Weird Web for Business

  • Speed: Does your site become fully operational within a second? If not, your site is surely missing a huge traffic on everyday basis thereby damaging your brand pool and reputation to a considerable extent. Respect the time and energy of your visitors online. Work on the speed of your site without delay. It is important to mention here that people really don’t care about you unless you befit their coveted requirement with a unique solution.
  • HD (High Definition) videos and photographs: Check whether your partner for the web development has uploaded a good number of HD videos and photographs or not. If not, do upload them all now for creating experiential zones in the virtual world. Please understand that your customers and prospects in the virtual world can’t see you physically.
  • Content: Change the content of your site regularly. This has especially become important after the launch of the algorithms like Google Panda and Google Humming Bird. You must incorporate a practice of changing the content of your site at regular intervals while realigning and replenishing the virtual stock. This will create a point of attraction for the regular visitors of your site. The idea is not to allow the regular visitors suffer from the boredom.
  • Navigation: Check how user-friendly is your site’s navigation system. Make it as user-friendly as possible and leave an indelible mark on your visitors. You must remember here that customers on the virtual mostly want to save time and energy of visiting stores physically. Hence, your site’s navigation system should spell that out clearly.
  • SEO: Check whether your site is continually doing well in the search engine results or not. This is extremely important for attracting the traffic to your site on an everyday basis.
  • Social media pages: Does your partner offer social link building for your site? If not, change your partner for the good.