Creating Functional Website Design

Make navigation easy and quick

You would want to have clear and concise drop down menus. It pays off to show the user’s path to the respective page so that going back is easier and faster. It is best if you use the same type of style and colour for all buttons which the users can click on. This will not only help users to find their way around more quickly. They will find it convenient to make payments and provide information and this will certainly make them come back.

Use graphics and images to enhance user experience

When users scroll down a web page, they want to find the things which they are looking for easily and quickly. If you use primarily text, you may ruin the experience for users. The use of graphics and images will make browsing through the website easier and more convenient. You can readily achieved a unified and elegant look as well.

Give users in-store experience

It is always a good idea to create a website design with a traditional store in mind. This will help you with creating the different product categories and with making visitors feel comfortable. Create categories based on product type, features, specifications and use. It is best not to put a single product in several categories as this can create confusion. If users can select from several options for getting to the product which they want, you should start with the most general categories such as model and then get down to the more specific ones like colour.