Myths About UX Design

  • Anyone Is Capable of doing UX: Even many managers and engineers are of the opinion that UX is something that anyone can do by reading a few books or magazines. There is no doubt that the idea is seductive, but every successful product is the result of the equilibrium of creative tension among its stakeholders. Suppose you are a non-UX person and you make an attempt to do a UX, you won’t feel the tension. As a result, you will be most likely to ignore some important aspects. On the other hand, an experienced UX designer will not do so.
  • UX Costs Too Much: For an organization, having a 24/7 UX support for all phases of the process of design is a good idea, but it may not be practical. The solution is the surgica­­­­­­l use of UX methods, such as guerrilla-style efficient methods.When you are making a strategy, it is recommended that you ask an experienced UX designer to interview stakeholders and help with the work sessions. All of this can cut down the cost.
  • UX Is Nothing But An Interaction Design: To most people, UX refers to boxes, wireframes and arrows, just to name a few. However, the thing is that there is much more to it. What UX does is add value to the products and business strateg­­­­­y of a company. Organizational activities have an impact on the organization and consumer-facing activities have an impact on customers. Moreover, strategic activities make a long-term impact taking much longer. The deepest value of the UX design is that it adds value to an organization via organizations and strategic activities. Majority people consider only vanilla UX and miss the other layers of an incredible value that a UX design can add.