Wake Up Lazy Website

Be Clear On Your Website’s Purpose

What is the objective of your website? Does each page on your website have an objective? These objectives could be to sell a product or service, encourage a visitor to opt-in to your email list, or motivate a visitor to click on an affiliate advert. Different pages may have different objectives. For instance, one web page may be designed to promote your opt-in offer and other to sell a product.

Build Your Website From Your Visitor’s Perspective

When somebody visits your website, they should immediately see how your product or service can solve your customers’ problems or improve their current situation. Ensure that you have the right content and tools on your website that will help your online business. Such as, if you want a visitor to join your email list do you have an opt-in form on your home page and what are you offering in exchange for their email address?

Use Video On Your Home Page

Only 20% of visitors actually read the text on a website whilst 80% of visitors will watch the same content in video format. Videos are straightforward to create. You most likely have everything you need currently installed on your computer to make a simple video. Remember to make sure that your video is related to the wording on the webpage.

Is It Mobile Friendly?

If your website is mobile friendly (known as having a responsive design) it means that it will automatically adjust its layout and format when being viewed on different devices, like smartphones or tablets. If it’s not mobile friendly it will not display correctly and people will quickly move on and never return.

Check Spelling And Grammar

If your website is crammed with grammatical and spelling errors, it’s not going to help you prove that you’re a legitimate online business. We all make the occasional spelling or grammatical error every now and then. But if you keep making the same mistakes or your text is difficult to read and understand it is going to turn your potential customers away.