress plugins

In contrast with the free or paid plugins, the ones that are created in a redid way make it advantageous for you to change to new overhauls. Additionally, you don’t need to bother about losing the usefulness of a plugin because of a recent upgrade.

Find and Fix Unresponsive Script Errors in Browsers

Start with the Error Console if you own the site

If you are using Firefox, open the Error Console, which will show you the cause of the problem, if it has occurred within a web page. You can open this console by pressing the Alt key and viewing the File Menu. Choose Tools, go to Web Developers and select Error Console. Take notice of any error in the script that is preventing the execution of the page, or of related pages. Check for nonexistent loops and for data loading from an unavailable sources. Observe if there is a tussle between the script and browser add-on.

Disable add-on in your browser

If a browser add-on is causing the trouble, disabling it will resolve the issue. To track the problem, disable and enable these applications one by one and check which application responds. You can also run the browser in ‘safe mode’ to see if such an application is causing the glitch. If you are able to run the browser in this mode, be sure that there is not any problem with your add-on.

Alternatively, you can also download error scanners that will help you detect the source of the problem.

How to fix this issue in Firefox

Find the script run-time value in configurations. Change the default value to 20. If the problem is not resolved, reset the value to default. Installing specific plug-ins and feeding them with the address of the unresponsive website also helps dismissing the problem. Alternatively, disabling hardware acceleration in Firefox also solves the issue. Another option is to stop the browser from synchronizing items like applications, history, passwords, settings and tabs.

How to do it in Chrome

Just like in Firefox, disabling the synchronization feature works for fixing unresponsive script errors in Chrome, too. Again, the problem may lie in the antivirus you are using. If you have installed Avast, know that this software comes with a browser plug-in like other antivirus programs. But, often, this plug-in stops working, leading to run-time delays, hangs and crashes. Disable this security extension to get rid of the error message.

Fixing the issue in Internet Explorer

You need to change specific Registry Settings to resolve this issue in Internet Explorer. Also, you can make changes to the Hosts file in which, Internet Protocol addresses and network configurations are present. Alternatively, try clearing the Domain Name System memory with the help of the flush command.

Icons in Usability

Icons are effective medium to define meaning in a small space as compared to text. This becomes all the more important in an era where screen sizes have shrunk and responsive design standards have made it mandatory to redefine design as per the screen size. Icons raise the intuitive element of web design – an important design standard.

Icons can be both simple and complex. Although simple icons reduce the need of learnability, complex icons are designed for niche areas. Simple icons are meant for users who are beginners and should understand the brand meaning with the least effort at a quicker pace. Complex icons might require a steeper learning curve but are useful to explain complex ideas in a smaller space. Organizations even train their employees to understand complex icons with inherent complex meanings. Icons gain importance when language barriers exist. Icons serve as a means to rise above this barrier through visual representation of text. In cases where legibility is an issue, icons work well to pass on the inherent message of the brand/product and services to people who are not literate enough.

Purpose of Icon for User Interface

For small screens, icons can be enhanced by touch and serve as good targets. The toolbars and navigational menu items have more space to be displayed because icons free up a lot of space that would otherwise be used by text. Memorability is enhanced by using icons because pictures register for a longer time in the brain as compared to text. Hence, icons stay fresher in your mind, making it easier for users to recognize them. Icons enhance the visual appeal of the design and consistency reinforces a product or service class.

Problems Associated With Icons

Regardless of icons being a powerful visual tool to enhance usability of the user interface, icons do have certain issues. Sometimes instead of enhancing usability, icons can cause ambiguity and text labels become necessary to communicate meaning. If there is vagueness in icon design, the presence of a text label becomes vital (rather than allowing users to play a guessing game).

Different culture and backgrounds interpret icons and images differently, which might sometimes affect the consistency element of the icon. For example a checkmark means correct in Britain, but incorrect in Sweden. For icons that are aimed towards a single language/culture, it is advisable to provide text for users over a diverse age range, having different technical abilities. A roll over text should be provided for older users or users who are low in technical competence. Applications with highly important actions should be provided with text labels for audiences of all sorts. Complex applications, which require effort in understanding and learning, should have text labels alongside the icon. It is possible that enhancing simplicity might otherwise increase design complexity (cognitive load) and reduce audience learnability.

Icon Designing

An icon works well on mobile devices as there are fewer elements on a mobile screen and the icon stands out among other elements. The case reverses when the screen size is enhanced. In such cases the icon size should be larger and navigation should be visible and not hidden beneath the icon. This provides greater visibility to menu options and avoids usability issues of the design.The focus should be on enhancing memorability for the users. The icon should take just a few seconds to convey its message and meaning. The design should be catered around the specific functionality and characteristics, rather than just visual appeal and graphic image. Icons should be tested on memorability (to check intuitive nature and brand reinforcement) with users to gauge effectiveness.

Carefully designed aesthetic icons with text labels increases both appeal and reach for all types of audience. The focus of the design should be to transcend language and cultural barriers to stand out as a truly global icon.

About Innovative Web Development Approaches to Boost Business

Corporate enterprises irrespective of existing business scope or industrial sector invest into launching their own online portals. However, just having a website these days does not guarantee success in generating higher volumes of business. Internet users everywhere around the globe expects smooth browsing experience across websites before converting into online customers.

Thus, web portals that are inadequate in providing that seamless web experience to online visitors, invariably experience low conversion rate. As it happens often, visitors exit a website immediately after landing there, increasing its bounce rate. So, web portals have to provide exactly what consumers are looking for. In order to improve the conversion rate, websites need to impress visitors and keep them captivated longer.

In this context the factors of a website’s layout, color, fonts and images become relevant. All these factors contribute collectively in identifying between impressive and inferior online portals. The task of developing an efficient website is an art in itself. As the fundamental step, it is crucial to design a polished and professional logo. Designing an ideal logo is actually the perfect blend of aesthetic with professional approach. Linking the logo to the portal’s homepage makes it more convenient for visitors to navigate the site. Experienced web development service providers leave no stone unturned to deliver competent websites and enhance business for their clients.

Navigation is another vital factor to create superior websites. Usually, options for basic navigation of online portals are placed horizontally on the menu bar along the top. Secondary navigation options are placed either underneath the primary navigation bar or in the left margin of a webpage, which is also called side bar. Confusing navigation layouts invariably harass visitors. Placing links to less a crucial webpage end up in distracting visitors from the call to action. It even drives them away from accessing primary information. Websites have to be informative but including excess of graphics, animation, and video files distract visitors from the fundamental philosophy of a website.

To avoid this negativity, professional website development companies emphasize upon minimizing as well as eliminating clutter. The secret is to provide visitors with ample breathing space. In order to achieve the aspect, controlling whitespace through proper layout actually keeps visitors focused on the content. This inadvertently helps to keep visitors confined to online portals for longer. Both desktop and mobile web designing aspects are competing bitterly to provide better visual experience to users. Even strategic application of colors proves helpful in reducing bounce rate and increasing conversion for an online portal. Choosing the right fonts that are equally comfortable for readers across cross-device platforms also prove helpful on the given context. Using generic graphic designs on a web portal creates generic impression about it to visitors. Thus, efficient web designers steadfastly use professional photographs to create positive and deeper impression among visitors.

WordPress Maintenance

Update the WordPress Core

Since WordPress is updated on a regular basis, you can enjoy new features for better functionality. If you don’t update the core, your website will lose its stability and security. As a result, it won’t give you the required level of performance. Besides, it can have a negative impact on your search engine rankings.

Update the Theme

Theme is what gives a specific look to your website. Just like the core of WordPress, themes are updated and improved on a regular basis for better performance and security. If you use an outdated theme, it will limit the functionality and security of you site.

Update Plugins

Basically, plugnis are tiny pieces of software that you can install on your WordPress site. They can provide more features in addition to improve the functionality of your web pages. You can choose from a lot of plugins to do a lot of different tasks, such as creating forms and including visual effects.

Therefore, you may want to add important plug-ins to enjoy the additional features. This will help you prevent malfunctions and security issues.

Create Off-site Backups

WordPress is a stable platform but that doesn’t mean it is quite invincible. If a hacker hacks your site and destroys valuable data, you can use your off-site backups to restore the content. This will save you from frustration as you won’t have to start from scratch. Therefore, you may want to create off-site backups on a regular basis.

Security and Protection

WordPress gives a lot of importance to security. Despite the fact that the platform is regularly updated, hackers find new ways to hack websites. Therefore, you may want to monitor your website and make sure it’s secure. The bad news is that major search engines will blacklist sites that are infected with malware. As a result, your website will lose its presence in search engines.

Since a hacked blog or site is a security risk, it can spread malware and other malicious pieces of software. Therefore, you may want to make sure that your site is secure and protected.

Fix Broken and Dead Links

If you have too many broken or dead links on your site, it may be a turn-of for your visitors. Actually, deadlines create bad impression on your visitors and they will think you don’t care about your site. Therefore, you may want to scan your site and fix broken links on a regular basis. This way your visitors won’t run away and will keep visiting your site.

Aside from this, dead links can have a bad impact on your search rankings. Having too many broken links means your website is stale and has low-quality content.

Remove Unused Plugins

Although unused plug-ins are harmless, you shouldn’t have them on your site. The reason is that these plugins can cause conflicts and may have a negative impact on the speed and functionality of your site. So, you should check all your plug-ins and get rid of the ones you don’t need. This will keep your site stable and you won’t have any type of issues with speed and performance.

Remove Spammy Comments

If your WordPress site has a blog, you can generate a lot of traffic in addition to develop your brand image. Aside from this, your blog comments can provide value and extra information for your visitors.

The problem is that spammy comments have a negative impact on the reputation of your blog. Therefore, it’s important that you remove spammy comments as soon as they are posted. You can also install a plug-in that will hide spammy comments. So, you don’t have to remove these comments one by one.

Build a Website That Converts

Call to Action

The call to action button of popular websites is not only large and conveniently placed, but it’s also tested regularly. For instance, Mozilla experienced higher downloads by replacing their old call to action slogan, ‘Try Firefox 3’ with ‘Download Now-Free’ slogan. This call to action is not only attention grabbing, but also urges the user to act.

Check out Process

Statistics reveal that almost 96% of customers visit your site, not with an intention to purchase, but to window (or in this case- web) shop. When such customers are converted, you cannot bore them with unnecessary details- this only discourages them. You can also allow them to log in using their Facebook or Twitter account and then proceed toward payment. In most cases, providing email is enough. The questionnaire can be left for another day or when the customer is informed about the status of his order/delivery.

Clean and Clear Navigation

A simple and uncomplicated navigation helps people to find what they’re looking for. The main things that people often looking for during online shopping are, products that are similar to the one they’re purchasing/planning to purchase, reviews, deals, etc. For instance, when customers purchase books from your site, you can recommend similar books, thereby prompting them to probe further. If all of these are clearly mentioned, then conversions would naturally be high.

What’s in There for the User?

This is undoubtedly the most important of all- what does the user get. There should be a unique proposition compelling enough for him to make a purchase. Why should customers choose you over your competitors? Is the product free? Is it first of its kind? Do you offer money back guarantee? Do you offer free shipping or free trial? Have your products been endorsed by a celebrity/ news site? Give customers a reason to shop through you.

Poor or Boring Content

It’s better to have no content at all than to have content that is boring or irrelevant. Driveling on about the glory of your products is only going to bore your users. Align it in a manner that it leads towards an action. For instance, when the aim is to get a user to sign up or download something, use content in a linear structure and allow it to end with the download (call to action) button. Similarly, when images are used, the content should direct to or complement it.

Crowd Sourcing for Designers

One of the many benefits of crowd source design is that you get to set your own working hours. You work to deadlines, so if you feel you can finish in time, you have the time to go to coffee with friends in the morning or enjoy that longer lunch with a family member.

If you were working in an office, you would be working to set hours without giving you the freedom to manage your time as and when you want.

The biggest advantage to this, is some people tend to do better first thing in the morning, while others reach their peak later in the evening. When you work for yourself in your own space and to a deadline, there isn’t anyone to tell you that starting work at 8pm isn’t possible.

You can work when you want ensuring you do the best results and meet your deadlines on time.

You get to enjoy flexibility in your work. Rather than working on the same or similar jobs day-to-day, you can choose which projects interest you. This enables you to add diversity to your working experience, creating new ideas and coming up with results for clients that work and can help them do success.

Crowd source design offers you a chance to build your portfolio. Your portfolio is important to help you win over customers in the future.

The bigger your portfolio and the wider range of projects you have worked on enables future clients to see work you have completed in the past, helping them decide if you are the right match for their company moving forward.

Instead of being forced to take on jobs from employers that you have no interest in, with crowd source design you get to choose the jobs that interest you. It’s a fact that when you feel passionate about something, you will do well.

When working on jobs that have little or no interest to you in any way, it is exceptionally difficult to stay excited and motivated. Through crowd sourcing you are in control to bid on jobs you feel match your creativity, style and can give you that motivational boost to exceed in your design.

Crowd source design also offers designers a chance to build their confidence, knowledge and experience. It’s a chance to compete against other designers, some with more experience than you.

It’s a chance to really put your knowledge and design skills to the test, coming up with creative ideas to win projects and do success, helping you push your business send in a highly competitive market.

You become your own boss. This is one of the biggest advantages out there. While working for a boss and receiving a regular income is a great opportunity.

Working for yourself, reaping your own rewards and achieving your own success is a fantastic opportunity for any designer who wants to stand on their own two feet in a competitive business environment.

Art for SEO and Web Design

Optimizing a website is possible for both personal sites and blogs as well as corporate websites and eCommerce stores that offer both services and merchandise. Whether you want to promote a brand or if you are interested in sharing your own work and portfolio, search engine optimization is useful for all webmasters and those interested in growing an online presence.

Search engine optimization not only helps to attract new visitors and potential customers who are genuinely interested in your website, but it also helps with boosting your professional reputation and credibility in any industry you work in or represent with your website.

Professional graphic artists understand the importance of design when it comes to appealing to potential loyal visitors and long-term clients or customers. Any time a visitor finds a new website, he or she only needs a few seconds to determine whether or not they want to browse the site any further. Understanding the importance of design and why it matters can ultimately help to reduce your website’s overall bounce rate.

A website’s bounce rate is the percentage of users who leave a website after viewing only one page, often the page they landed on by directly typing in the URL or from a link referral. The better your design is to your visitors, the more likely they are to spend more time browsing your site and the content you have published.

Ensure your website’s design is visible in various browser sizes and within different operating systems. Additionally, website design that is responsive and that also loads well within mobile phones and tablet devices is also highly recommended if you want to reach an expanded audience.

Web Design also matters for users when you are trying to reach a specific audience or a target niche demographic. If you want to truly resonate and connect with your audience, giving them a design or layout that is relevant and appealing to them personally is key in keeping them on your site for extended periods of time. The longer you are capable of keeping visitors on your site, the easier it becomes to generate potential sales leads while also getting your users more active and engaged with the content you share and promote.

Whenever you are creating a website and you want to focus on the overall design and appeal of the site, it is important not to forget to incorporate SEO, or search engine optimization. SEO is imperative to grow websites organically and throughout search engines such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing, some of the biggest search engine companies to date.

When you want to implement a new design for your site, be sure to ask any professional you are working with about the effects a new design change may have on your site’s overall page ranking as well as your current optimization within search engines.

Additionally, it is also important to keep in mind the overall speed of your website and its average loading time for each page of content you have published. Ensuring you have a web hosting company that is capable of providing you with the loading speeds you need is another way to help with search engine optimization and improving your website’s overall page ranking.

The faster your website loads with each visitor, the easier it becomes for virtual search engines to crawl your website for keywords and relevant content. Compare web hosting speeds before selecting a company that is suitable for the traffic and page views you currently receive or the number of visitors you predict you will receive in a month’s time.

If you are in need of a revamp for your website or your brand in its entirety, consider looking for a professional graphic designing service to assist you throughout the process. Working with graphic artists who also specialize in branding, SEO marketing and understanding the importance of art and SEO with web design is necessary to create an online presence that reaches any intended target audience or demographic that you have in mind.

Once you have made the decision to work with a professional graphic artist, you can then begin to compare portfolios of professionals right from home, online. Reviewing and comparing portfolios of artists who specialize in web design and SEO is a way for you to find a designer who is professional and right to help you with your site’s revamp.

Working together with graphic designers is one way for you to create a website and online presence with maximum impact. The more closely you work with a professional designer who has experience with SEO and design together, the easier it becomes to create effective marketing plans while reaching your audience on a personal level.

Concept of Responsive Web Designing

Trendy templates have the power to attract more visitors than those that resemble as static posters on the screen of the computers and other communication devices. Recently, there has been quite a change in the way they are being designed. With the various new trends that are rising, there is also difficulty of designing and creating the business websites.

The evolution of various hybrid and hand held communication devices such as mobiles, smart phones, and tablets, the web designers are changing from traditional web designing trends to responsive ones. Responsive web site can be defined as one that has the capability of adapting itself to a wide array of screen sizes without compromising on the user experience. This enables the website to adjust gracefully according to the device viewed on by the concerned users. Before the evolution of responsive web designing, designers are required to create multiple versions of their client websites so that their sites runs perfectly on different kinds of internet enabled devices.

Now with this technique, the owners are just required to have a single version of the source code with a single content management system. All the content such as its addition, deletion and updating can easily be carried on by modifying this source code thus saving the cost. Of late, small businesses are turning to responsive web site design (RWD) to take advantages of the benefit associated with this new technique of RWD. The following are some of the advantages of RWD as mentioned herein below.

  • Response Web Design (RWD) is helping in eliminating the need in developing distinguishing mobile sites as this technology offers the gadget owners to have surfing ability to access the web browser on their smart phones or other gadgets.
  • Developing the web design has become quite an easy task as by using this technology, resizing of the images, texts and buttons to maximize the screen dimensions can be developed very fast for easy readability as per the device being used.
  • The updates are easier to be done at one place with the concerned developments to be seen as a whole part.
    Thus, with the above-mentioned advantages the RWD technology is fast catching up in the field of web designing.