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New trends

The ever changing technologies compel many businesses to revamp their web business sites from time to time to take advantage of emerging online marketing tools and solutions that are more cost effective and efficient in drawing more business. A web business site needs to be constantly updated with the latest structure, design, style and appeal to the changing demands and demography as more consumers manipulate modern technologies in their lifestyle and work habits.

A new trend is set not only in the business arena in the way businesses are conducted today; a new trend can be observed by modern consumers who are engaging more technology in their lifestyle from home to business. Smart businesses today must flow with the changing trends to capture their desired customers to sustain their operations. The laggards and unmotivated businesses would soon collapse if they are unable to keep pace with the changes of the 21st century.

Content, content, content

Today’s modern business environment requires good and original content to be posted regularly to feed the insatiable reading appetites of web consumers who browse the web frequently. More modern consumers are sourcing for a plethora of information about products and services today before committing to a buy whether online or offsite.

Hence, the web business site is a vital tool in reaching out to the desired category of consumers who are potential customers to the business enterprise. The web business site needs to have high quality content that showcases the expertise and reliability of the products or services promoted to win over the potential customer reading the information.

Build a Website That Converts

Call to Action

The call to action button of popular websites is not only large and conveniently placed, but it’s also tested regularly. For instance, Mozilla experienced higher downloads by replacing their old call to action slogan, ‘Try Firefox 3’ with ‘Download Now-Free’ slogan. This call to action is not only attention grabbing, but also urges the user to act.

Check out Process

Statistics reveal that almost 96% of customers visit your site, not with an intention to purchase, but to window (or in this case- web) shop. When such customers are converted, you cannot bore them with unnecessary details- this only discourages them. You can also allow them to log in using their Facebook or Twitter account and then proceed toward payment. In most cases, providing email is enough. The questionnaire can be left for another day or when the customer is informed about the status of his order/delivery.

Clean and Clear Navigation

A simple and uncomplicated navigation helps people to find what they’re looking for. The main things that people often looking for during online shopping are, products that are similar to the one they’re purchasing/planning to purchase, reviews, deals, etc. For instance, when customers purchase books from your site, you can recommend similar books, thereby prompting them to probe further. If all of these are clearly mentioned, then conversions would naturally be high.

What’s in There for the User?

This is undoubtedly the most important of all- what does the user get. There should be a unique proposition compelling enough for him to make a purchase. Why should customers choose you over your competitors? Is the product free? Is it first of its kind? Do you offer money back guarantee? Do you offer free shipping or free trial? Have your products been endorsed by a celebrity/ news site? Give customers a reason to shop through you.

Poor or Boring Content

It’s better to have no content at all than to have content that is boring or irrelevant. Driveling on about the glory of your products is only going to bore your users. Align it in a manner that it leads towards an action. For instance, when the aim is to get a user to sign up or download something, use content in a linear structure and allow it to end with the download (call to action) button. Similarly, when images are used, the content should direct to or complement it.

Insanely Design Sites for Creating Content


Although more of a photo editor, PicMonkey gives you the ability to add in design elements such as text, graphics, and textures. They don’t have as many design options as Canva, but they’re still easy to use and have plenty of photo editing elements. is mostly templates for infographics. You choose the design you want and then you fill in your information – presto, you have yourself a professional looking infographic! But can be used for more than just infographics. Pick a design and edit it any way you want. That means you could make that design into a flyer, poster, or visual content.


Also more of a photo editor than a design program, Pixlr is reminiscent of Adobe Photoshop. It packs plenty of filters to apply to your images. Like Photoshop, you can draw on your images, smooth them, smudge them, blur them, draw shapes, and apply text.


YouiDraw gives you three options to choose from; Drawing, Logo Creator, and Painting. Drawing gives you templates for banners, buttons, infographics, business cards, gift cards, advertising, invitations, posters, t-shirts, and more. Logo Creator creates vector logos, icons, and web elements. Paint, on the other hand, is just that, a paint program. You can upload a photo and use brushes to paint, add text, or draw shapes.

Make Website Friendly

Have a simple and clear navigation

Navigating your site needs to be easy. Try not to have too many drop down menus. Instead try using one main page within each main topic with links to the additional information. This will make your main menu less cluttered and more pleasing to eye,

Don’t lose your readers

When visitors are browsing your site, you will want to make sure they know which part of the site they areas well as a clear means for them to navigate to the next part of your website. Make sure you have a home button or menu option available to bring them back.

Avoid using audio/video on your site

Try not to have autoplay audios or videos on your site. Many time people are in small offices or in public areas and do not need to have the world hear your video/audio. Make sure when using autoplay videos, it is clear how to mute the sound or stop the video or audio.

Try forums. groups or comments

When you start one of these, you are engaging and interacting with your readers. As conversations build up, a sense of community will also follow. You can place this on your main website or event have a hookup to your Facebook group.

Keep a blog

Using a blog, on your site and keeping it updated with latest news about yourself and your business will allow your readers to get to know you. This is a great way to build trust with your audience. Don’t be afraid to open up to your readers. Also make sure your use some of this content for your newsletter subscribers as well.

Try Polls, contents, or other games for Engagement

There are other forms of interaction that you should definitely consider adding to your site. They provide a quick way for visitors to get involved in your website. Be sure to publish the results via your Social Media and/or website.

Update frequently with fresh content

Update your site frequently with fresh content so that every time your visitors come back, they will have something new to read on your site. This will also help your SEO ranking since Google LOVES fresh content.

Reduce the number and size of images on your website

High resolution images can make your site load very slowly. With more and more people connecting via mobile devices, speed is important. Make sure your pictures are properly sized and optimized for the web.

Practices For Web Design


SEO experts say that 250 words per page are enough to communicate the message. You should ensure that the content you provide is relevant to your site. It should also be appropriate to your target audience.

Different people have different tastes; therefore, you should offer multiple forms of content. For example, in addition to text you should also provide information in form of photos and video. For ideal results you should ensure that the photos and videos are properly tagged.

Just like any other part of your site you should ensure that the content is well organized. This calls for you to consistently use font, font sizes, and hyperlink colors. You should also ensure that the content is easily available with minimal clicks.

Accessibility and Navigation

If your customers find it hard to navigate and access the content on the site, your site won’t be of any value-it will just be a pretty page. To ensure that your customers have an easy time you should test the hyperlinks and ensure that they are working properly.

It’s also important to consider how accessible your site is by people with disabilities. If you are hoping that blind users will visit your site you should use software that reads the contents of the Web pages.

Social Media Badges

Social media has become very integral in the growth of both online and offline businesses. For people to easily share your content you need to place the social media badges at the right place. The best place to place the badges is at the header of the website. This way people will have an easy time seeing them.


This is the first thing that your visitors see when they visit your site. To attract the attention of the visitors, you need to have an attractive layout. For ideal results you should make use of basic design principles such as logo, consistent header, images, perfect alignment of elements, and good contrast between text and background.

There are many web page layouts that you can use. For example, you can use blocks, CSS designs, columns and even JavaScript. As rule of thumb you should go with a layout that showcases the content attractively.

Developing Performance Website Content

The idea is that by writing top-quality content that will appeal to other people in some profound manner, you will successfully attract a greater amount of traffic and you will be able to engage your readers and promote valuable discussions over time. When you build a relationship with the other person, you are proving yourself as a business owner to that person, you are demonstrating your credibility, and you are positioning yourself as a subject matter expert. However, as much as you have a great deal of pride in your content and your brand, other people who profess to do the same thing that you do are trying (on a continual basis) to beat you to the punch. Unfortunately, because of the great influx of content from people who are all trying to increase their revenue and to become more and more successful (and who could blame them?), there is a lot of sub-par material out there. In fact, if you are trying to increase your online traffic and engage your target audience, you may have no choice but to get creative.

  • A large percentage of content that is published on a particular business’s website drives very little organic traffic to that business. That is a sad fact when you consider that a great deal of effort is usually made on the part of the business owners (and other major decision makers) to create top-quality, interesting content that will excite and entice other people and that will compel them to continue reading. Those efforts include writer, editing, reviewing, and publishing the content.
  • How your content is received is in many cases predetermined. Before you write and post a single word, you need to be aware of the fact that you don’t have a great deal of control over who reads what you are sharing. There are a finite number of people who are interested in your content (for a variety of reasons). It is your responsibility to come up with topics that are enticing and appealing on a broad scale.
  • If you have a solid understanding of what appeals to your target audience and what doesn’t really do it for them, you will be tremendously successful through your content. However, in addition to applying that concept, it is also very important to understand that as you write content, you must bear in mind that you need to please the search engines at the same time. If you don’t do that, nobody will find you online.

Most likely, your next question is, “how do you come up with the most effective formula to come up with the right content every time?” There are several different ways in which you can accomplish that.

  • You can go on the hamster wheel: That may sound crass but what it means is that you keep trying as hard as you possibly can so that you are ahead of the game. Unfortunately, that means that you are trying to stay ahead. However, it does not necessarily mean that you are getting ahead, only that you are ahead. In fact, it will probably affect the quality of your content in a negative way. If you use this approach, you will put forth a great deal of time and effort (0n a regular basis) just to make sure that you are meeting the demands of your target audience. However, the results that you achieve may fall short of the quality that you are hoping to achieve. On the other hand, if you don’t maintain that pace that you have set, you may really be in trouble.
  • All hope is not lost: There is another approach that you can employ. With this approach, you will focus less on the amount of content and more on the quality of the content. That is usually a very effective approach and one that many people swear by. Ironically, if may take you at least as much if not more time to come up with better-quality content even though it is not as voluminous and the content that focuses on greater quantities.

There are several things that you can do in order to successfully come up with top-quality content that hits its mark every time.

  • Come up with solid objectives: Although this one may seem simple, it is one that many business owners seem to overlook. On the other hand, it is an approach that is essential to your success and you must firmly establish solid objectives before you proceed with anything else. Once you have identified your goals, you will want to build your website content around those objectives.
  • Do your homework first: It is critical that you do the research before you start to create your content. Your content and your online reputation is too important to mess around with this one. As you are doing the research, one of the things that you will want to determine is which keywords and key phrases to use. Interestingly, slight variations in keywords and key phrases may make all of the difference when it comes to people reading what you are sharing.
  • Don’t take anything for granted: Sometimes, small adjustments make a huge difference in the overall scheme of things. Remember, one of your goals is to stand out above the competition. Your small adjustments will hopefully allow that to happen.
  • Embed your content in your overall online marketing strategy: Your content strategy and how your content fits into your business plan are extremely important and will have everything to do with your ultimate success. It is important to remember that the idea that your content must be top quality is not a one-shot deal. It must be consistently the case. Your bar is high and you have a responsibility to keep it at that level.
  • Pay close attention to analytics: It is critical to your success that you pay attention to analytics. Otherwise, how will you truly understand how you are doing? There are many different aspects of your progress that you can and should track. There are many programs that can help you and a large percentage of them don’t cost anything.

Write Great Website Content

Have a Plan

The first step in content creation is to have a plan. If you think about the creation of a movie/film, it all starts with the plot, and then the details are filled in. So start by crafting out an outline for your content, think about the topic you’re going to write about, the different sections that will be included, what type of vocabulary you might use (this should depend upon your audience/demographic), and other similar features.

By having a plan you are not only going to make the whole task much easier, but you’re also going to be able to get it done in less time and when it comes to writing website content this is actually a very important aspect.

Be an Expert

Secondly, you need to understand what you’re writing about, you need to be an expert. If this isn’t the case, why would anyone want to read your content? The world has never had a resource with so much information as the internet, in just a few simple searches a person could easily find advice from an expert, so why would they waste their time on you if you’re not one?

If you’re not an expert, then you might just be able to get away with pretending, but only if you read the next section and follow the advice to the letter!

Don’t Overlook Research

If you’re writing about a topic that you don’t know much about then chances are that research would have been the first thing that popped into your head. However, if you know your stuff then this might have flew past your head!

Vital Things Every Website Needs

Web Host

It doesn’t matter how groundbreaking your website is. If you don’t put it on the web, no one will be able to find it. And unless you built the webpage for your own personal viewing pleasure, there’s no point to it.

Before you begin building your website, find a web hosting provider. This is basically a company with a lot of computers connected to the Internet. Once you upload your site with them, everyone in the world can view it. It’s comparable to renting an office space. Without a host, your web baby won’t have a home.

Domain Name

This is the URL people type into the address bar. If getting a web host is like renting office space, getting a domain name is like choosing a brand name for your store. You want it to be quick and catchy so that people can remember it.

If you’ve got a great name for your site but no actual webpage yet, don’t worry. You can still register the name you have in mind. This reserves the domain name for your personal use only. Remember, though, that you’ll still have to pay annually for it. If you don’t want the registration money to go to waste, better start building your site fast.


Do you want people to visit your website just to look at a blank background? Now that you’ve got a brand name and a capable web host, you’ll need actual content. Web content refers to anything, from graphics to images to text. You want people to come for the catchy URL and stay for the content, so you’d best make it good.

If you’ve got the general idea for your content but you don’t know the first thing about producing it, relax! You can always look for a web content writer or graphics designer and ask help. There are a lot of freelancing web content developers out there with fairly low rates.


If you don’t want your potential webpage visitors to stare at a blank background, you don’t want them to stare at a wall of text and a jumble of links and images at the bottom either. Every website needs some organization and a good design.

Find someone great at graphics and ask him or her to make customized side bars, banners, links, buttons, and so on. No matter what theme you’re going for – colorful, minimalist, professional – all the elements on your page should match it.