Magento Customization

For Front-End Developers and Designers:

  • It is better to create a custom theme rather than going for modification of core Magento theme files.
  • Understanding the package or theme relationship can give you a clear idea on how to effectively utilize it for the website you are building. Smart use of the packages or themes can give rise to innovative ways to manage the small differences required among different templates or pages.
  • Always use the correct starting theme, especially in a community. While dealing with a community project, blank theme saves a great deal of time as it eliminates a lot of unrequited CSS styling. This helps front-end developers to expedite the overall development process.
  • It is important for developers to bear in mind that Magento makes use of tables in some places. It is always advantageous to go through the sample or demo site to view source and cloning said source as the HTML you utilize while creating your own CSS.

For Magento Programmers:

  • While extending the functionality of a core class, it is important that you don’t end up overwriting the core class by entering the same file path on the local code pool, app/code/local/Path to core class/… Instead, it is better to use class rewriting than to overwrite. The new class must inherit from the class you wish to prolong. This makes room for greater compatibility and brings down the chances of breaking things when upgrading to a newer version of Magento. It is beneficial to tackle the module conflicts.
  • Never ignore nested collections. Every collection is a query which implies that if you have a collection within a look, then there surely exists a query within a look. This will bring down the overall speed of your website.
  • Writing a module is good, but to test it with full page caching it’s better. A number of times module works impeccably over the local server but fails to give the best performance on a live site. Hence, it is imperative to test it with full page caching to avoid problems.
  • Not being attentive to the namespaces utilized for custom modules, which may clash with the namespaces of core Magento modules.

It is important for you to keep these tips and tricks in mind when you are taking up any design and development project using Magento. This will ensure the success of your Magento web development project.


Websites Can’t Ignore Mobile Users

In between all this, what is the takeout for businesses? How this mobile or smartphone-mania will impact the market? Well, businesses simply can’t afford ignoring this trend where mobile users are giving more searches and queries to search engines. Which means, more people now use mobile devices to access the web and this has a lot to do with the ever-rising penetration level of mobile devices and their different variants. Businesses have to understand that the tastes and preferences of users are changing with a rapid rate and they need tending of the highest standard. In a nutshell, mobile-friendly websites are now indispensable.

So, businesses should look to get developed websites that are friendly to mobile users. This way, a huge market can be tapped in the same cost that any business has to forego in running their operations on a daily basis. In a sense, it’s important in today’s time to have responsive website and let business reach to more people. You have to understand that your website can be viewed on any device, be it mobile, tablets, desktops etc. and therefore, it has to be responsive. Only then can it deliver a uniform look and feel across devices and systems with ease.

More so, businesses can get responsive website designed and developed in two ways to tap into the potential of the market. First, they can let a separate website – with similar URL – to be created to cater to only mobile users and secondly, leverage a web development platform so that websites can automatically get it adjusted according to the screen size etc. Businesses should understand that Google is now giving more preference to sites that are designed and developed keeping in mind mobile users. After all, the purpose is to let users get unique experiences with their searches.

More so, mobile-friendly sites now enjoy superior visibility and presence on the internet. They are helping on-the-go users and enabling ease of accessing information and purchasing products or availing services. This is how businesses go on and achieve their sales, revenue and ROI goals with ease. On the other hand, not taking care of the mobile users will surely make any business lose out on lots of opportunity available on the internet. So, your business should hire a team of experienced developers to get you designed a website that is friendly to those using mobile devices.

Reduce the Downtime of WordPress Websites

Implement a Website Monitoring Service

One of the best ways to keep tabs on your website’s downtime is to utilize the services of a third-party website monitoring service provider. This allows you to monitor your site 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year without watching it manually. A quality website monitoring service will provide you with automated reports and instant notifications if your site does go down. The method of communication will vary depending on the level of service, so make sure you are using a website monitoring provider that notifies you via a variety of contact methods so you can be sure you get the message about your website’s downtime as soon as possible.

Put a Managed Hosting Provider Into Place

When it comes to choosing the hosting provider for your site, it pays to be very selective. Just because a site promises a 99.9 percent uptime guarantee doesn’t mean it can deliver on that promise. Do your research and make sure the hosting provider you go with has a good track record for uptime. Don’t go for the cheapest option out there and try to avoid “unlimited” plans that may allow the traffic from other sites on a shared server to affect your site’s uptime. If your hosting provider isn’t performing up to par, your website monitoring service will let you know so you can make alternate arrangements for the hosting of your site. You should also look into hosting with a service that caters to WordPress sites, since these hosting providers tend to make thing a lot easier to manage from a WordPress prospective.

Improve Your Site’s Security

Believe it or not, how secure your site is does indeed play a role in your site’s uptime. The effort you put into ensuring that your site is secure from hackers will pay off by limiting downtime caused by malicious attacks. Reduce access points and you’ll decrease the chance that someone will take down your site just because they can. A few small changes, like making sure your user name isn’t “admin” and implementing a randomized password consisting of upper-case letters, lower-case letters, and numbers can drastically improve site security.

Implement Successful SharePoint Workflow

  • Identify your business objectives: Clearly understanding the goals of your business will help to identify the best process and help to device if SharePoint development is the best option before you. Justifying your objectives will help you to validate the reasons for choosing the platform. Consider improved project visibility, effective communication, better adherence to timelines, reduced administrative overhead and etc. before proceeding.
  • Evaluate the process: In the back of our mind we always try to stick to our comfort level and don’t want to implement something new thinking it to be something risky. But this can be a trap as you won’t be able to create something customized. Consider SharePoint application development to streamline and improve your present workflow process. Evaluate your present process and map the entire process so that everyone can have a big picture. Identify the crucial areas so that you are able to focus on the core elements and remove all low value elements.
  • Work on technical constraints: Hire a professional SharePoint development company so that you can prepare a proper plan to avoid the most common limitations and pitfalls. Create a good up front architecture and integration with database resources. SharePoint deletes the history of approved tasks within 60 days of workflow completion to prevent the list from exceeding limits. But this makes it difficult to report on the data in the future. It is a good idea to keep a copy of the data in any secured location. Take advantage of breaking the workflow into smaller portions to enjoy a more dynamic experience. This framework allows you to add comments or rejections on the tasks, but if the majority of your tasks cannot be measured as accepted or rejected, then it is time to look for more customizable solutions.
  • Appropriate design for analyses: Once the workflow is designed, you can have the tasks, history logs, approval outcomes, user actions etc. of the workflow. This information is valuable for operations and once you have the data in your hand, you can consider it from the business intelligence perspective. So, analyze the critical metrics and learn more about the processes. This will add more efficiency to the workflow and help you in better business managements.

Cache Better

Cache is very common and can sometimes be confusing when trying to understand the different methods behind the it works and how you can utilize it in the many different ways which help the web be a better and more enjoyable place for users. Wiki defines cache as a component that stores data so future requests for that data can be served much more quickly.

Servers use caching to help reduce CPU loads and usage. Web browsers use a cache to render website pages faster for users, so they do not have to wait as long for the website page to load. Routers cache DNS Internet Protocols to send and receive those requests faster so the web browsers can operate at a higher performance level. CDNs are built and designed utilizing cache in ways you would think are unheard of. Although most CDNs do not cache HTML files which should not be needed in the first place, they do however cache many elements HTML uses.

When it comes to websites, caching is always going to be one of the most critical for making web pages load faster. All the other caching elements take that speed and boost it. As you may or may not know, it is a good idea to clear your web browser cache every now and then. Web browsers are getting better at removing a regulated amount more frequently by eliminating cache after a certain amount of time passes, but always keeping just enough to make your web surfing enjoyable by remembering pages you visit. A cache copy is kept in reserve, so it will appear faster if you visit that same page again and without you having to wait so long, for it to load. Microsoft antivirus software does this usually by default.

Online eCommerce Solution

Millions of online retailers hire Magento web developer for building robust and user-friendly websites for their businesses. It won’t be an exaggeration if we say that as soon as it entered the virtual business arena, it had changed commerce scenario from the top to the bottom. And as the day passes, its hold is becoming stronger and more compact. Till date, there is no synonym of it in the industry.

Most of the retail users choose Magento technology because of its unique and feature-rich quality. This helps in making search engine friendly websites that are easy-to-use and you can get optimum traffic on your website. Being an online trader or a merchant, driving targeted traffic to your business website to earn higher profit is your primary target. Magento serves that purpose with flexibility.

One can notice that thousands of web sellers create their sites using Magento platform. The system offers best User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX). This open source system also has a easy to use Content Management System [CMS] that enables creation of enchanting and creative designs. Apart from this, it provides several customization features, third party integration abilities and use of content blocks of content/data.

Magento technology is a web guru in the eCommerce arena as it has many awesome features and qualities that make both the store owners & the customers shopping experience easy and quick. They can perform any of the online activities hassle free. It offers great features like:

  • Secured payment gateways
  • Fast & Affordable Deployment
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Currency Converters
  • Buyer friendly features such as reviews, wish-lists
  • Multiple Store facility

When you hire a skilled Magento developer for crafting a website as per your needs, you would save lots of bucks. Because once your robust web platform is ready to go-live, you will reap unbelievable lucrative profit out of your little investment. This is one main reason, 99% love to build their websites in this feature-rich web platform. In simple sentence, I would say, it is a perfect online eCommerce solution for the store merchants.

In today’s growing market, everybody wants to enhance his business boundaries globally with perfection and excellence. And Magento offers state-of-the art features that are incomparable with any of the present day web platforms.

If you are really serious about your online business, Magento eCommerce website development is ranked #1 online eCommerce platform for the merchants. Millions of successful businessmen are reaping fruitful results of creating websites in Magento. And more importantly, you can easily perform many online activities like updating your product catalog, images, tags, texts, prices and other information by your own. It is really easy to use and implement.

Its modules, interfaces and themes are the main extensions that can be changed from thousands of online themes. It simply gives maximum output to the users with user-friendly websites.

A recent interaction with the CEO of Magento Web Guru, a sister wing of Atlas InfoTech helps me understand that the demand of Magento based online stores is increasing day by day. With the latest release of Magento 1.8 lot more features and security concerns are addressed. For high end professionals Enterprise Edition is available as well.

Hire a Dedicated PHP Developer

You should know that coding is extremely simple and easy in PHP. Writing customized scripts is never a problem with this programming language. Above all, it runs and supports all platforms and systems and it does not force developers to follow some complex standard of coding. We can clearly see how this programing language brings simplicity of highest order. That apart, it’s an open source framework which gives it a backing of vast community and a family of coders and programmers. The open source nature means it does not cost as much as other programming languages do in project development.

Since PHP is open source in nature, it helps beginners a lot by becoming a launching pad for code testing. When it comes to dynamic web pages, this programming language comes to the mind first and this is the major reason of its popularity across the world. More so, it lets developers change code at will and it also takes away any rigorous approach to coding. Sites using this programing language is open for updates and changes which means, they can add to their level of functionalities anytime and almost every time. More so, versatility and scalability have been a major reason of its widespread usages.

More so, the best thing about PHP is that it codes are able to run of all major platforms. Thus, businesses find it easy to leverage platforms like UNIX, Linux and Windows. This language is not only effective and elastic but also measurable. Its utility and effectiveness can be gauged from the fact that Facebook uses it. More add-ons and extensions can be added anytime which helps developers and website owners alike to extend the features of and realize their goals with ease. This away, all programming risks or challenges can be met easily using extensions and plugins.

In overall, it makes sense to hire dedicated PHP developer and add a new dimension to your web projects. Since this programming language is backed by a vast community of developers, resources and tutorials, anyone won’t face any kind of problem with it. Above all, it helps deliver fast turnaround times to contribute to improvement of your overall efficiency. In a way, PHP is important when you look to get dynamic web pages or dynamic functions in your website. So, leverage a globally popular programming language and make your web development projects a success

Reasons to Choose Umbraco

For the site owners:

  • Easy and powerful to use: With simple editing and content creation tools, it is easy to maintain the web content of your site exactly in the way you want. It does not dictate how the work should be done; instead it is up to you to do it.
  • Ready to use packages: There are numerous handy packages for various tasks and with a range of free as well as commercial packages, you can easily enhance your site and increase productivity while saving time.
  • MS word support: It is by using familiar tools like MS word or Windows LiveWriter that you can easily write or edit news pages or blogs without having to open the browser.
  • Multilingual websites: Editors and content managers can easily publish great multilingual sites using the out of the box features. You can choose any language with the multilingual back office tools.

For the designers:

  • CSS control: Editors often find it easy to focus on the content without worrying about the layout. By adding the design guidelines for the editors, designers can now specify which CSS rules they can use in the WYSIWG editor.
  • Unlimited Javascript: Javascript is an integral part of the web today and with Umbraco, designers can have full control on it. You can easily make asynchronous apps and use the back office or favorite editor without any limitations.
  • Skins and starter kits: The starter kits allow the designers to install the site and apply skins with great designs. You can also go creative if you want to make some changes to the default designs.

For the developers:

  • .NET controls: Umbraco developers who love to work with.NET can use the.NET Custom Controls and User Controls easily without jumping through hoops.

Parts Of Website Development

Getting Started

To get started with your website development you must first build a site. Do not rush in and start throwing things into a layout design in hopes of getting the site up and running as quickly as possible. If you rush through this process then you are going to be disappointed in the long run. You need to take your time when you are choosing your layout.

You want a website that is attractive to the user, and easy to navigate, that is informational, and that is going to encourage repeat visitors. To begin with you need to gather content for your pages. You need informative content that people will find compelling, and while you are gathering you need to get more than you need to start with.

During the gathering of content phase try to amass enough content so that you have extra. Each week you will want to add new content to keep your website fresh. When you are gathering content get enough amassed so that you have three to four weeks of new material to add each week.

Get the Word Out

Promoting the site is a critical part of website development. You have to get the word out about the pages, and doing this can sometimes seem to be a daunting task. Promoting your web pages is not something that you will do once, but is an ongoing process that you must stay on top of.

One of the best promotional strategies that every site owner can use is the linking of your pages to the pages of others. You want to encourage other site owners to allow your page to be linked to their pages so that visitors on their pages can easily follow the link over to your pages.

To have this type of linking be successful you must be linking your site to sites that have similar content. The information on both the sites must somehow be akin to each other, or the search engines will penalize you for having the link. Remember that it is all relative, and the page you link to must be relevant to yours.

Keep it fresh

Updating the material on the site, and the links on the site, are all part of website development. You have to keep adding new material that will attract repeat visitors, and you have to have the latest versions of the different applications that are used on the pages.

Ajax Development

A Developer looking to move Ajax, must have a basic understanding of

  • (X)HTML for displaying the data
  • CSS for styling the data
  • JavaScript for manipulating the data
  • XML for receiving and formatting data

Ajax is used to drive a host of website and applications, some of the core features it is best suited for include:

  • Auto saving user information
  • Forms validation
  • Cascading lists
  • Auto completion of search text-boxes
  • Realtime data refresh
  • Dynamic content
  • Instant actions, like voting and polls

Ajax sends a request to the server with the “open()” and “send()” methodology. The open method uses three augments, the first is method type, second is the defined URL of the server-side script and the third one specifies that the request should be handled asynchronously. Ajax uses XML HTTP Request Objects for browser-server communication. The mechanism for sending data and retrieving data from the server with Ajax is the XML Http Request object.

Ajax applications are 3 tier client-server apps. Heavily event-driven, graphics intensive (visual effects, rich visual controls), data orientated and often complex, as pages hold more controls and data than page orientated applications.

Ajax Development, advantages

Before AJAX, interactivity on web pages was laborious, slow and clunky. A user interaction required an updated version of the page to be generated on the server, sent to the browser and rendered there. Even a small change resulted in a full new page. This was wasteful of server resources, and provided for a very poor user experience

Ajax development changed all of this, by sending data and then receiving just the result for the interaction that triggered by it in order to update the relevant parts of the page.

Here are some of the main advantages that Ajax brings:

  • Speed; reduces server traffic and the asynchronous nature ensures browser waiting times are minimal
  • Interaction; small data transfers create for a more responsive experience
  • Form validation; instant validation, done properly
  • Bandwidth; extremely efficient, as no requirement to reload whole pages

Ajax Development, areas to consider

As with all development languages, there are areas that may be seen as disadvantages, in terms of Ajax these include

  • It may increase development and design time, and increase code complexity
  • Ajax indexing for search is more challenging
  • JavaScript must be enabled on browsers
  • Additional security considerations and constraints that must be considered, on the server-side Ajax is similar to regular web applications, on the client side, however, the JS code is more visible

Ajax Development, how Google have embraced Ajax

Ajax is a very popular development language amongst brands, sites and applications that have adopted Ajax development as part of their development ecosystem. Google utilise Ajax in a number of ways, and specifically for 2 of their most accessed services:

  • Google Maps, a web mapping service developed by Google. It offers satellite imagery, street maps, panoramic street views and route planning. Ajax is utilised within the UI.
  • Gmail, a free email service provider by Google. As of 2016, it was the most widely used web-based email provider with over 1 billion active users.
  • Google Suggest, is the name of Google’s auto complete function. Suggestions are generated on the most frequently searched terms.