Creating Effective Squeeze Pages

Draw the user’s attention to your opt-in email form. The opt-in form is where you want the user to take action. A good way to highlight your form is by adding a background color behind the form. You can also use attention grabbing graphics such as arrows pointing to the form or submit button. Sometimes, even making the submit button standout by using large font and a bright color can help.

Other graphics that work well are eBook cover graphics or product graphics placed right above the opt-in form. These graphics are featured to highlight the incentive for submitting an email address.

Offer something of value for free.¬†You literally have seconds to capture your user’s attention when they land on your page. By offering a free eBook or email course, you then entice the user to submit their email in exchange for the free offer. It’s best to make your offer related to your primary topic. For example, if you are running a health and fitness website, then offering a free healthy eating guide would be ideal.

Include testimonials and/or success stories.¬†Having testimonials or success stories posted someplace on your squeeze page helps to create a sense of trust and credibility. Essentially they work to provide justification that what you’re offering actually works.

Besides the three ideas mentioned above, the overall design also plays a huge part in how well your page will convert. Your design shouldn’t be overly busy with too many images or colors. I am a fan of simple and clean designs.

Typically, when I design a squeeze page, I will include one stock photo that relates to my primary topic. I use 2 to 3 colors for the main color scheme. I also use plenty of white space and add additional stock photos as needed.